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Fixed Financing for Small Business

Get Approved and Funded for $4,000 – $300,000 to develop your Business in the U.S. in just 24 hours.

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Fixed Financing for Small Business

The enormous majority of the financing sector calls Fixed Financing as an upgraded kind of Term funding. A fixed financing approval process is stress-free and quicker as compared to other financings. This financing is familiar with small business funding in the United States. Fixed financing provides you your funding more rapidly than customary moneyfunders.

Further than your credit score this financing utilizes a new funding choice facility. In approving your funding quickly, the daily transactions and ongoing cash flows of your business play a vital role. We offer you every day, weekly, and bi-weekly refund options for the Fixed Financing. Moreover, the industries in which a normal funder does not finance funding we can finance in those industries. And if you are searching for having a new funding on top of your current funding that you finance from a normal funder, we can also help you in that too.

Four steps to getting your fixed financing funding for small business:

United States Small Business Funding

A monetary contract between the borrower and moneyfunder is known as small business funding. In this funding, the small business owners borrow money from moneyfunders to encounter the operational needs of their business or for the development needs of their business. Specific funding terms and total cost of working capital are always required in different types of funding, and basics like your existing collateral, your credit history, and your business plan, whether you are granted for a funding or not but things play a significant role. Different moneyfunders have different criteria, but at First Down Funding we have different criteria as compared to many; you don’t need to show us your high credit score or anything else. We help peoples who got rejected from getting funding from banks or moneyfunders who have no other options to support their small business.

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We Help You With Those Major Projects Or Purchases With Funding & With Flexible Payment Options.


How does Fixed Funding work?

We planned a fixed financing process as effortless as possible for our customers. No need of any physical documentation, our entire process is digital.

Online application process.

By using our online application, you enter your necessary personal information and business info, no matter which device you are using.

Swift verification.

We provide you an estimation of how much funding you can attain from us by evaluating and verify your application for small business funding.

Just E-signs

The fixed price of funds lets you plan and stay forward. Don’t require any physical documentation, just go to our application form and give us your necessary information.

Ready to use!

Our funding process is swift, and you will be able to attain your funding only in two working days and deposited the money in your business bank account.

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Benefits of Small Business funding in the U.S.

A lot of benefits you can get by obtaining a small business funding for the development and operational needs of your business. You can accomplish your business goals by having the funds you need. Once the company started to run successfully, you will begin providing the jobs to people who are in need, and you can secure a well future for your family.

A small business funding helps you grow better and helps to remove the obstructions that have been stopping your business development, and it allow you to achieve the goals you set for your business.

Stability of Purchased Receivables

It keeps your scheduled refund amount stable and supports your business’s sales succession.

Built on Monetary flows

We decide your funding approval on your business performance, and your credit score does not matter.

Expeditious Funding

Just apply online, we evaluate your procedure and receive your money in only two working days!

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Leading causes for Small Business Funding

Starting or purchasing a small business to begin your developing future is a great reason to apply for small business funding.

The leading causes to have small business funding, and grasp which relates to you:

Monetary flow

Providing you savings, so that you can cover your extra expenditures

Stock up

Accumulate stocks or operational necessities

Office space renovation

Renovation of your business place or transformation

Moving your office

Relocating your business to a new area


New staff employment or training of present staff


Promoting your business by advertisement campaign and marketing

Tax reduction

Settle your unpaid and existing taxes

Payment facility

Full payment to your supplier

Means of transportation

Buying and financing vehicles for the company and staff.

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Why First Down Funding?

You will be appointed keen on a source that has provided funding to over 95,000 small businesses across the entire country, in over 250 plus industries, when you apply for small business funding contained by First Down Funding. Around 15,000 companies avail of our small business funding in Canada, and we believe that next company will be yours.

When you need First Down Funding, we have united our capability, knowhow, and workers to reform your small business funding that you need to accomplish your business goals.

