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    About Gaithersburg, Maryland

    Gaithersburg, officially the City of Gaithersburg, is a city in Montgomery CountyMaryland, United States. At the time of the 2010 U.S. Census, Gaithersburg had a population of 59,933, making it the fourth-largest incorporated city in the state, behind Baltimore, Frederick, and Rockville.

    The town currently known as Gaithersburg was settled in 1765 under the name Log Town. Like much of the area, it was primarily agricultural. Benjamin Gaither inherited much of the land from his father-in-law, Henry Brookes, and built a house on it in 1802.

    By the middle of the 19th century, the town and the surrounding area had been informally referred to as Gaitherburg (not Gaithersburg). Also, the town’s post office was located in Benjamin’s store in 1851 and was called Forest Oak after a large, and very old, oak tree located on Gaither’s property.

    The tree was almost 300 years old when it came down during a major rainstorm in 1997.In 1873 the B & O Railroad constructed a station at Gaithersburg, designed by Ephraim Francis Baldwin (who also designed the one at Point of Rocks). Finally in April, 1878, the town was officially incorporated as the City of Gaithersburg.

    Want to grow a business in Gaithersburg? We’re here to help! First Down Funding is servicing small business owners in Gaithersburg with all their capital needs. Whether it is a long term funding package or short term funding, apply online or contact us so we can expedite your request. We are your Gaithersburg Business funding source. Apply today for a business funding in Gaithersburg.

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    Small Business Funding and Loans in Gaithersburg, Maryland

    Reach out to First Down Funding and find the small business loans and funding you need, right here in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

    From its early days as a small agricultural community named Log Town to a hustling, bustling modern metropolis, Gaithersburg, Maryland has come a long way in the last two and half centuries. More than 70,000 people now call this city home, and the community is one of the most important in Montgomery County, providing a major economic boost to the State of Maryland.

    The true assets of Gaithersburg are found in the local populace and in the warm and friendly atmosphere they create. The community is a positive one, making this a great place to live, and, of course, to do business. Businesses enjoy a vibrant and engaged market, as well as an excellent calendar of events that boost economic activity and expand the customer base. The Gaithersburg Street Festival takes place every fall, while the Winter Lights festival in December brings people into the city center from miles around. Even outside of these annual events, companies will find that the city’s growing population, status as a transport hub, and proximity to national-level population centers such as Baltimore and the nation’s capital at Washington D.C. all serve to keep business positive and healthy.

    But where do you begin? How do you make those first steps and tap into this market? Alternatively, if the development of your business is already underway, how do you expand to meet these growing opportunities?

    Here at First Down Funding, we provide the answer. We are an alternative small business funding and loans provider that does things a little differently from the rest. We have designed our service with businesses like yours in mind, providing the kind of support and funding products you need to succeed in Gaithersburg.

    We love Maryland, and we love this community. We also love the small businesses that serve the community of Gaithersburg, which means we love you and what you offer. We are excited to be able to assist you as you make life even better for local residents and visitors to the city.

    To find out more, simply get in touch. We can be reached by phone and email and are always ready to chat about the latest opportunities. You can also use the form on this page to request a free quote.

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    A Range of Different Business Opportunities on Offer in Gaithersburg

    Which industries are currently growing in Gaithersburg? How can your business take advantage of the opportunities on offer here? Let’s examine some of the key sectors for small businesses in this part of Maryland.

    • Arts and entertainment – Gaithersburg is renowned for its vibrant arts and entertainment scene, with art galleries and music venues rubbing up against all manner of other establishments. This represents a great set of opportunities for business owners.
    • Retail – The city’s fame as a shopping hub has spread far and wide, with local residents and visitors from out of town enjoying great retail options together. This translates to high ROI for the right kind of business.
    • Professional services – If your business has the necessary forward-thinking attitude and the right kind of innovative outlook, professional services represent the ideal market. This is particularly true here in Gaithersburg where professional services are among the main industries.
    • Accommodation and hospitality – Accommodation and hospitality are both thriving here in Gaithersburg, thanks in part to the numerous cultural events in the city’s calendar. This is a prime market for growth.
    • Healthcare and associated industries – Healthcare needs the innovation that small businesses provide. The market in Gaithersburg is perfectly positioned for growth and development in this sector.
    • Construction – Keep Gaithersburg growing by investing in the local infrastructure. We have helped many businesses target significant growth and returns in construction.

