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    About Montgomery Village, Maryland

    Conceptualized and built in the 1960s and 1970s by Kettler Brothers Incorporated, Montgomery Village is a unique planned community in the heart of Montgomery CountyMaryland. This pioneer “new town” ushered in previously unheard of planning and housing types in the county and became a model for many future housing developments in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and beyond. Montgomery Village is home to more than 40,000 residents, and is conveniently located close to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, with the technology corridor in between. The Village celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2016.

    With growing employment and plenty of amenities, Montgomery Village is home to an abundance of rolling green hills, beautiful parks, lakes and cherry blossoms. With an abundance of housing choices, Montgomery Village is the ideal place for singles looking to establish themselves, families to expand and thrive or seniors to begin the next phase of their lives. 

    Want to grow a business in Montgomery Village? We’re here to help! First Down Funding is servicing small business owners in Montgomery Village with all their capital needs. Whether it is a long term funding package or a short term fundig, apply online or contact us so we can expedite your request. We are your Montgomery Village Business Funding source. Apply today for a business funding in Montgomery Village.

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    Small Business Funding in Montgomery Village, Maryland

    Montgomery Village: A Planned Community with Abundant Small Business Opportunities

    Easy access from Washington, D.C.

    Montgomery Village is a northern suburb of Washington, D.C., located in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is a planned community founded in 1962 and developed in the 1970s. Montgomery Village has been designated a “Tree City USA” by the National Arbor Day Foundation for over three decades.

    Access from Washington is primarily via the 270, and urban centers between Montgomery Village and the capital include Bethesda, Rockville, and Gaithersburg.

    Other roads serving Montgomery Village are highways 124, 115 (Snouffer School Road), and 355. The Montgomery Village Avenue exit off both the 270 and 355 leads visitors to the center of this community of 330 acres.

    Once again experiencing a surge in development, Montgomery Village is seeing many more businesses opened in 2020, including grocery stores, home improvement centers, and restaurants. There are countless opportunities for small businesses here in this family-oriented and extremely diverse community.

    For small business owners, this represents a goldmine chance to launch or expand. It’s no wonder many are interested in learning more about this beautiful green and very safe area so close to Washington.

    However, funding for small businesses everywhere today is competitive. Small business owners may be held back from realizing their visions for enterprises in Montgomery Village because of financing issues.

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    Alternative Financing for Montgomery Village Small Businesses

    Struggles with traditional lenders

    Obtaining funding for small businesses isn’t always a piece of cake, as many business owners in Montgomery Village have discovered. This is because of multiple reasons:

    • Small businesses aren’t attractive to mainstream lenders, who view them as less appealing than big companies.
    • Many small businesses struggle to meet the strict guidelines imposed by conventional lenders.
    • Traditional lenders tend to express a lack of knowledge about small businesses: how much potential they have and how valuable they are to the Maryland economy.
    • Big banks like to group small businesses into a category, rather than see them as unique entities that are very different from one another.
    • Conventional lenders like to see startup companies funded by private funding, like venture capital, and they discourage startups from using bank loans.
    • The recent recession has spurred some conventional lenders to become tighter about their loan requirements, making them inaccessible to small businesses.
    • Traditional lenders maintain a big presence nationally, and small business owners may not be aware that they have funding alternatives.

    So many small businesses find themselves lacking the elements these conventional lenders want:

    • High credit scores
    • Steady, high revenue
    • Cash reserves
    • Collateral
    • Business plans
    • Complex documentation

    Business owners feel trapped in a chicken-and-egg situation: how can they establish themselves to acquire all these things required by conventional lenders when they can’t get funding to establish themselves in the first place? If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve had to deal with one or more of these roadblocks below.

    Challenged credit

    Small business loans with major lenders come with credit score requirements. Typically a score of 700 or above is needed to secure a loan. This is to prove you have a history of reliability when it comes to paying debts, AKA creditworthiness.

    But many responsible people these days have credit scores below 700 because of things they can’t control or issues from the past, such as:

    • Student loans
    • High debt compared to income
    • Divorce
    • Past accident or illness
    • Predatory lending victimization
    • Errors perpetrated by credit bureaus
    • Slow credit reporting
    • Job loss or business closure due to COVID-19
    • Not using credit cards or taking out loans

    If you’re a younger business owner, you may have a slim credit profile because you haven’t had years to build a credit history. And if you’re from outside the US originally, you may also have a limited credit profile or no score at all.

    Credit scores have been made even more confusing by all the different algorithms used to generate them. Each of the three credit bureaus uses a separate method. And, within those bureaus, there are metrics for home loans, auto loans, business loans, etc.

    Reduced cash flow

    If your business’s cash flow has been diminished, that may also be a reason why conventional lenders won’t fund you. Cash flow can be affected by both income and debt. Maybe you’re being responsible and paying off some old debt right now. Because of that, your debt-to-income ratio can look unfavorable to banks.

    On the income side, perhaps you’re a fledgling business, and you still need more time to get your revenue up to speed. Or you’re an established business, but COVID-19 restrictions have limited your clientele or even forced you to close. It’s hard to improve your income when you can’t get financing to retune your small business.

    No collateral to put up

    Secured business loans require you put up something valuable, known as collateral, in the event you default on your loan. This is typically real estate or business property, which the lender can take if you stop making payments. New and small businesses are unlikely to have much collateral to offer, however. This can make it tough for those businesses to get secured loans, such as many offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

    Absence of capital investment

    Another thing traditional lenders look for is capital investment in your small business. This could be an infusion of cash from a family member, a friend, or a formal third-party investor. It tells the bank that people think your business is worth having a stake in. Lenders that want to see capital investors dislike seeing small businesses rely on bank loans only. But it’s not easy to find capital investors lately, particularly in this economic downturn.

