Small Business Funding in Sykesville, Maryland

Prior to European colonization, the area that is now Sykesville was used as a hunting ground by Native Americans from the Susquehannock and Lenape nations. By the late 1800s, many Europeans (predominantly from Germany and Scotland) had settled in Sykesville in pursuit of farming and mining.

Much of the town was destroyed by a flood in 1868, ending a water rights dispute between the Sykesville mill and the Elba Furnace when both were damaged. The town was rebuilt on the Carroll County side of the river.

The town was incorporated in 1904. A weekly newspaper, the Sykesville Herald, was founded in 1913 and published regularly until the 1980s.

Sykesville is a quaint small town, home to 4,400 residents. This unique and charming Town strives to maintain its historical heritage while fostering a vibrant and exciting downtown, rich in extraordinary art displays, eclectic activities, and exciting events programmed by the Downtown Sykesville Connection. The mission of the Downtown Sykesville Connection is to coordinate initiatives that enrich the quality of life of the downtown Sykesville community through the implementation of the Main Street Approach. The Downtown Sykesville Connection acts as the economic department of the Town of Sykesville. The Downtown Sykesville Connection received the Coolest Small Town in America by Budget Travel in 2016 and was crowned Best Main Street in America by Independent we stand June 2nd of 2020.

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