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Would recommend them

With trade fair coming up in a couple of weeks looked around for finance for more stock – had heard of First Down Funding so when saw an advert on eBay I clicked the link. Filled in details and was approved within 2-3 hours. Repayments are easy enough and will probably repay 6 months early with no penalties – our Christmas sales can dwarf the rest of the year combined so fully expect to make far, far more than its costing. Would recommend to anyone.

Mao C.

I would like to start off by saying I love how easy and straight forward the process is when applying for a loan. Having dealt with previous groups before it was never a seamless process. I would give you guys a rating and I’m looking forward to doing business with First Down Funding.

Thank You

Lovetta C.


The process was simple, straightforward, and fast. Would definitely recommend First Down Funding to any small business owner who’s looking for hassle-free capital to expand their business.

Cassondra M.

Love it

i love your system and how fast it took

Candi D.

Excellent service!

5 stars!!!! Great customer service!

Yvone H.

Awesome experience…received the cash we needed quickly!!

I was going away on vacation for 10 days and wanted to ensure that our employees could operate the business without worries about cash flow. I used First Down Funding to give our bank account a little extra cushion while I was gone. Their loan allowed me to enjoy my first vacation in over 8 years without having to worry that my business would struggle without my oversight….thanks First Down Funding!!

Cathrine K.

Quick and Easy

This process was very simple and quick approval and funding. The customer service was exceptional! It was an overall great experience. Thanks!

Marlo M.

Was one of the best experiences with loan acquiring I’ve ever had.

Thank you First Down Funding.

Shanel H.

First Down Funding quick and easy.

I was hesitant to ever use First Down Funding; it is just such a hassle to borrow money. This was much faster and easier than I expected. Money was in my business bank account within minutes. This will be paid back very quickly, unlike a credit card that would drag it out for years, if you let them.

Alesha L.



Mardell C.

Seamless experience, quick, easy, and no nonsense.

At just a year old, my fledgling company hit a slight bump in the road due to seasonal slowdowns. I researched many different options and chose First Down Funding because of the ease of applying, quickness of being approved, and fast deposit into my account. I use only what I need and view it as a line of credit when needed. It is just the perfect option for us.

Camie S.

Awesome seamless experience !!!

Easy application, easy repayment method, quick funds access, perfect for small business needing access to some quick working capital.

Brooke F.

Great experience

Great service beats any bank I have ever used!

Pearl M.

So far so good!

Wish I had found it sooner.

Donald R.

My opinion

Everything is done very fast and with all the help you need very satisfied

Ocie B.

Efficient process

My company is a 7-year-old company with revenue nearing $2m this year. My partners and I have owned the business for less than 2 years. So, banks considered us a startup. We are profitable, have strong cash flow and a veteran management team. We have shown growth in each of the 7 quarters we’ve owned the company. Yet we were “un-bankable” until we were 2 years old. Within 5 minutes First Down Funding approved us for the funding we needed. We’ve recently drawn the funds, which we will use to accelerate our marketing activities in 2015.

Fees are just a pinch higher than we’d like, but given the amount of paperwork and time that a bank loan takes, it’s probably a wash or advantage to First Down Funding. The only think I’d push for, is a 12-month payback plan. The 6-month term is aggressive, but acceptable.

Amberly H.

Good idea and nice cash flow security for mu business.

It’s nice to know that I have that credit line if I need it for my business.

Solomon S.

Good, Quick, Easy!

Good, Quick, Easy!

Michele P.

Great software, professional service staff

For a growing business, our biggest need is bridging cashflow while we onboard new employees to increase capacity. With First Down Funding’s software, we were able to steadily and quickly (with a couple clicks of a button as we added revenue accounts) accumulate a viable revolving line to support our trajectory. The follow-up support from First Down Funding customer service was pleasant, informative and helpful.

The cost of cash here is comparable to a traditional bank. First Down Funding introduces some other value-adds, which, depending on your business priorities, may offset the possible 6- or 12-month terms I was approved for.

Wes L.

We strongly recommend this service for your short-term business needs!

Calvin W.

I would recommend this company to anyone­

They helped me out twice in 3 day, very fast to respond and dealing with the trouble I was having

Miyoko M.

nice work

have tried to get a loan from my bank multiple times to no avail. It literally took 10 minutes and First Down Funding approved me for 82k. Paul Pitcher within First Down Funding is a one of a kind Funder. Thank you, Mr. Pitcher and First Down Funding!

Abe G.

Very easy to deal with.

Banks, today, leave the decision on a loan application to a computer and a scoring model. First Down Funding is more like the way Banks used to be. They make their decision based upon people and the actual information provided.

Timika B.

Simple, direct, and no stress. Just like the first time.

Having partially paid down a previous note, I wanted to add on additional funds. No problems, no hassles, no stress. The process was simple and direct and the associate I worked with was knowledgeable and had one thing in mind, to help me get it done.

Gisela T.
Gisela''s Fashion

Simply the best Funding Platform

First Down Funding made my loan application so simple and I got approved very fast. Just pulling records from my PayPal and Bank info got me approved.

Malcolm B.

