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  • High Approval Rates
  • No Personal Guarantee
  • Bad Credit is OK
  • Funds within 72 hours
  • $4,000 – $300,000
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Immediate Small Business Funding (no collateral)
  • Soft Credit Checks (will not impact your credit score)
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what can fast, affordable and transparent business funding do for your business today?

Let us help you get the business funding you need!

The People’s Funder® specializes in providing Small Business Owners with effective business financing solutions.

We specialize in alternative funding for business owners of medium-sized and small businesses throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Czechoslovakia and Australia.

As a Small Business Funder, we have a large selection of merchant services that are designed to help with all of your business’ needs immediately.

Our continuous growth allows us to give personal attention to each client’s specific needs and offer creative solutions.

The People’s Funder® provides small business funding as well as the guidance you need to keep your business thriving.

Learn why you should apply online for our business funding solutions today!

Highly skilled advisors, dedicated to serving you

Yes, we provide fast, efficient Small Business Funding. But more than that, you also benefit from ongoing support from a knowledgeable advisor.

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HOW IT WORKS: Apply Online For a Business Funding Today

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About The People's Funder®

We Specialize In Alternative Funding For Business Owners Of Medium-Sized And Small Businesses Throughout The United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Czechoslovakia And Australia.

WHAT WE DO: Accessible Small Business Funding

The People’s Funder® is committed to making financing and business growth accessible to the small businesses in United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Czechoslovakia and Australia. that are consistently let down by traditional financing methods.

We give small businesses what they really need to attain success — not an off the peg option, but a real, customized solution that works.

We offer a spectrum of small business funding programs to meet the varying needs of new business owners. Our small business funding services are available for American, Canadian, Mexican, South African, Czechoslovakian and Australian Businesses.


The People’s Funder® provides small businesses with effective business financing solutions by leveraging strategic partnerships, data science, cutting edge technology and in-depth consultations.

While traditional funding providers rely on collateral or standard financial metrics when working with businesses, we do things differently. With our innovative approach to funding, we are able to provide small businesses with the tools they need to grow and expand.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to small business funding, which is why we work closely together with small businesses to create personalized business financing solutions. We use your future projections to create a funding package and repayment schedule that is feasible for you.

Our Values

We know how challenging it can be for small businesses to obtain funding through traditional channels. Our alternative funding options give small business owners the chance to access the financing they need to fund, maintain and expand their business.

We pride ourselves on being a global business Funder that makes business funding accessible to small businesses. We deliver professional business funding services with our core values in mind:


We are a Funder who pride ourselves in being transparent and honest in everything that we do. We stay legally compliant and in tune with the needs of our clients.


We take an innovative approach to business funding in order to give our clients what they need and to provide them with a better experience.


We treat everyone with respect. We view you as our peer and work hard to deliver compassionate business financing solutions.


We are passionate about the success of your business. We strive to provide effective small business financing services that will help you attain the goals you’ve set.


Our track record speaks for itself. As an alternative funding company, we set realistic goals both for ourselves and our clients.


Our support is second to none. Whatever field you operate in, we will provide your small business with business financing solutions, and support throughout the process.

THE PEOPLE’S FUNDER®: Fast, Secure Small Business Funding

Every small business has unique needs when it comes to business financing, which is why we offer funding solutions that are not just accessible, but flexible too.

We’ve designed our process to provide businesses with the funding they need safely, securely and easily:

Fast & Simple Experience: Our online application and approval processes are straightforward and highly effective. With our easy application process and fast approval rates, we make it so that you can get the funding you need, when you need it.

Focused on Working Capital: Working capital is the financing your business needs on-demand to proceed with day to day options. We make it so that you can attain these funds within 72 hours of your approval.

Service & Support: Our business financing services are personalized so that your business’s unique needs are met. We work with you personally to ensure you are supported at every turn.

GET ON TRACK: Bad Credit Funding for Small Businesses

There are countless reasons why a small business may have less-than-stellar credit, but the outcome is always the same. With bad credit, it’s harder to get approved for traditional small business funding.

