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Westminster is a city in northern MarylandUnited States. A suburb of Baltimore, it is the seat of Carroll County.

Westminster was founded in 1764 by William Winchester of England. William Winchester was born in Westminster, England on December 22, 1711 and arrived at Annapolis, Maryland in 1731 as an indentured servant. He passed away on September 2, 1790.

Winchester served in the French and Indian war in 1757 and was active in the support of the American Revolution. In 1764 Winchester originally named his planned community "Winchester's Town."

The community changed its name to Westminster in 1768 because the mail was too often mistakenly delivered in nearby Winchester, in Frederick County, Virginia.

In 1764, Winchester located Westminster on one of the three main western-bound routes in what we now know as Carroll County. Today these routes are known as Route 30, Route 140, and Route 26. These roadways were critical for the economic expansion of the fledgling colony of Maryland.

Westminster, Maryland, is known for its rich and heavily preserved historical culture, lovely suburbs, and extensive arts community. This suburban city, with 12 neighborhoods, is a peaceful counterpart to the nearby busyness of Baltimore, providing a rural feel while still accommodating residents with plentiful amenities and access to cultural events and attractions within Westminster and Baltimore proper.

The Westminster community is quite dedicated to preserving historical traditions and landmarks as well as furthering the arts. As a result, there are many cultural attractions for residents to enjoy. The Carroll Arts Center furthers the art community by providing a venue for theater events, visual arts exhibits, and galleries that feature local art, while the Carroll County Farm Museum is a popular historical site, with a number of buildings that provide unique exhibits and even demonstrations of what life was like on a 19th century farm. The quaint Main Street area in Westminster, M

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