Bridge Funding for Small Businesses

When you can’t make ends meet, or your funds are suddenly coming up short, a bridge funding can make a major difference for your business. Bridge funding solutions are a quick fix that fills the gap for hundreds of American small businesses.

First Down Funding is a Small Business Funder based in Maryland that connects small businesses with bridge funding options. Our bridge financing solutions help to eliminate cash shortfall by providing business with access to the funds they need to maintain smooth operations.

Our business funding options are specially designed to satisfy American small businesses and their growing needs. From short term funding to long term financing, we offer various programs to suit the different stages a small business might experience.

We will work with you to identify the best financing option for your small business.

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First Down Funding Guide to Bridge Financing

What is a bridge funding?

A bridge funding, also known as a swing funding or gap financing, is a type of short term funding. It is typically used to bridge the costs that arise in a period between two funding. We are proud to be a bridge financing partner.
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What are bridge funding used for?

As mentioned, bridge funding are used for bridging the gap between two funding. It provides short term funding to cover various immediate costs.

Bridge financing solutions are often used to:

  • Ease the pressure on your working capital
  • Conduct emergency repairs of maintenance work
  • Replace broken equipment
  • Keep everything flowing smoothly by honouring payments to partners and anyone else you owe money to
  • Improve everyday cash flow
  • Cover financial shortfalls
  • Maintain daily operations
  • Buy discounted materials and inventory

Who uses bridge funding solutions?

Companies commonly take out bridge funds when they need fast access to working capital or need to make ends meet in between rounds of funding.

Remember that bridge funding is relatively low level compared to other funding programs and is therefore not suitable for high-value expenses such as hiring new staff or developing new infrastructure.

If you want to pursue these options, consider if another business funding program like an expansion funding might be better suited to your business.

The benefits of bridge funding

Access to an infusion of working capital— or lack thereof — can make or break a small business. Consider the many ways that bridge financing can benefit your small business:

  • It is a means to an end
  • It is easier to get approved for
  • It can be obtained quickly
  • It prevents loss of funds during waiting periods
  • It is a short term commitment
  • It provides immediate working capital
  • It is a small, low-risk funding
  • It is obtained based on profit to be made in the near future

How to Get Bridge Funding with Bad Credit

There are countless reasons why a small business may have a poor credit score. funders and finance agencies all define bad credit in different ways, but a bad credit score is typically considered anywhere between 300 and 629.

That said, a less than stellar credit score shouldn’t make or break a small business’s ability to attain the funding they need to get back on track.

As an alternative Small Business Funder in Maryland, First Down Funding makes small business funding options like bridge financing accessible to the small to medium-sized businesses who need them. We provide bad credit funding among other programs to help new American companies attain the capital they need to maintain and grow operations.

Even with bad credit, you have access to small business funding opportunities at your fingertips. Consider the different ways you can attain financing with poor credit:

1: Leverage Collateral & Assets

Does your small business have bad credit but assets to leverage? Utilize unpaid customer invoices and future debit or credit card transaction to shift the focus to your revenue’s ability to cover a funding.

2: Pay a Cash Down Payment

If your company has a limited credit history but adequate cash flow, consider securing business funding by covering a percentage of the funding in cash.

3: Apply for a Smaller Funding

Long term funding like expansion funding can be hard for small businesses with minimal credit history to qualify for. If your company is flexible in the amount it wants to secure, consider applying for a shorter-term funding — like a bridge funding!

4: Sign a Personal Guarantee

Is your personal credit better than your business’s credit? Sign a personal guarantee to focus more on your personal credit than business credit. This way, your application will be assessed based on your personal ability to pay back the funding.

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First Down Funding may be based out of Maryland, but our small business funding options are accessible across the United States — because our process is exclusively online!

First Down Funding may be based out of Maryland, but our small business funding options are accessible across the United States — because our process is exclusively online!

Our process makes it possible to apply online for a bridge funding funding, or any of our business financing solutions for that matter, from anywhere at any time. All you need is internet access, and access to your business’s information — most of which you likely know already as a diligent small business owner.

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You can obtain a bridge funding from First Down Funding in 3 easy steps:

Apply online in just a few minutes
Our system evaluates your business and typically provides a decision in minutes
Sign your contract and receive money in as fast as 24 hours

Alternative Small Business Funding VS. Big Banks

Small businesses constantly struggle to acquire the funding they need for success and growth. With traditional institutions like big banks unlikely to fund funds to new companies, these businesses are left looking for alternative resources for financing.

As an alternative bridge financing partner in Maryland, First Down Funding provides small businesses with access to effective, efficient funding solutions to help get them on the right track.

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Big Bank Financing First Down Credit Cards Government
Funding $100,000+ $1,000 - $300,000 Credit Based Credit Dependent
Process Long Application Credit Inspection Business Plan Industry Specific Prequalify Online Soft Credit Pulls Same Day Approval All Industries Accepted Prequalify Online Hard Pulls 3 - 10 Days Approval Long Application Credit Inspection Business Plan Needed Industry Specific
Approval 20 - 30 Days+ Same Day 5 - 21 Business Days 30 - 90 Days+
Funding Time 30 - 60 Days+ 36 - 48 Hours TBD / TBA 60 - 90 Days+
Approval Criteria Credit Score & Collateral Overall Business Health Credit Score Credit Score & Collateral

About First Down Funding: Financial Solutions You Can Count On

First Down Funding is a business funding company based out of Maryland that believes that small businesses are the backbone of America’s economy. We are committed to supporting these businesses by making adequate financing accessible to the Americans who own them.

By leveraging strategic partnerships, data science, consultations, and cutting edge technology, we are able to provide an innovative approach to business funding. Our business funding solutions are personalized, transparent, and effective.

We work closely with small businesses to ensure that they are supported every step of the way, and that they get the funding they need to succeed. Every small business is unique, which is why we offer various programs to suit businesses at different phases of growth.

Learn more about our small business funding options today! Choose us as your bridge financing partner.