If you need some funds to take your business in the right manner, fill out our application form to start your funding process right now!



Our Charges

Daily we charge some percentage from your borrowed money along with a reasonable fee. 8 to 22% is our fee from the total money you borrowed from us. And we collect that amount from your business account.

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Attain up to $300,000 for your small business finance now!

Fixed Funding by First Down Funding

Kickstart your small business to rapid growth by having fixed funding contained by First Down Funding, and we will provide you the funds as per your requirement.

A short-term mixture of funds offers by our fixed funding so that your business can grow rapidly.

Starting from $4000 to $300,000

Fastest approval in just 24 hours.

We planned our funding precisely for small businesses

Best options

When compared with other moneyfunders, we provide variation funding lengths and sums.

Cost effective

No particular deposit and affordable prices.

Adjustable refunds

You can save interest by paying early. As per your ease, it is up to you to pay daily or weekly.

Three easy actions to get your funding!

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1. Apply for the process

The entire Funding Application and Process takes less than 100 Seconds.

It is up to you whether on the phone or online provide us some necessary information.

2. Evaluate your possibilities

Receive your Custom Funding Approval Transmission in as fast as 24 Hours

To pick out the best offer for you, our professional funding advisor will keep in touch with.

3. And your funds are ready

Funds can be released to your business by First Down Funding within 24 Hours!

You will able to check your bank account with funds in just as soon as in 24 hours.


Very Fast!

I couldn’t believe how fast it was to get approved and funded! Thanks to First Down Funding for saving my business!

Illa C.

Love it

I love your system and how fast it took to receive the funds.

Candi D.
Sweet Treats

Simple and Easy Process!

Obtaining my line of credit was easy and follow service was perfect!

Mi F.

Very easy

This is a great service. Much better than dealing with traditional banks

Grazyna M.

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*pricing for fixed Funding sorts from 8% to 29%, cents on the dollar. Inferior costs of working capital are offered to small businesses with strong comfort.


We Help Small Businesses With Working Capital Funding For Short & Long Term Projects


Fixed Funding Programs by First Down Funding

Get Approved and Funded for $4,000 - $300,000 to develop your Business in the U.S. in just 24 hours.


We designed our fixed funding solution to be closer to a traditional business funding. It is perfect for those companies might get rejected from different banks and moneyfunders just because they don’t have good credit and debit scores, or maybe the funders or banks charge fixed cost of working capital. However, the fixed funding we provide puts up small business owners who want daily or weekly refund schedule, and it helps you to easily budget your expenditures.

What is Fixed Solution?

Frequently the small business owners select our fixed funding solution. Our fixed daily refund suits them because many businesses mostly produced their transactions through deposits and cheques. We give cash to your business up-front, and automatically, your daily reimbursement is made to recompense the balance amount. With a fixed funding solution, you can set your monthly expenditures and future cash needs.

Choosing a Fixed Solution suitable for you?

As similar to some moneyfunders institutions, but with a useful turn, we provide you a faster and simple funding process, so come to us will be better than going to other banks. Many industries like wholesalers, manufacturers, and business services get their funding service from First Down Funding because our competitors are not able to provide them their required needs.

The First Down Funding always welcome their clients no matter which type of funding they require for their small business needs. We help you get the funds you need anytime.

Three basic rules of our company that we confirm to proceed with your request:


Your business must be grounded in the United States


Your monthly deposits average must be $9,600 (or above)


Your business must operate for at least 100 days

Get approved today, and we will help you get your funding tomorrow!

Our CSR will contact you proficiently as soon as you complete the application process. It is up to you to choose what will be suitable for you, and there is no fee or requirement to continue the process.

Our professional will assist you in every process and answer all your queries regarding the procedure, and they will let you know every option that suits you, as soon as you are all set to proceed. And after the evaluation process, they will let you know that you are granted to take the funding or not. 24/7 customer service is our promise to you.

Bad Credit Business Funding

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