Automotive Business Funding

Get up to $250,000 in cash to grow your small business.

Automotive Business Funding

Many businesses use fleets of trucks or other vehicles to help them meet the needs of clients and customers. For these needs to be met effectively, a high level of funding is required.

First Down Funding provides this capital, giving these businesses the opportunity to expand their fleets, to buy their first vehicles, or simply to keep older vehicles well maintained and ready for action.

Consider your company business plan and focus. Where does your fleet of vehicles fit into this plan, in both the long and short term? This knowledge will help you understand how much funding you need, and will help us to find you the perfect funding package for your needs.

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we help small businesses with working capital funding for short & long term projects

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The Process of acquiring automotive funding from fdf

We have designed our application process to be as straightforward and as simple as possible. This is what you can expect when you apply via our website.

  • Apply swiftly and easily using our two-step application process, right here on the site.
  • We will review your application without delay and give you a decision within 48 hours. Over 88% of our applicants are successful.
  • On approval, and on acceptance from you, we will deliver your funding, typically within a few days of your initial application.

And there it is — it really is as simple as that.

A few other things you should be aware of:

  • We typically don’t ask for a detailed business plan.
  • Businesses with poor credit histories can still get approved.
  • There is little to no paperwork involved in the application.
  • Little to no collateral is required.

The PlayBook by First Down Funding
Overview, Calculations and Case Study

are you looking for small business funding?

we help small businesses with working capital funding for short & long term projects

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We may build monthly service agreements into our automotive funding packages as this will help to reduce the cost of a new fleet of trucks. Of course, it is almost impossible to predict exactly what services will be required. But, we can gain a rough picture of what the fleet will need and then translate this into a monthly budget.

This is part of our commitment to making sure our clients’ dreams come true. The process begins when you submit your application online, then we will work with you to help you achieve the funding your business needs.

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