Healthcare Business Funding

Get up to $250,000 in cash to grow your small business.

Healthcare Business Funding

Here at First Down Funding, we offer a range of options that are designed to fit the various needs of healthcare businesses across the USA. You will get approved within two days if you are eligible and then receive your healthcare business funding shortly after that.

We will reach out to you and your medical business to learn more about what you need, and to introduce some of the most ideal funding products to you.

We also offer cash advances for medical businesses, alongside our unsecured funding products. This connects you with a simpler process of repayment and eliminates much of the worry and hassle that comes from repaying a mainstream funder. We will extract a small amount from the payments you receive from your clients, and this will be used to cover your repayment balance along with any fees. It’s simple and straightforward.

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Choosing First Down Funding to Fund Your Healthcare Business

So, why should you choose First Down Funding rather than a mainstream provider?

Here’s why:

  • We offer alternative funding packages, with better repayment terms.
  • We can work with you even if your credit is bad, offering things like cash advances to suit your needs.
  • We provide swift approvals, often within 48 hours, and the cash is in your bank soon after that.
  • There is no need for detailed business plans as we can work with the information you have available to provide the support you need.
  • Some of our funding products may require collateral and paperwork, but this will always be low — far lower than that required by mainstream providers.
  • Our repayment plans are flexible and are designed to suit you.

Options such as cash advances provide even more flexibility and accessibility to those seeking funding. As part of a cash advance deal, we offer to purchase future sales values from you at a slight discount. You get this money up front, and then you pay us back a percentage of your future earnings until the balance is cleared.

This simple, low-risk option is a great idea for many healthcare businesses. Reach out to our team today or fill out the application form to get started.

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