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    About Eldersburg, Maryland

    Eldersburg is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Carroll County, Maryland, United States. The population was 30,531 at the 2010 census

    The Eldersburg neighborhood sits between Baltimore and Frederick, Maryland, and is surrounded by expansive forests and Liberty Lake. This small historic town, founded in the 1800s, is a primarily residential area with a mix of modern convenience and quiet, rural living. Many commercial developments line the highways and cross through Eldersburg real estate, but you’re still far enough away from the metropolitan area to retain a close-knit community feel.

    Is your business located in Eldersburg? Looking for small business funding in Eldersburg? Eldersburg Business Owners now enjoy the availability of capital through First Down Funding. We proudly service Eldersburg small and mid size business needs for funding, short term and long term funding available. Apply online or call one of our business funding experts today. We are Eldersburg small business funding company.

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    Small Business Funding in Eldersburg, Maryland

    Eldersburg: Quiet, Rural Living Within Easy Reach of Baltimore

    Community feel with small business potential

    Once known as “Eldersburgh” and named for John Elder in the 1800s, the community of Eldersburg is located in the southeastern part of Carroll County, Maryland, quite close to the city of Baltimore. Surrounded by forests and Liberty Lake, Eldersburg offers a pleasant transition between the bustle of Baltimore and rural towns beyond.

    Because it is so close to Baltimore, Eldersburg is an ideal location for many small businesses that wish to capitalize on both traffic from the city and the residents who live in this tranquil area. The community is easily accessed via nearby Interstate highways 795 and 70. Local highways 26, 97, and 32 all lead to Eldersburg off these major thoroughfares.

    Eldersburg also draws visitors by bus from neighboring Sykesville on the South Carroll TrailBlazer Red Route and from Westminster on the Eldersburg-Westminster TrailBlazer Blue Route.

    Eldersburg offers a mix of national chain big box stores and restaurants, along with many local businesses in small shopping centers. The area is still developing and therefore represents a golden opportunity for small businesses looking to expand from Baltimore or open in a quieter community setting.

    However, many of the same things that make Eldersburg so attractive also make it competitive for small businesses. One area where many business owners have encountered roadblocks is in obtaining funding for their ventures.

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    Alternative Financing for Eldersburg Small Businesses

    Barriers with conventional lenders

    It hasn’t been as easy to get traditional funding for enterprises in Eldersburg as many small businesses first imagined. There are many reasons for these barriers:

    • Big banks tend to prefer larger businesses and avoid financing small businesses.
    • Conventional lenders adhere to strict guidelines for loans that small businesses find difficult to meet.
    • Small businesses remain a mystery to most mainstream lenders, and their contributions to the economy and potential for growth are often overlooked.
    • Small businesses are viewed as a group to traditional lenders rather than as individual companies each with different qualities.
    • Startup businesses are denied funding because many banks believe those businesses should be funded by venture capital or other private financing.
    • Tighter lending requirements have been imposed since the economy took a turn downwards, and lenders view small businesses as just too unpredictable to fund.
    • Most small business owners are not yet aware of other options besides traditional lenders.

    If your small business lacks cash reserves, high income, collateral, a high credit score, and a detailed business plan, which are typically required by conventional lenders, you may be left out in the cold. So, how do you escape this chicken-and-egg scenario? How do you establish yourself to satisfy those requirements when you need funding to get established to begin with? Perhaps you have run up against some of these challenges listed below.

    Low credit score

    If you have ever applied for a personal loan, like a mortgage or auto loan, you know you have to demonstrate your creditworthiness to the lender. This usually means a credit score of 700 or above, which is the same threshold used for most business loans with conventional lenders. However, it’s easy to see your credit score dip below 700 because of things like:

    • Accident or illness resulting in costly medical bills
    • Expensive divorce settlement
    • Loans with predatory lenders
    • Using primarily cash instead of credit
    • Lags in reporting to credit bureaus
    • Errors made by credit bureaus themselves
    • Student loan debt
    • Low income compared to debt
    • Business difficulties due to COVID-19

    You may be confused because your credit score differs among the three credit bureaus. This is because they each use their own algorithms for generating scores. Also, different algorithms are used depending on what type of loan you are applying for (home, auto, business, etc.).

