All businesses need funding — there are no exceptions here — but for small businesses, the process can be a little more difficult. This is because some small businesses may not be able to draw upon the assets, collateral, or credit history required to win approval from a funding provider, or they may not be able to find a provider who is willing to take on their case.

This has led to a rise in alternative providers, each of which is better equipped to offer what small businesses need than their counterparts in the mainstream banks. One such alternative is offered right here at First Down Funding. Our team is adept at connecting America’s diverse small businesses with the options they need.

Small Business Funding Solutions from First Down Funding

We can offer different solutions for small businesses, ranging from short term, quick cash injections to longer term programs designed to help expansion and growth.

Browsing the different products, we offer may help you to understand precisely what it is you need, but if you still are not sure, just reach out and get in touch. Our team members are experts at providing business funding to organizations across the United States, and we are happy to offer any assistance you need.

The Small Business Funding Process

It all begins with an application. Take a look below at how you can get involved with our small business funding programs.

  1. Apply for funding: Our application processes are remarkably straightforward and can be completed in less than two minutes.
  2. Await approval: We are also proud to offer approvals without delay. Often, we can connect you with your funding within twenty-four hours of approval.
  3. Work with our experts to get the best from your funding program: We are passionate about American business and will go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. Let’s build a long-term working relationship.

Deciding Which Type of Small Business Funding Is Right for Your American Business

There are many types of small business funding that your business may benefit from. Browse the different products on our site and make your selection. Remember that short term or unsecured products are generally designed for working capital needs, while products suitable for long term investment or expansion may come with more stringent approval conditions.

Whenever you need to, just reach out and speak with our experts. We are always on hand to give you the assistance you need.

And, when you are ready, hit that button below to start your application and begin your move in the right direction. It is that simple.