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Small Business Funding in Fairmount Heights, Maryland

In the late-nineteenth century, the area that would become Fairmount Heights was comprised of several small farms. They were purchased and consolidated by land speculators in the first decades of the twentieth century. Fairmount Heights contains six subdivisions platted between 1900 and 1923 by different developers.

In the late-nineteenth century, the area that would become Fairmount Heights was made up of several small farms. The Town was officially incorporated in 1935 with a mayor-council form of government. It became the second established African American Township in Prince George’s County. In 2011, Fairmount Heights and its numerous local buildings were awarded historic designation by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and by the National Register of Historic Places. The Historic District boundaries are Eastern Avenue to the West, Sheriff Road,Balsam tree Drive and 62nd Avenue.

Fairmount Heights offers numerous financial incentives to retain and attract business. At First Down Funding, we provide a quick and easy way to obtain funds for your Fairmount Heights business needs, whether it is a long term funding package or a short term cash funding, our professional and experienced staff are here to help you promptly and accurately. Contact us if you have any questions or conveniently apply online for expedite processing. Need a small business funding in Fairmount Heights?  call First Down Funding.

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