Small Business Funding in Brandywine, Maryland

Brandywine, which is thought to have gotten its name from the Battle of Brandywine in Pennsylvania, developed in the mid to late nineteenth century as a railroad town.

Advertisers used to lead people to believe that tobacco is grown by cowboys in the mountains, but it was grown in Brandywine since before the county was chartered in 1696. Tobacco was even used as money. “At the first meeting of the county court, the sheriff was ordered to have a cage, pillory, whipping post, and stocks erected; which was done at a cost of 4600 pounds of tobacco.” Tobacco was long the major crop of the area and was grown here until the Tobacco Buy-out which ended in 2005.

Although surrounded on either side by the sizable communities of Clinton and Waldorf, Brandywine itself has remained primarily rural and scenic; however, this is beginning to change, with new housing developments being built. The first phase of Brandywine Crossing shopping center opened in October 2008. The community also includes Gwynn Park High School, a golf course, and a construction equipment sales lot.

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