    Some business owners haven’t had a chance to establish a credit profile yet, and this can result in low credit or no credit score altogether. This typically happens with very young business owners and with people who have not been living in the United States very long.

    Unfavorable cash flow

    Cash flow is an important factor to lenders when determining whether or not to approve a loan for a small business. Your business cash flow is determined by both your income and your debt.

    If you are paying off a loan or have other types of debt, even if you are paying it down responsibly, this may result in an unfavorable debt-to-income ratio in the lender’s eyes.

    Your income may be insufficient if you are a newer business and you have not yet had projected targets for revenue. And, of course, if your business was affected by the recent coronavirus pandemic, your cash flow may have been restricted, or your business may even have been closed. But how do you retool your business plan to increase income and pay off debt when you can’t get financing to start with?

    Insufficient collateral

    As a small business owner, you may be directed primarily to secured business loans. Secured loans ask for collateral. This is something of value that you offer to the lender in the event you ever default on your loan. For small businesses, this is usually business property or real estate. If you don’t make payments on the loan, the lender can confiscate your collateral. However, many small businesses and startup businesses don’t have the type of collateral that traditional lenders are looking for. And you never want to use your own home as collateral because this is simply too risky.

    No capital investors

    It can be extremely difficult to find capital investors for a small business in this economic climate. And yet this is exactly what conventional lenders want to see. They like to know that someone else has a stake in your business, whether that’s a friend, a family member, or a capital investment firm. These lenders frown on small businesses that are funded solely by bank loans.

    Too many loan applications

    If your time is short, or if you’re not sure about a lender, it might seem like the best strategy is to apply for many loans at once. It would seem this gives you the greatest odds and perhaps even the potential to choose a loan from among a handful of approvals.

    But traditional lenders discourage this practice. They know you’ve applied for multiple loans simultaneously because they can see your applications on your credit report. So, this is not a recommended strategy, and it also results in dings to your credit score every time an application is submitted.

    Startup business

    Startup businesses have it especially hard when it comes to traditional lending. They are seen as risky investments. Lenders turn them down because they believe companies less than two years old need to have more of an established track record before getting bank funding. But this presents another catch-22. How do you establish a track record if you can’t get your business funded to get established?

    Arduous documentation

    If you’ve submitted even one application to a traditional lender, you know how arduous the documentation required is. They usually want complex business plans, business forecasting, profit-and-loss statements, bank records, and tax returns. Larger companies usually have an accounting department or a chief financial officer to complete this paperwork. But if you are a small business owner, you wind up doing it all yourself.

    Most small business owners work long, hard days and don’t have time to assemble all the documentation required by a business loan application. You may not even know how to write a business plan or a forecasting statement. Where are you supposed to find the time?

    First Down Funding: A different choice for Eldersburg

    There is good news, however, for business owners seeking funding for their enterprises in Eldersburg. First Down Funding offers alternative financing for small businesses. If you are a small business owner who has been frustrated trying to get financing from conventional lenders, you will be pleased with the variety of lending products we provide across many different Industries:

    • Unsecured business funding
    • Retail store fundingBridge financing
    • Restaurant financing
    • Business expansion funding
    • Business working capital
    • Business funding for women
    • Business equipment funding
    • Beauty business funding
    • Merchant cash advances
    • Invoice and receivables funding
    • Hotel and motel funding
    • Revenue-based business funding
    • Business line of credit
    • Automotive business funding
    • Short-term financing
    • Commercial truck funding
    • Financing for bad credit

    We know that it’s small businesses like yours that keep the American economy going, and our mission is to make funding for small businesses less complicated and more accessible.

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    Eldersburg Business Funding that Gives You Real Options

    Have you experienced frustration or disappointment trying to find a traditional lender for your small business in Eldersburg? If so, we urge you to give First Down Funding a try. Or just skip the aggravation completely and give yourself better odds of success by turning to our alternative financing choices. Whether you need bridge financing or a business line of credit, we are eager to hear more about your Eldersburg small business.

