Business Loans in Pennsylvania

With urban manufacturing centers like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Erie at the corners of the state, Pennsylvania is also a leader in innovation. Pittsburgh alone is home to eight Fortune 500 companies, while Comcast was founded and remains centered in Philadelphia. But alongside the larger corporations, small businesses thrive. The streets of these cities are lined with restaurants, grocers, and many other retail stores and businesses competing for the same customers.

Pennsylvania is one of the nation’s most historic states. As a major Northeastern state, Pennsylvania was one of the original colonies that founded the nation. For this reason, there are plenty of interesting tourist attractions and landmarks throughout the region. Pennsylvania is also well-known for its sports teams and famous cuisine – it’s an awesome spot to start a new business if you’re in the right type of industry. It’s important to choose the right city to start your new business in — you don’t want to be stuck in the wrong spot.