Small Business Funding in Crisfield, Maryland

The waterside community of Crisfield in Somerset County, MD is the southernmost town in Maryland.  Located on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, Crisfield is famous for its seafood - especially the Maryland blue crab - its Watermen, wildlife, natural beauty, simple lifestyle and strong sense of community built on faith and hard work.

Founded in 1666 by Benjamin Summers, Crisfield was originally known as Annemessex and the  cove bordering Benjamin Summers' land was known as Somers Cove. Annemessex was a typical small Eastern Shore village.  Gradually the name of the village was changed to Somers Cove. This came about because boat captains and crews consistently referred to the area by the small cove which afforded them protection from the weather in the Chesapeake and was a fine docking  place.   In 1854, a Coast and Geodetic survey of the Chesapeake Bay discovered a large number of oyster beds in Tangier Sound adjacent to Somers Cove.  John W. Crisfield recognized the importance of this natural resource and pushed the Eastern Shore Railroad from Salisbury to Crisfield.  

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