Small Business Funding in Somerset, Maryland

Somerset County is located amidst the splendors of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, an area between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic, renowned for its natural charm. This gracious, less frenetic part of the world combines tradition and simplicity of life with the beauty of the untouched countryside. History is ever present and every sunset is a celebration.

Mother Nature displays her creativity here. We are blessed with miles of tidal bays and rivers, lush woodlands, smogless skies, and seafood bounty.  Somerset is a paradise for hunters, fishermen, photographers, kayakers, and nature lovers.

It’s hard to capture the true spirit of Somerset in words.  You have to experience it.  Trade the sounds of automobile horns for songbirds.  Breathe our clean air.  Sample our unforgettable seafood.  Share stories with our people, who place a high value on friendliness.  Experience our culture, our natural beauty, and our past.

Set down at the turn of the century around an unpaved crossroad in the midst of Maryland tobacco fields, the cluster of new residences there bore little resemblance to the Town of Somerset of today. That crossroad now is known as the intersection of Dorset Avenue and Surrey Street. In 1906, it was merely the center of a fifty-acre parcel of farmland which five government scientists had purchased in 1890.

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