Small Business Funding in Greensboro, Maryland

Greensboro is a town located on the banks of the Choptank River in Caroline County, Maryland. Greensboro hosts the Caroline County Softball League, which has produced both state and national champions.

In 1791 the town was officially surveyed and its name changed to Greensboro.  Between 1779 and 1812, Peter Harrington and his neighbor and cousin, Bachelder Chance, conveyed 27 lots from their adjoining properties, a total of close to thirty acres.  From its beginnings, the town was plainly intended to provide essential services to the surrounding planters.  Twelve of the grantees that received lots before 1812 were listed in the deeds as merchants or various sorts of tradesmen, including a saddler, a tanner and two carpenters.  In addition, Harrington and his heirs appear to have made a conscious effort to recruit physicians to live in Greensboro and serve the surrounding area. 

The diversity of trades and the greater need for physicians in early Greensboro can probably be explained by the relatively small size of land holdings in the vicinity of the Choptank River bridge.  Here, family farms of no more than a few hundred acres were the rule, population was rather dense, and the demand for the services that could be provided by a town was consistent.  During much of its early history, however, Denton was surrounded by the extensive holdings of a single absentee landlord, Colonel Edward Lloyd of Talbot County, and real growth for that town had to wait until the eventual breakup of those estates. 

The founders of Greensboro appear to have been liberal in religious matters, as well as sensitive to economic needs.  In 1789, Peter Harrington, himself a Methodist, sold a lot to a group for the building of a church; and Bachelder Chance did the same in 1795 in the case of a congregation of Quakers.  Neither of these early meetinghouses survives, although the Methodist MeetingHouse Lot is a local landmark, and contains many graves of local historic importance. 

Greensboro's evolution--from a prosperous rural town, supplying the area with goods and services, to a center for the processing of local produce, to a sleepy village lying outside the mainstream and living largely on memories--lends it a significance that is, perhaps, greater than the town itself.

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