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Will First Down Funding approve and fund my small business?

Once you Apply Online within First Down Funding, one of our funding managers will contact you. During this initial connection, First Down Funding might ask you some questions to help us better understand you and your vision within your business. First Down Funding will also want to better understand the amount of funding you requested and how our Small Business Funding approvals will help meet your needs immediately and more importantly, long term.

First Down Funding wants to establish long-term funding relationships in order to help grow your business on a consistent monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The more transparent and up-front you are about your small business, the better First Down Funding can understand how to help you short term, long term and also how we can add value behind your goals with your small business.

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#1 Work hard and display a long-term vision with your small business

#2 Creativity towards new sales/growth and 100% honest behind your business goals

#3 Full transparency and rock-solid communication from Day #1 dealing with First Down Funding

#4 Integrity and proof of ethical business dealings and decisions on a consistent basis

#5 All credit accounts and obligations have always been met, and exceeded based on responsibilities of the business owner

#6 Strong passion and love towards your business and realistic views within your goals (monthly / quarterly / annually)

These are the traits & standards First Down Funding mutually shares with our funded clientele. First Down Funding sets the bar high as our goals are to help you achieve everything you need, then want, by becoming your immediate and long-term Small Business Funder. Your goals are our vision and our funding equate to your business growth and success.

If your bank, credit union and past funder experience have left you disappointed, then you need to APPLY NOW and connect with First Down Funding today. We will show how an immediate and long-term business funding relationship works and answer your questions in order to grow your business starting today.

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