Funders and credit reporting agencies alike have different ways to define bad credit — and when left up to interpretation, poor credit rarely benefits the side of a small business owner. Even when a small-business owner has a good personal credit score, a bad credit score or limited credit history can ruin a new company’s chance of obtaining funding.

Fortunately, alternative small business funders like The People’s Funder® can get businesses back on track by providing them with access to bad credit business funding.

Bad credit business funding can help owners out of a jam when they need it most. After The cash obtained from bad credit business funding can kick-start your business’s growth and help get your finances back on track.

There are various ways that small business owners can approach obtaining funding if they are struggling with bad credit:

1: Accept a Smaller Funding Amount: If your business can get by with a smaller funding amount, consider applying for a smaller funding. The reality is that it’s easier to get approved for a smaller amount than for a larger business funding.

2: Pledge Cash as a Down Payment: Poor credit doesn’t always mean a lack of cash. If your small business has substantial cash flow, consider pledging a down payment in cash to secure business funding.

3: Sign a Personal Guarantee: It’s common for a business owner to have good personal credit but poor business credit. If this is you, consider signing a personal guarantee to weigh your funding on your personal ability to pay off the financing, rather than your business’s.

4: Provide Assets or CollateralWeigh your business financing on collateral or assets like unpaid invoices or future transactions rather than your credit score.


It’s hard for small businesses to attain business funding even when they have good credit. Traditional institutions set strict requirements and elongate the application process with paperwork and gruelling appointments.

Lengthy processes and unrealistic expectations have made it increasingly hard for small businesses to get the financing they need to expand and maintain daily operations.

Banks focus on a business’ credit and cash flow without realistic expectations of what small businesses can achieve. Fortunately, The People’s Funder® is an alternative global business Funder that prevents small businesses from having to jump through hoops to attain funding.

With The People’s Funder®, you can apply online and receive an approval within the same day! We eliminate the waiting and the nuisance of in-person meetings. We understand that small businesses don’t necessarily have the luxury of waiting for funds when they have a timely opportunity to take advantage of.

We specialize in alternative funding for business owners of medium-sized and small businesses throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Czechoslovakia and Australia.

Big Bank Financing First Down Credit Cards Government
Funding $100,000+ $1,000 - $300,000 Credit Based Credit Dependent
Process Long Application Credit Inspection Business Plan Industry Specific Prequalify Online Soft Credit Pulls Same Day Approval All Industries Accepted Prequalify Online Hard Pulls 3 - 10 Days Approval Long Application Credit Inspection Business Plan Needed Industry Specific
Approval 20 - 30 Days+ Same Day 5 - 21 Business Days 30 - 90 Days+
Funding Time 30 - 60 Days+ 36 - 48 Hours TBD / TBA 60 - 90 Days+
Approval Criteria Credit Score & Collateral Overall Business Health Credit Score Credit Score & Collateral

Business Funding is not a one-size-fits-all product

Business owners have multiple small business funding options today—including business term funding and business lines of credit from The People’s Funder®.

Depending on your business funding needs, we offer term funding from three months to three years to meet your short-term financing needs. We also offer a convenient business line of credit, if you regularly need to access working capital quickly. Access your credit line when you need it, repay the line, and use it again the next time you need quick access to working capital. And, you only pay interest on the credit you use.

Term Funding

Grow and invest in your business with a short-term infusion of funds for a specific project and purchases to drive your business forward

From $4K – $300K

Lines of Credit

Keep your business running smoothly with reliable, revolving access to working capital to help you manage your ongoing business needs

From $6K–$100K

Truly Fast Small Business Funding

In most cases, you’ll have funds in your bank account within a day or two. At The People’s Funder® we expedite your funding application as soon as its received.

If you need quick cash then The People’s Funder® is your financing solution… you could have an answer right away and have the money in your account before a bank would even be able to review your application.

3 reasons you should choose small business funding from The People’s Funder®

Simple Process

One quick application. Funds as soon as same day—all to save you time.

Flexible Options

Funding amounts and term lengths that are designed to meet your business needs

Here For You

Online doesn’t have to mean impersonal—we help you find the right solution


The People’s Funder® offers Loan Financing Services for medium-sized and small businesses throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Czechoslovakia and Australia.

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What is small business funding?

