Heavy Equipment Funding

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Heavy Equipment Funding

For many businesses, heavy equipment is not a luxury but a necessity. However, this does not alter the fact that such equipment — especially equipment of the highest quality — is seriously expensive. If you are expanding your business, just starting out and looking to purchase a range of high-quality machines, or are replacing your outdated equipment, it can be a very costly process indeed.

This is where heavy equipment funding, like that offered by the team here at First Down Funding, can make a difference for businesses who might otherwise be struggling. Read on to learn more about this funding and how to go about achieving the capital you need. 

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How to apply for heavy equipment funding with fdf

We offer a range of different financing options for those in search of capital. However, for our specific heavy equipment funding — which is usually the best option for you if you need to purchase heavy machinery — there are a few additional things we may need.

You will need to bring any credit card receipts you have from the last few months of transactions. This will be used to define the amount of funding we are able to offer you. You will also need to bring all the relevant details for the pieces of machinery you are seeking to purchase, as well as information on how these pieces of equipment will increase your revenue and drive your business’s profitability.

These three things are usually sufficient to help you achieve the funding you need. The proof we need to back up your application amounts to far less than a mainstream provider would ask you for. Also, we offer better approval rates and more flexible terms of funding and repayment than these lenders do. This is because we are committed to supporting the needs of small, medium, and growing businesses across the USA.

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researching your heavy equipment before applying

You will need to do some research on the equipment you need to purchase before you submit your application. This is because we may need to offer you a certain type of funding depending on the type of equipment you want to buy. Take a look at the different brands and equipment types on the market.

Remember to research equipment safety ratings, as well as the maintenance schedule required for each unit. Look at reviews and user reports so you can learn more about the levels of performance offered by each model. 

Once you know a bit more about the different types of equipment you will need, you can decide how much funding you will require. Our team can work with you to define the ideal funding package for your needs.

Maybe you need to secure working capital while you upgrade your fleet of machines. Perhaps you need to invest in expanding your capacity ahead of onboarding new clients and taking new orders. Or it could be you simply need to improve performance by maintaining and upgrading your old machines. Whatever it is you need, First Down Funding is the right choice.

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Getting started with first down funding

We are committed to offering the very best alternative to traditional business funding. This means providing heavy equipment funding that our clients can rely on.

We ensure this by getting to know you and your needs, by delivering approvals and cash quickly and without delay, and by making the whole process as straightforward and simple as possible.

Reach out to our team today to learn more or submit your application online to get started.

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