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Small Business Funding in Queenstown, Maryland

About Queenstown, Maryland

Queenstown is located in Queen Anne’s County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

The birth of Queenstown in Queen Anne’s County took place in 1707, and at that time was named “Queen Anne’s Towne”. In 1710 the name was changed to “Queen’s Towne” and many years later the “e” was dropped and it became one word. Both Queenstown and Queen Anne’s County were named after “Good Queen Anne” of England.

Queenstown was the home of the first County seat in 1707, and in 1708 the original Courthouse was built. The County seat remained here from 1707-1782, at which time it was moved to Centreville.

Queenstown was the first and only town in Queen Anne’s County to be attacked by the British during the War of 1812. The attack, which occurred in August 1813, took place at the “Bowlingly” estate. The estate and its contents were significantly damaged by the British before they moved on to Kent Island. Today, “Bowlingly” still exists as a private residence.

After having survived the War of 1812, a fire that almost destroyed the town in 1820, the Depression years, and the Mexican and Civil Wars, Queenstown still kept moving forward.

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    Small Business Funding in Queenstown, Maryland

    Queenstown: A Queen Anne’s County Gem

    A tiny town with big impact

    Queenstown, Maryland lies on an estuary of Chesapeake Bay where it meets with the Chester River. It was the original seat of Queen Anne’s County prior to Centreville taking that title.

    This little town that measures only 1.45 square miles had a prime location as a trading hub in the 18th century and figured in the War of 1812 as well, when it was attacked by English troops in August of 1813. Queenstown is still a desirable location today. While the town only has a few hundred residents, its positioning at the intersection of highways 301, also known as the Blue Star Memorial Highway, and 50, Ocean Gateway, make it a tiny center of commerce.

    Queenstown is most well known to shoppers for the popular Queenstown Premium Outlets, a mall that boasts over 65 stores. The mall offers customers a wide selection of clothing, accessories, footwear, baby supplies, personal care items, outdoor wear, home furnishings, jewelry, perfume, leather goods, and candles. There are also dining spots at the Queenstown Premium Outlets, where shoppers can grab everything from a quick snack to a sit-down meal to a wine tasting.

    Additionally, Queenstown has many businesses within its boundaries, including:

    • Lumber yards
    • Self-storage facilities
    • Appliance repair shops
    • Churches
    • Party supplies
    • Restaurants
    • Formalwear shops

    The Queenstown Harbor Golf course takes up a sizable length of the town’s border to the west.

    This tiny town packs an economic wallop, and Queenstown’s strategic location and the presence of the Queenstown Premium Outlets there make it a popular destination for small businesses.

    But not all business owners are able to make their dreams come true in the town. Some would-be Queenstown business owners have found their visions crushed by conventional lenders when it comes to funding for their enterprises.

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    Alternative Funding for Queenstown Small Businesses

    Getting past traditional lenders

    Sadly, many small businesses have been stymied by funding when they turn to conventional lending institutions to finance their companies. Some of the most common reasons for this include:

    • Conventional lenders, like big banks, prefer to lend to larger, more established businesses.
    • Small businesses struggle to meet rigid guidelines set out by traditional lenders (see below).
    • Big lenders tend to be less knowledgeable than they should be about how small businesses are run, how they can take off under the right conditions, and how they keep America going.
    • Individual companies are rarely considered on their own and are instead lumped into categories and statistics.
    • Some conventional funders are convinced small businesses should be funded by private sources, like venture capitalists and grants, not by banks.
    • Economic uncertainty has prompted many lenders to tighten their funding requirements and consider small businesses too unpredictable at this time.
    • Small business owners are unaware of the options available to them outside of conventional financing sources.

    Trying to find funding for a small business can seem like a chicken-and-egg game. Lenders want you to have an established business… but how do you get your business started to begin with when you can’t get funding? It’s frustrating, and it’s not fair. Maybe you’ve been challenged by some of the issues listed below.

