Small Business Funding in Lake Arbor, Maryland

Lake Arbor was originally known as Newbridge, a development of Levitt & Sons, developers of the early planned communities of Levittown in Pennsylvania and Long Island, New York, respectively. When the project went bankrupt in the mid-1970s after selling only 41 houses, Manufacturer's Hanover Trust acquired the debt and held it as REO (real estate owned) for approximately 10 years until a limited partnership composed of David A. Gitlitz, Alvin Dworman, Phillip Abrahms, Phillip D. Winn, and Gary S. Lachman acquired it. Under the direction of Gitlitz, and with technical engineering assistance from Abrahms, Lachman changed the name of the property to Lake Arbor and developed it into the master planned community it is today.

There are a multitude of things to do in this area. The best areas in Lake Arbor, Maryland include the University of Maryland, the AMC Magic Johnson Capital Center, and the local Six Flags Amusement park. There is never a lack of things to do in Lake Arbor, Maryland.

While there are many things to do here, don’t let it make you think that you won’t have quiet moments. The surrounding neighborhoods are so friendly. Many of the neighborhoods have get togethers throughout the year for people to just hang out and greet each other.

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