Small Business Funding in Cobb Island, Maryland

Cobb Island is a small residential island located in at the junction of the Potomac River and the Wicomico River. It is located approximately 45 miles south of Washington, DC in Charles County, Maryland. Cobb Island is separated from the mainland by Neale Sound, and connected by a 300 yard long fixed bridge. Approximately 825 residents in 350 households live on Cobb Island on a grid of streets; many have flower plantings and lawn ornaments and decorations.

Cobb Island is a 290-acre triangle-shaped island located at the confluence of Potomac and Wicomico Rivers in Charles County, Maryland, approximately 45 minutes from downtown Washington, D.C. The island’s recorded history dates back to 1642, when it was owned by ship captain James Neale, who specialized in capturing Spanish treasures ships within the West Indies region. The island’s name is derived from the term cobb, which referred to Spanish dollar coins that were cut into colonial currency in prior to the American Revolution. The island shares its name with a larger uninhabited island along the eastern shore of Virginia, located within the Virginia Barrier Islands chain. In 1889, the island’s first permanent homestead was established by George Vickers, who won the island for a sum of $5,000 as part of an election-related bet. The island is best known as the site of the first intelligible speech transmission via electromagnetic wave, which was accomplished by Reginald Aubrey Fessenden in December of 1900. Throughout the 1920s, several roads were established on the island, which facilitated the development of modern businesses and housing.

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