    Low credit rating

    Most conventional lenders have a credit threshold for loaning to small businesses, which they use to judge creditworthiness. They want to know you’re reliable when it comes to paying debt. About 700 is usually the minimum score they will accept, but a few dings to your credit score can drop you below that easily. Sometimes events outside your control or in your distant past can lower your credit score and hold you back:

    • Errors with the credit bureaus
    • Divorce
    • Unfavorable debt-to-income ratio due to student loans
    • Serious illness or accident
    • Being made a victim of predatory lending
    • Living on a cash basis and using little credit
    • Illogical credit bureau algorithms used to determine scores
    • Business setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic

    If you’re a younger business owner or someone from outside the United States, you may not have had a chance to build a credit history. This can result in a low credit score or sometimes no score at all.

    Limited cash flow

    Limits to your cash flow are something no conventional lender wants to see, even if you have perfectly valid reasons for those limitations. If you’re dutifully paying off another loan or another type of debt, it can look like your debt-to-income ratio is less than desirable.

    If you’re a brand new business, you may not have even had the chance to get your income where you know it could be. And if your business was negatively affected by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, your cash flow could be tight, as customers may be temporarily restricted. Many business owners would like to fix these problems, but if they can’t get the funding they need, how do they do that?

    No collateral to offer

    Some business loans, such as many of those provided by the SBA (Small Business Administration), require collateral before funding. This means you need to promise something valuable in return if you cannot pay the loan. Usually, real estate or business property is put up as loan collateral. However, many small businesses have no collateral to offer, as they are just starting out. And business owners want to avoid using their personal homes as collateral, since that’s generally inadvisable because of risk.

    Missing capital investment

    If you’ve already applied with a few conventional lenders, you may have been told you need to have capital investors in your business before they will consider funding. Banks and other traditional lenders like to see that you or an investor have some “skin in the game,” so to speak. They frown on lending to small businesses that rely on loans only for financing. That all sounds great, but it can be challenging to find capital investors, particularly in this economic climate.

    Making many loan applications

    Some small businesses make the mistake of applying for multiple loans simultaneously. They think it will give them the best selection of lenders, but instead it backfires. Why?

    Rather than see multiple loan applications as just good sense, some lenders view them as a sign of desperation. They can see these applications on your credit report if they do a “hard pull.” It looks like no one wants to fund you, plus all those credit pulls can bring down your credit score. It’s frustrating, but that’s how the game is played.

    Being a startup

    Startup businesses are, rightly or wrongly, viewed as risky investments by traditional business lenders. If your company is two years old or less, you may fall into this category. It’s a catch-22 for eager business owners who want to grow their businesses but need to be established to get funding. See the catch?

    Disorganized or scant documentation

    If you’re the head of your company, you probably wear a lot of hats: CEO, COO, CFO, and head of HR. In larger businesses, these positions are staffed by full-time directors. Covering all those bases takes a lot of time and energy, and your day can get stretched mighty thin.

    When it comes time to complete the required documentation for a small business loan, you may be at a loss. You might be pushed for time to write a detailed business report–something a CFO with an MBA would be doing elsewhere. How do you run your business and complete all this loan paperwork properly?

    First Down Funding: a refreshing alternative for small businesses

    Are you looking for a refreshing alternative to traditional lenders and getting the funds you need for your Queenstown business? At First Down Funding, we offer a new approach to funding small business loans. We encourage you to explore our different loan types, which serve a broad range of industries:

    • Beauty business funding
    • Business equipment funding
    • Business line of credit
    • Hotel and motel funding
    • Automotive business funding
    • Commercial truck funding
    • Financing for bad credit
    • Merchant cash advances
    • Invoice and receivables financing
    • Revenue-based business funding
    • Short-term financing

    We’re here to make sure small businesses have the accessible funding they deserve because they are a key driver of the American economy.


    Whether You Need To Prepare For Seasonal Sales Boosts, Replenish Stock Or Stay Afloat, We Have A Small Business Funding Option For You in Queenstown, Maryland.