Small business funding help provide much needed cash flow to keep companies up and running. Funding provided to small businesses for various purposes by First Down Funding. This funding may have less restrictive requirements, enabling the small business to secure the funds.The People’s Funder® Small business funding help provide much needed cash flow to keep companies up and running. Funding provided to small businesses for various purposes by First Down Funding. This funding may have less restrictive requirements, enabling the small business to secure the funds.

Small business owners no longer have to rely on traditional banks for finding small business funding. From lines of credit to invoice financing, online funders offer a variety of financing solutions at competitive working capital cost.  Alternative funders are important for small businesses looking for funding that may not have the option of being financed through a traditional bank.   The People’s Funder® is the primary source for small business funding. If your company is profitable and you have decent cash flow, but you need funds to expand, then you can contact The People’s Funder® to learn what funding options are available for your business in United States, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Czechoslovakia or Australia.

Get Funded Now!

Determine your need for small business funding

There are a few variables to consider when determining the right small business funding for your company. Think about whether a long-term or short-term funding option is best for your needs. If you just need funding to fulfill a large order or take advantage of a one-time opportunity, funding with shorter terms are probably best. If you need to purchase a piece of machinery that will last 20+ years, a long term funding is more cost effective.

Calculate a desired small business funding payment

One of the most important things to determine before applying for small business funding is how much you can afford to pay back on a monthly basis. Don’t be too ambitious when making this calculation in order to avoid defaulting and causing damage to your credit history.

You should determine exactly how much your business needs to borrow to achieve its goals. This should be a precise figure, not a range. Funding companies want to see that you’ve done your research and that you will spend their money in a way that will help your business thrive. They want you to succeed so they’re sure to get paid back.

Are you credit worthy of small business funding


To be considered creditworthy, borrowers must provide First Down Funding with adequate financial information to prove their ability to payback the funding.


Borrowers should expect to have good credit to qualify for business funding. Funding partners build an assessment of the applicant’s character by evaluating how they handled debt in the past.


FICO Scores are comprised of payment history (35 percent), types of credit (10 percent), debt (30 percent), new credit (10 percent), and length of credit history (15 percent). The history reveals the borrower’s ability to pay on time on their installment funding, credit cards, finance company accounts, and mortgages. Potential show stoppers include bankruptcies, excessive credit inquiries, liens, foreclosures, lawsuits, and judgements.

How to prepare for small business funding:

Here are five steps to help you qualify for a small-business funding.

  1. Build credit scores.
  2. Know the The People’s Funder® qualifications and requirements.
  3. Gather financial and legal documents.
  4. Develop a strong business plan.
  5. Provide collateral.

What First Down Funding is looking for

financial backing

The ability to pay back the funding based on collateral, financial reserves, and assets.

good business history

The borrower's successful past performance in business (for a new business)

cash flow

The borrower's existing cash flow (for an existing business)

What is Alternative Funding?

American business owner, specially small businesses are having trouble getting financing to meet their funding needs. Alternative funding are available in those cases.

Alternative funders, cater directly to small business owners and can consider often-overlooked (by banks, primarily) sources of collateral, like real estate, future revenues, or outstanding client invoices to secure the funding.

Alternative funders are usually more flexible than larger financial institutions on funding repayments (many offer flexible schedules, for example) and often green light funding approvals much faster than banks, often getting business owners within 24-48 hours of the funding application. With speed, convenience and flexibility as selling points, alternative funding are among the fastest-growing financial tools for small businesses available today.



At First Down Funding, we are all about giving your business what it needs — not an off the peg option, but a real, customized solution that really works. This is why we work closely with you to understand your needs and to make sure these are met every step of the way.

Build Your Business Credit Now

Even when seeking alternative funding over traditional, you still may need to have strong business credit. It’s important to remember that any credit history takes time and planning.

As your business grows, and you maintain your profile, your business credit will grow too. After you’ve built up a robust and beaming business credit file, you may be able to get traditional funding as well.

  • Check your credit report.
  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Decrease your credit utilization ratio.
  • Establish credit accounts with suppliers

  • Add positive payment experiences to your credit file.
  • Dispute any errors and inquiries.
  • “Pay for delete” with collections

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