Small Business Funding in Ridgely, Maryland

Ridgelyites boast of the widest main street of any town in Maryland; it was once considered "The Strawberry Capital" and still holds a Strawberry Festival each May. Its rural nature was in 2009 threatened by a proposed federal security training facility nearby, but plans were scrapped in 2010.

Unlike most towns, Ridgely did not “just grow”– it was planned. But it wasn’t planned to be the small, country town that it is today. It was actually planned to be a large and prosperous city, capitalizing on the Eastern Shore’s railroad boom immediately following the Civil War.

This “Dream City” wasn’t meant to be. The Maryland and Baltimore Land Association, which planned to develop the city, overextended itself and went bankrupt in its first year. Only four buildings had been constructed at that time: a railroad station, a hotel, and two private residences. One of these residences, known today as Ridgely House, is where the Town Office is housed today.

The founders’ dreams for the city are evident today in the wide main street running through town, Central Avenue. Although Ridgely never became the bustling city its founders envisioned, today’s residents love its small-town charm and tight-knit community.

Ridgely is centrally located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The town enjoys many benefits of its rural setting, with an abundance of outdoor and family-friendly activities.

Caroline County has a robust business community. Leading local industries include agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics & fulfillment. The Mid-Shore Regional Technology Park is located in Ridgely and is poised for future development.

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