    Queenstown Business Financing Options for You

    We’re confident you’ll love working together with First Down Funding. Here’s what you can expect:

    • A higher loan approval rate than you’ll find with conventional lending institutions
    • A team of loan experts who will take the time to learn about your small business and who will understand why it’s unique
    • A rapid decision on your loan application and quick funding if your loan is approved
    • Far fewer documents required than with other lenders, so you don’t waste time searching for old bank statements and tax return documentation
    • A repayment plan that offers flexibility, so you’re able to make payments in a reasonable way
    • The freedom to use your funding how you see fit, as you know your business better than we do
    • A broad range of funding solutions that ensure you’re bound to find an option that meets your individual needs

    You’ll appreciate our departure from the usual financial metrics and collateral when it comes to our funding products. Instead, we use an innovative approach that gives you the tools you need to help your business grow and succeed. We look at your future projects when developing a funding package and repayment terms, and you get a solution customized for your business.

    We put six values at the top of all our client interactions: support, innovation, integrity, passion, respect, and results. As in-demand as First Down Funding solutions are in Maryland, where we are headquartered, we also serve businesses across the entire country, from shore to shore. You’ll find happy customers in 50 states and in Washington DC too.


    We Help Small Businesses With Working Capital Funding For Short & Long Term Projects


    Small Business Loans That Solve Real Problems

    Do you often feel like your small business is just treading water, never getting to the level you always envisioned? You’re not alone. Our goal is to help your business do more than survive. We want you to thrive and hit the heights you’ve dreamed about. That’s why our funding solutions solve real small business problems.

    Easy application

    First Down Funding uses a simplified application process, so you can devote your time to running your business, not filling out paperwork. As a professional with time at a premium, you’ll love our uncomplicated online prequalification process and minimized paperwork. We even do a soft credit pull, so your credit score is not dinged.

    A quick approval and funding process

    If you apply for small business funding with a traditional lender, such as with a big bank or with the government, you can expect to wait 30 to 90 days for answers and funding. That’s difficult to work with if you have business opportunities that need timely action. Therefore, we offer a quick process from start to finish. Receive approval in about a day and get your funding in 24 to 72 hours if approved. That’s the kind of realistic timeline small business owners need.

    Customized lending options

    Frankly, we don’t like the cookie cutter approach most big lenders take with small business loan applicants. At First Down Funding, we value the uniqueness of your business and treat you accordingly. You’ll find a varied selection of business credit lines, lending terms, and financing solutions for your one-of-a-kind needs in your industry. You’ll feel like your funding package was tailor made for you.

    Short-term funding solutions

    Sometimes a short-term loan is what a small business needs. This type of financing is perfect when you need fast cash and can pay back the loan within three to 18 months. First Down Funding customers love that this option only requires a credit score of 525.

    Equipment funding

    We offer special funding that’s just for equipment purchases. With our equipment financing option, you can borrow up to 100 percent of your equipment’s value. And you’ll get funding terms that last for the life expectancy of the equipment.

    Small business credit lines

    Not every business needs a regular loan. Sometimes a small business line of credit is a better solution. One benefit to this service is that you pay interest only on the funds you use, not on the whole line of credit. This keeps costs reasonable, but you still have the entire credit line available if you need it for unexpected expenses.

    Bridge funding

    Bridge loans are perfect for when your small business needs a quick infusion of cash. Our customers enjoy bridge financing when they find themselves between cycles of funding or when they are expecting an influx of revenue in the near future. Bridge funding means you don’t have to interrupt your business plan when cash gets tight.

    Funding assistance for challenged credit

    Is your credit not quite where you hoped it would be? We understand. Life happens, but you can still get funding for your business with challenged credit at First Down Funding. Get your business dreams back on track fast.

    COVID-19 resources

    We are living in unpredictable times that challenge many small businesses. To keep our community safe and healthy, we provide ongoing COVID-19 resources for you. Stay on top of current events and make your business more resilient with our help.

    Are you interested in trying the First Down Funding alternative approach to financing for your Queenstown small business? We can’t wait to hear from you. Call us at (833)-FDFUNDING, or simply fill out our message form to begin an online application today.


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