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All small businesses share one thing in common — a need for funding. Obtaining this funding, however, can be particularly challenging for small businesses. A lot of the time, traditional lending institutions like banks require assets, collateral and credit history that small businesses just don’t have.

Located in Historic Downtown Annapolis, Maryland, the First Down Funding team connects businesses in America with business financing options. We boast a streamlined process and a personalized approach to funding that so many small businesses strive to find.

We are passionate about American businesses and will go the extra mile to make sure they have what they need to achieve success. 

Let’s build a long-term working relationship. Learn more about our small business loans and how you can apply online for funding today.

What You Need to Know About Small Business Loans:

Before you apply online for a small business loan with First Down Funding, understand the business loans available and how they can benefit your business. Loans require organization, planning and consideration to have an optimal impact on your business’ health. 

What They Are: What Are Small Business Loans?

With entrepreneurship on the rise, new businesses are starting every day. That said, small businesses often require financing to get off their feet — this is where a small business loan comes in.

A small business loan is a financing solution that new businesses apply for when they require funds to meet payments or to take steps towards growth. These funds are used for office space, equipment, hiring, marketing — you name it. 

There are various types of small business loans that a business owner may opt for. First Down Funding offers an array of financing programs ranging from bridge loans to commercial loans to suit the unique needs of small business owners in Maryland and across America.

What It’s For: When Would You Need a Small Business Loan?

Small business loans are obtained when a growing business needs working capital to cover daily costs and maintain business operations. These loans are typically used for:

  • Purchasing equipment
  • Purchasing inventory
  • Hiring staff
  • Investing in office space
  • Marketing campaigns 
  • Paying off fees or debt & more
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How It Works: Apply Online 

First Down Funding is an alternative lender in Baltimore who allows small businesses to apply online for business loans. We cut out the middle man, streamline the process online and provide a fast turnaround. 

We are committed to getting you the funding you need, when you need it. You can apply and receive financing from First Down Funding without paperwork, or ever having to talk to a bank teller: 

Receive Funding: Often, we can connect you with your funding within twenty-four hours of approval.

  1. Apply for Funding: Apply online by filling out our application form with some information about your business. The form is straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to fill out.
  2. Wait for Approval: After you submit your application, it will be assessed by one of our funding specialists. We understand how important it is for small businesses to act fast, which is why we offer approvals without delay. 
  3. Receive Funding: Often, we can connect you with your funding within twenty-four hours of approval.
  4. Expert Support: When you enlist the help of our business financing services, our experts will be with you every step of the way. Our experts will work personally with you to plan repayment schedules and ensure you get the best from your funding program.

Qualify for a Small Business Loan with First Down Funding

To qualify for a small business loan from First Down Funding, you need to meet three requirements:

  1. Be open
  2. Be operating
  3. Be generating revenue
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First Down Funding VS. Traditional Lenders

Banks and other traditional institutions make obtaining small business loans a long, gruelling process. The fact of the matter is that these institutions across America have unrealistic expectations of small businesses. 

By weighing funding qualifications on credit history and collateral, which many small businesses lack, traditional institutions are setting these businesses up for failure. At First Down Funding, when you apply online for a small business loan, we base your qualifications on your business’s projected transactions.

Even when traditional institutions like banks approve small businesses for funding, they bog them down with paperwork and limitations on funds and fund allocation. Our small business funding is a simple, low-level form of financing that requires half the amount of documentation, and is a lot less risky.

As an alternative lender in Maryland committed to small businesses, we understand that every business is different. We work with you to identify the right financing program to suit your needs. 

When you apply online for a loan with First Down Funding, we provide:

  • High Approval Rates: Our approval rate for small business funding is as high as 85%. 
  • No Credit Impact: Our financing solutions leave no mark on your credit file.
  • Realistic Qualifications: Businesses in operation for only two months can qualify for our business loans.
  • No Charges: Our small business funding is free of interest charges and hidden fees.
  • Flexible Repayment Schedules: We base your repayment schedule on your company’s unique needs and income rates.
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Bad Credit Funding: Can You Qualify for a Small Business Loan with Bad Credit?

Traditional institutions all have different ways of defining bad credit, which makes it that much harder for small businesses to meet their credit qualifications. So many small businesses struggle to attain traditional loans due to poor credit or insufficient credit history. 

More often than not, these businesses have not been in operation long enough to attain the credit score or history needed to be approved for these loans. This leaves them stuck and without the capital that they need to grow and expand.  

If your small business has a credit score between 300 and 629, that’s typically considered bad credit — but you still have options. As an alternative lender in Maryland, First Down Funding provides American small businesses with bad credit funding. With this funding, small businesses can leverage their bad credit to receive the financing that they need. 

If your business is suffering from the limitations of its bad credit, consider the ways that you can increase your chance of attaining the funding you need: 

  • If your business has adequate cash flow: Supply a cash down payment to cover a percentage of your loan. This cash can help you secure your funding.
  • If your personal credit history is better than your business credit: Sign a Personal Guarantee within your funding agreement to weigh your qualifications on your personal credit rather than your business’s. This way, your qualifications will be based on your personal ability to pay off financing instead of your business’s ability to do so.
  • If you have assets or collateral: Secure funding by focusing on your revenue and ability to pay back the financing. You can do this by leveraging assets like future credit or debit card transactions, or unpaid customer invoices. 
  • If you are flexible in the amount of funding you require: Companies who don’t necessarily need a large funding amount can opt for a smaller business loan. This can help you improve your credit to better equip you to attain a larger loan down the road.
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Small Business Funding Options American Business Owners

There are many types of small business funding that your business may benefit from. Browse the different loan programs on our site to gauge which one will best suit the needs of your small business. We will work with you along the way to ensure your unique needs are being met.

We design our programs for businesses at different stages of growth. For example, our short term and unsecured loans are generally designed to meet the working capital needs of new businesses. Our long term investment and business expansion funding programs, on the other hand, are geared towards more established businesses and come with more stringent approval conditions.

You can reach out and speak to one of our experts at any stage of the funding process. We are always on had to give you the assistance you need. 

About First Down Funding: Business Financing Solutions for Small Businesses

First Down Funding is a business financing lender in Maryland committed to supporting small to medium-sized American businesses. We offer small business funding programs that are affordable, transparent and easy to navigate. 

We are proud to be an alternative option to the traditional institutions that place unrealistic requirements and stringent restrictions on business loans. 

Whether you need working capital for daily operations or a loan to invest in a seasonal inventory opportunity, we have a funding solution for you. 

When you apply online for a business loan from us, we keep the process streamlined — we eliminate the middleman. No mass paperwork, no hidden fees, no lengthy waits. 

We provide high approval rates and fast approval times to get your business the funding it needs, when it needs it. Apply online for a small business financing program with First Down Funding today!

Small Business Funding
The Best for your Small Business

Get Pre Approved in Minutes!