    Multiple simultaneous loan applications

    Many business owners apply for multiple loans simultaneously. This is less demanding on their time and seems to give them a variety to pick from. However, this is a bad strategy in the eyes of most conventional lenders. They see it as a desperate move out of fear that you won’t be able to get funding.

    Lenders usually know you’ve applied for many loans because they can see all the attempts on your credit report. So, as unfair as it is, avoid this method of finding a loan. It will save you dings on your credit score with each application as well.

    “Risky” young business

    If you’re a startup business, which is considered any enterprise younger than about two years old, you may be seen as “risky” to mainstream lenders. If this seems like another catch-22, you’re right. You need funding to get established, but you need to be established to get funding. How are you supposed to break that cycle?

    Daunting documentation

    Small business loans with traditional lenders require a daunting amount of documentation. They want old tax returns, business plans, profit-and-loss statements, and bank records, among other things. But putting all this together takes time – time most small business owners don’t have.

    You’re probably working as the CEO of your company, as well as the COO and head of HR. And now you have to take on the CFO’s job description, too, all while running your life outside work. Where are you supposed to find the time? Some of these paperwork requirements seem like they should be done by an MBA!

    First Down Funding: welcome help for Montgomery Village

    Fortunately, for small business owners in Montgomery Village, there are alternatives to mainstream lenders. Consider First Down Funding for your small business funding. If you have not been able to obtain the financing you need so far, you will be thrilled with the many types of loans we offer across dozens of different industries:

    • Unsecured business funding
    • Business expansion funding
    • Bridge financing
    • Business funding for women
    • Retail store funding
    • Business working capital
    • Restaurant financing
    • Hotel and motel funding
    • Business equipment funding

    We see value in the small businesses that keep the American economy strong, so our goal is to make financing more accessible to them.

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    Montgomery Village Business Funding Options for You

    You don’t have to have already experienced the frustration and disappointment of trying to find small business funding with a traditional lender to want to skip the stress and try another way. With First Down Funding, you’ll increase your chances of succeeding with your loan application, whether it’s bridge funding you need for fast cash or a loan to expand into Montgomery Village.

    Partnering with First Down Funding

    We’re certain you’ll like the refreshing change First Down Funding gives you, with benefits like:

    • Increased loan approval rates versus mainstream lenders
    • Loan professionals who are experts on small businesses and how each one is unique and full of potential
    • Rapid loan decisions and fast funding for all approved loans
    • Minimal documentation, so forget about mounds of bank statements and tax returns
    • Flexible repayment schedules that really work for small businesses today
    • The ability to use your funds as you see fit since you know your business like nobody else
    • A huge menu of funding products that gives you tailor-made choices to suit your business’s individual needs

    We use an innovative approach that goes beyond standard loan metrics and collateral. Instead, we emphasize your business’s future projects and income. You get a funding package and repayment plan that helps you wherever you are in your plan and takes your one-of-a-kind needs into account.

    With every customer interaction, we call on our six core business tenets: results, support, innovation, integrity, respect, and passion. We have hundreds of happy customers right here in Maryland, our home state. But we also fund businesses in all 50 states from coast to coast, and we work with small businesses in Washington, D.C. as well.

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    Get Off the Treadmill with Small Business Loans

    Do you sometimes feel like your business is on a treadmill, going through the motions but not ever realizing your visions for what it could be? Say goodbye to that mindset. Our small business funding options will help you get to the next level by offering real solutions you can use.

    Less complicated application

    Our clients rave about how easy our application is. It won’t eat up your time, so you can continue to focus on running your business. Start our simplified process by prequalifying online. And you’ll appreciate our soft credit pull, which doesn’t damage your credit score like the hard pulls done by mainstream lenders.

    Rapid turnaround for approval and funding

    If you have applied with conventional lenders already, you may know that loan approval and funding can take from 30 to 90 days. That’s forever if you have a hot business opportunity that needs an answer now. That’s why First Down Funding offers fast turnaround on both approval and funding. You’ll get an answer on your application within 24 hours, and you’ll be funded in 24 to 72 hours if approved.

    Lending approaches tailored to you

    We avoid cookie-cutter solutions and instead use a method that treats every small business like a unique entity. Therefore, we offer financing for multiple industries, business lines of credit, and a host of lending terms. You’re assured of finding funding that feels custom-made for you.

    Quick cash with short-term lending

    Short-term loans are often a solution for many small businesses. These have a shorter borrowing time of three to 18 months. They’re great for quick cash, and they’re also perfect for troubled credit, with a minimum credit score of only 525 required.

    Equipment financing options

    If you need financing specifically for business equipment, try First Down Funding. We have loan packages specifically for these needs. You may borrow up to 100 percent of the value of your purchase and have the luxury of paying it back over the entire expected life of the equipment.

    Lines of credit for small businesses

    A line of credit is another ideal option for many small businesses. With this service, you don’t pay interest on funds you’re not using, only on money you have withdrawn, similar to a high-limit credit card.

    Bridge loans to fill gaps

    Bridge financing is the solution when you need capital for a short time period. You might be in between rounds with investors or have high revenue coming soon. Bridge funding offers fast working capital, so you stay on schedule when cash is short with no interruption of business.

    Bad credit financing

    We understand that challenged credit is a problem for many small business owners, especially lately. If your credit score has suffered, try First Down Funding’s bad credit financing. Get back on track while also making your business dreams come true.

    Resources to cope with COVID-19

    You’re not alone in making your business more resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic. Make use of our COVID-19 Resource Center and get all the news updates and tips you need to keep your business safe and healthy.

    Are you ready to try a pleasant alternative for funding your small business in Montgomery Village? Start an application with First Down Funding today or call us at (833)-FDFUNDING with your questions. We’re here to support you.

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