    Above, we have examined some of the biggest industries here in Gaithersburg, Maryland. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a great many other opportunities available to business owners, including:

    • Scientific and technical industries
    • Education and associated industries
    • Financial services including insurance
    • Information technology
    • Government partners and third parties
    • A whole world of other opportunities

    Basically, the limit in Gaithersburg is only your imagination. If you have a business plan that fits one of the categories above, or if you want to discuss something completely different, reach out and get in touch with our team.

    You can also use the form found here on this page to request a free quote for our small business loans and finance products.

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    First Down Funding: The Flexible and Agile Choice for Small Business Loans and Funding in Gaithersburg

    Flexibility and agility are everything for your business. Without these two factors, you will find yourself lagging behind competitors in the market and unable to get the best out of your latest products and services. This is why we have developed our services based around these crucial elements.

    In order to provide a flexible and agile service and to give your business a chance to really get ahead in your field, we have crafted an industry-leading process. Take a closer look.

    • Get in touch and let’s begin – Reach out to us. This is the first step. You tell us what you would like to achieve and we begin working on what you need. This is a collaborative process as we apply our expertise to your specific situation on the way to delivering you tailored funding.
    • Take a look at a range of different options – The choice is yours. We will provide an array of options, and it’s up to you to choose which one you think works best for you.
    • Make a choice – Remember, this is still a collaborative process. With this in mind, if you do not feel that the options we have offered you are right for your business, simply let us know. We can work towards a solution that you find more suitable.
    • We will give you our decision – Once you’ve made your decision, we really get moving. We aim to provide you with a decision on your funding applications within 48 hours in most cases. This is what we mean when we say flexible and agile! Remember, we provide acceptances in the majority of cases, so we represent your best chance at achieving funding to suit you.
    • The funding is yours sooner rather than later – We continue this commitment to speed and flexibility. After we have approved your application, we will get to work and deliver the loan or funding direct to your bank account, usually within a further 48 hours. This means no more than four days for the whole process in many cases.
    • We stick around so we’re here when you need us – We want to provide you with ongoing support you can really rely on. Whether you need additional loan products or funding as your small business needs change in the future or you simply need guidance and consultation, give us a call.

    Get in touch with our team by phone or email and discover more about what we can do for you. Use the form on this page to request a free quote for a loan or a funding package and take big steps towards realizing your goals.

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    Providing an Alternative for Small Business Loans and Funding in Gaithersburg

    The team here at FDF is committed to supporting the beautiful community of Gaithersburg, and this means offering a real alternative for business owners in the area. We understand that there are other choices when it comes to securing funding, but no one can compete with the options we offer. Take a look at what sets us apart.

    • We offer a straightforward route to funding – Paperwork and convoluted processes have a habit of getting in the way when you need funding. However, we understand that it doesn’t need to be like this. When you work with FDF, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth and streamlined route to the loans and funding you need.
    • You won’t be kept waiting around – We deliver a decision on your funding application within 48 hours in the majority of cases, and we aim to provide you with the funds or loan products you need within 48 hours after that. It’s also worth bearing in mind that we approve the majority of applications we receive!
    • We may be able to assist you even if you have bad credit – Incomplete credit history or bad credit can be seriously worrying for business owners. However, here at FDF, we have developed options even if your credit is not at its best. Don’t be disheartened, and start rebuilding your credit today.
    • We are here on your side – We are a friendly and supportive team, driven by a commitment to assisting local business owners as they pursue their aims. You can be assured that we are by your side when you need us.
    • Applying industry knowledge – We put our knowledge to the test when you come to us. We also take the time to learn more about you and your business so we can provide the best possible small business funding and loans, as well as the best possible service.

    To get started, simply reach out. We are here and available over the phone or by email, so let us know what you need. You can also use the form right here on the site to get a quote. It’s as simple as that.

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