Small Business Funding in Cheverly, Maryland

Cheverly is a town in central Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C., United States. The town was founded in 1918 and it was incorporated in 1931. Cheverly had 6,433 residents as of the 2000 Census.

Cheverly is a small town nestled right next to Washington D.C. and is a great home for families. The town is diverse and extremely community-oriented with 20 active organizations. The town also has high performing schools and some are even nationally recognized. Cheverly has three major parks and various green spaces for residents to enjoy. This is the type of community where neighbors wave hello to each other and know each other by name. The town is usually quiet throughout the year, but friends and family join together to celebrate at annual events like Cheverly Day and Town Prom. Like the name implies, Cheverly Day celebrates the town and ends with a finale of fireworks. For Town Prom, everyone dresses up in their finest and dances the night away.

One of the biggest allures of Cheverly is location. The town is only 15 minutes away from federal and commercial offices via Cheverly’s train station and 20 minutes by car. Cheverly is one of the more affordable areas in the region as well.

Cheverly was begun as a planned suburb in the early 1900s. The Cheverly area was first platted in 1904 for a 93-acre (380,000 m2) community called Cheverly Gardens. The land was subsequently purchased in 1918 by Robert Marshall, president of the Washington Suburban Realty Company. The Cheverly subdivision platted by Marshall was developed around the 1839 Magruder family homestead known as Mount Hope. Marshall became the first resident of Cheverly by taking up residence in the restored homestead in 1919.

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