Small Business Funding
The Best for your Small Business

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Small and medium-sized businesses are the driving forces behind our economy here in the United States. This is why the First Down Funding team are so passionate about giving these organizations the support they need to succeed.

How do we do this?

Through the leveraging of strategic partnerships, data science, cutting edge technology, and in-depth consultations, as well as an innovative approach to funding. While traditional funding providers rely on collateral or on standard financial metrics when working with businesses, we do things differently. We get to know what you need and how we can help you. Then we use your future transaction projections to come up with the ideal funding package.

Flexibility, agility, reliability, security — This is what you can expect from First Down.

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Our Values 


We are fully transparent and honest in everything that we do, helping us to stay legally compliant and in tune with the needs of our clients.


The current situation is not supporting businesses. This is why we need to go above and beyond to give our clients what they need and to provide them with a better experience.


We treat everyone with respect. We view you as our peer and work hard to deliver the funding you need.


The team at First Down Funding are as passionate as you are about what you want to achieve, and you will see that when you work with us.


Our track record speaks for itself as we set real goals both for ourselves and our clients.


Our support is second to none, whatever field you operate in, wherever you are in America.

Small Business Funding
The Best for your Small Business

Get Pre Approved in Minutes!