Business Working Capital

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Business Working Capital

A business may be asset-rich or have a wealth of resources such as a highly trained workforce and great deals with suppliers. But, all this comes to nothing without a good level of working capital to back all of this up. This is just as true for the biggest corporations and for the smallest of SMEs — the fact of the matter is, a business cannot survive if there is not enough money available to handle day-to-day operations.

What Exactly Is A Business Working Capital?

Working capital is money that is readily available. This means money that is not tied up in investments, inventory, premises, or any other assets. Instead, this is money you can use whenever you need it.

If, for example, one of your fleet of commercial vehicles breaks down or one of your factory’s machines suddenly stops working, you will need to pay for repairs without delay. Perhaps you will be able to recoup this money from insurance or via another source, but you will still need to pay the fees upfront before this can take place.

Too many businesses find themselves short on working capital, even if they are asset-rich. Fortunately, this is where First Down Funding can make a real difference for organizations seeking the flexibility and freedom that good levels of working capital bring.

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Achieving Business Working Capital Funding from FDF

Here at First Down Funding, we have developed our cash advance funding in order to boost businesses looking for improved working capital.

This is a great way to translate your projected sales into an immediate — or almost immediate at least — cash injection. You and your team will no longer have to worry as you will have the cash delivered to you without delay so you can get on with running your business in the right way.

The PlayBook by First Down Funding
Overview, Calculations and Case Study

How Does the Cash Advance Work?

We treat each and every client — and each and every business — as an individual. This means working closely with them to understand their needs and then providing them with the working capital funding options that best meet those needs.

But there is even more to be gained by working with FDF.

  • Get the cash you need without delay.

We can offer between $3,000 and $1.5 million as part of our cash advance program, and we deliver this without delay. Flexibility, agility, and the possibility of leveraging any opportunity that comes your way are all within your grasp.

  • Even companies with bad credit can get the funding they need.

With the cash advance system, you do not need a spotless credit history, nor do you need to present year upon year of transaction history. You simply need to demonstrate that you have enough cash coming in each month to meet the repayments.

  • Gain the support and funding you require, whatever industry you operate in.

We will assign a specialist team to look at your application and to provide support and assistance on your funding package. As a result, we can offer funding to businesses of all kinds. No matter whether you operate a retail store or a hair salon, or work in any other industry, we can assist you.

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are you looking for a business cash advance?

we help small businesses with working capital funding for short & long term projects

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We are proud to say that we approve over 88% of the applications we receive. To get started, first take a look at your monthly sales. And, if you are achieving $5,000 or more, you may be eligible to receive funding.

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