Small Business Funding in Salisbury, Maryland

Salisbury is a quiet small town along the Wicomico River in an area known as Maryland‘s Eastern Shore. It has a history as a port and transportation center serving the agricultural “Delmarva” peninsula, incorporating eastern Maryland, Delaware, and a part of Virginia.

Salisbury (which you might often see stylized as just “Sby”), first just a small colonial outpost designated by Lord Baltimore, was established as a city in 1732, due in part to its location at the head of the Wicomico River that made the region convenient for trade. It’s thought that the city’s name is borrowed from the ancient cathedral city of Salisbury, England, because of the two cities’ physical characteristics and the nationality of its founders.

  • Salisbury is the largest city on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, with a population of 30,343 as of the 2010 census.
  • Another slogan for the city is “The Crossroads of Delmarva,” as Salisbury is the center of the region’s culture and economy thanks in part to Salisbury University and large employers like Perdue Poultry.
  • The city thrives when it comes to cultural events that take place downtown, as noted above, and is also a local hub for art–there are currently five galleries and art shops in town.
  • Speaking of art, Salisbury is an official Arts and Entertainment District in Maryland as of 2007.
  • A few persons of note with roots in Salisbury include Maryland’s longest-serving Senator Paul Sarbanes, poet Ogden Nash and of course Frank Perdue, founder of Perdue Farms.

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