    First Down Funding: creating new possibilities

    When you collaborate with First Down Funding for your business financing, you will find many benefits that let you create new possibilities:

    • A much better loan approval rate than you’ll ever find with conventional lenders and big banks
    • Seasoned loan experts who value your business and who take the time to learn about what makes it special and where you want to go with it
    • A fast decision on your loan application and quick delivery of funding if your loan is approved
    • Minimal required documentation, meaning no mounds of bank statements and old tax returns
    • Repayment options that give you flexibility and that you’ll find more reasonable compared to other lenders
    • The freedom to do what you want with your financing because you’re the expert about your business
    • A vast menu of funding products that lets you customize options to suit your small business’s unique needs

    First down funding takes a more innovative approach than mainstream lenders. Instead of relying on collateral and standard financial metrics, we use your future projects and projected income to create a funding package and repayment plan that not only satisfies your needs right now but also gives you room to grow.

    You will find our six tenets in every customer interaction: support, passion, innovation, respect, results, and integrity. We specialize in partnering with small businesses in Maryland, our home state. However, you will find happy First Down Funding customers in all 50 states, from coast to coast, and in Washington, D.C., too.

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    Small Business Loans that Break Through Barriers

    Don’t just settle for surviving when you could be thriving. Our mission is to help you break through lending barriers so you can make your vision for your small business a reality. We provide lending solutions to real small business problems.

    Simple application

    You will find the First Down Funding application much less complicated than other loan processes. We know you have a business to manage, and that’s where your time should be focused. Go ahead and prequalify online, and enjoy a soft credit pull, which is much easier on your credit profile.

    Faster funding

    If you have a major business opportunity on the horizon that needs a fast answer, you cannot afford to wait 30 to 90 days for business financing. That’s why at First Down Funding, we strive to give you an answer on your loan application within 24 hours. If your loan has been approved, it will be funded between 24 and 72 hours later.

    Lending packages customized for you

    Cookie cutters are for baking, not for small business financing. We recognize your business for the one-of-a-kind entity that it is. Therefore, we provide a range of lending terms, financing for many Industries, and other options like small business lines of credit. You get a funding package for your small business that feels customized for your unique needs.

    Short-term financing options

    A short-term loan might be just the answer you have been looking for. Our short-term financing options have a borrowing window of three to 18 months. They’re perfect for small businesses that need fast cash and for business owners with troubled credit since the minimum credit score required is just 525.

    Equipment funding

    Does your small business need equipment? We have financing packages specifically designed for business equipment and heavy equipment purchases. Get funded for up to 100 percent of the equipment value and get a funding term equivalent to the predicted lifespan of your equipment.

    Line of credit alternative

    You may not be sure if a loan is right for your small business because you don’t know right now how much money you need. A great alternative here is a small business line of credit. You only pay interest on the funds you withdraw, but the line of credit is there in case you need it later for unforeseen expenses or even for emergencies.

    Bridge financing to stay on schedule

    Having a gap in revenue can mean interruptions to your business plans. Bridge funding is the ideal solution. It gives you a rapid infusion of working capital so you can keep on as planned when you know investments or future income is on the near horizon.

    Choices for bad credit

    For small business owners with bad credit, there are options with First Down Funding. We have financing plans for troubled credit. We understand sometimes life can throw you a curveball, and your credit may be outside your control. Get back on track fast while still making your business dreams come true.

    Resources for COVID-19

    Staying safe and healthy as a small business has not been easy during the recent coronavirus pandemic. For these challenging and unpredictable times, we direct you to our COVID-19 Resource Center. There, you will find news updates and tips to improve your business’s resiliency.

    We want to hear more about your small business in Eldersburg. If you have more questions about our alternative financing options at First Down Funding, call us at (833)-FDFUNDING. Ready to start an application now? Use our easy online application without waiting another minute.

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