Small Business Funding in Brunswick, Maryland

Brunswick is situated in the southwestern edge of Frederick County, Maryland. It is forty-five miles up the Potomac River from our nation's capitol, and six miles east of Harpers Ferry.

The area now known as Brunswick was originally home to the Susquehanna Indians. In 1728 the first settlement was built, and the region became known as Eel Town, because the natives would fish for eel in the Potomac River. A grant to the land was then given to John Hawkins by George II of Great Britain on August 10, 1753. The land was sold and Leonard Smith platted it in 1787 with the name of “Berlin,” as many Germans settled in the area. The name “Berlin” however, could not be used for mail as there was already a Berlin on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, so the post office changed the name to "Barry." The town continued to grow and was incorporated April 18, 1890 with the name “Brunswick.”

Brunswick is a city with more than 6,000 residents. It is a major stop on the Maryland Rail commuter (MARC) Train line to Washington, D.C.  With modern facilities for its citizens, including fire and ambulance services, schools and churches, doctors and dentists, a library, abundant parks, fishing and boating on the Potomac River, C&O Canal towpath, many public service organizations, and a heritage museum with one of the largest model train layouts on the east coast, there is something for everyone to do or see in Brunswick.  Come visit us and be a part of our BIG TOWN, SMALL CITY.

The largest citywide event is "Railroad Days" on the first weekend in October, a festival celebrating the city's heritage. Another major annual event is the Veterans Day Parade, which has taken place each year since 1932. Other events year round include the Wine and Chocolate Walk in September, Farmers' Market, Arts In The Parks, Little League opening day, and other city and museum events.

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