More than willing to help in any way they could

All the support team members I talked to were very helpful with all the questions I had and they got right on the problem I had and had it resolved within 24 hours, and called me to make sure that the problem was solved and to make sure there wasn’t anything else I was having trouble with!

Cristie T.

I’m happy that your generosity exists!

It’s a life saver! It’s the prefect seed money to “grow” a small eBay and/or Amazon business. Now I can take my operations to the net level!

Delilah O.

Line of Credit

The whole experience was painless and very fast. Very happy with services provided.

Rolanda T.


Trouble free and easy contract setup. Has some of the lowest interest on the market. I recommend this company to anyone interested obtaining a loan.

Max B.
Max Efforts Group

Using First Down Funding was fast, easy, and highly convenient.

I’m the owner of a very successful independent record label. And in the music business, just like any other business, there are cycles. First Down Funding looked at several of our financial statements, understood our position, and gave us the leverage we needed to get an important project off the ground, during our slowest business cycle. Not only was the process fast, it was also very easy! First Down Funding is beyond awesome, they’re the future.

Charis F.

Great experience

Great experience

Chu B.
Midwest Home Improvements

Excellent Service and fast response

My first choice of business lending due to the flexible ability to withdraw as you need against your credit line rather than a loan which you will have to pay fees regardless whether you use it or not. They were fast, they were simple and truly awesome. highly recommend for any business to use for the short-term needs of capital.

Santo P.


easy to use page and i have already referred you to my customers

Elwood H.

Very rapid and professional process…

Very rapid and professional process providing much needed funding at a fair rate for my financial circumstances!

Floretta K.
Nature's Growth & Development

What a fantastic company to acquire alternative funding.

I was extremely pleased with the experience I had using First Down Funding to secure a short-term loan for our business. I was rejected by our bank for a modest line of credit, which made absolutely no sense when you look at our monthly revenues. But when do banks make sense in their financial decisions. The First Down Funding process was simple and quick. I was able approved in less than an hour and the funds will be available to me in 1-3 business days. It was simply fantastic.

Alisha S.

Very easy process

Very easy process. No hassle at all
Quick funding !

Dinah M.
Deep Dive

Keeping Things Moving!

Very courteous, professional and I was so impressed on how fast funds were deposited. A fantastic way to obtain short-term funds for small businesses needing unexpected liquid assets for equipment or anything that may arise. A great way to keep a business afloat!

Blanche L.
BL Trucking

Super easy and fast.

Access to funds, simple process and very easy interface. Noting else out there so simple. Rates are a bit high.

Delmar K.

Appreciate working with the same agent over the years

Only a phone call away. Money is deposited as & when promised. Working with the same agent for years makes for a good relationship.

Ginny G.
G&G Travel

Thanks for being there

Thank you for helping us out to grow our business!

Mike C.

Amazingly easy.

Easy to obtain short term loans at a fair price. Great for seasonal businesses who may find it hard to cover payroll in the slow months.

Odessa H.

excellent service

I wasn’t sure what i was going to do with this company and when they called to let me know that I was approved and could take advantage of the loan offer, it was really easy to get it done. I am very happy that we are establishing a relationship with this company…

Ilse G.

How’d they do it?

How’d they do it? They linked to my existing merchant service and Shopify website accounts as well as my Amazon seller account to quickly analyze my revenue. Within 3 days after linking accounts and speaking to one of their reps (Who was very helpful I may say) I was approved. Their technology is brilliant and makes complete sense. It’s no wonder they received 250 million in capital investment. Brilliant!

Belinda D.

Paul Pitcher was absolutely amazing

Paul Pitcher was absolutely amazing. They made it so easy, I would recommend anyone too try them outs. There outstanding!!

Roselia W.
Fine Authentic Leather

Amazing opportunity

Thanks to First Down Funding grove my business

Kittie S.

They are great to work with i have been…

They are great to work with i have been using them for years. And hopefully years to come.

Suk R.
Masterpiece Home Siding & Installation

Business loan

Great service !!!!!!!!!

Carolin P.

Easy to work with and do what they say…

Easy to work with and do what they say they will do!

Jimmie F.
Tavern at Franklins

Excellent and easy they always ready…

Excellent and easy they always ready to help

Gerri L.
Pressure Washing & Complete Installations

The BEST Experience

Simple process and amazing terms

Shad G.

First Down Funding saves the day again!

Every few years I find myself needing money to make money, and nobody has a more efficient, streamlined and lightning-fast program like First Down Funding. And this last time around, they’ve expanded their menu of programs available. They are upfront about their fees, and you can’t get a handier way to pay back than through small daily withdrawals from your bank account. I can’t say enough good things about First Down Funding!

Deadra S.
D.S. Jet Ski's

Very easy and fast decision

I would recommend this service to anyone

Brenton B.

Hassle free process

It was so refreshing to find a loan company that is quick, easy and hassle free. True to the advertisement, I had an answer in minutes.

Thank you

Vickie A.

Easy company to work with

Easy to work with, I would highly recommend this company.

Delphine M.
Pathways Vibration

Simple and Easy Process!

Obtaining my line of credit was easy and follow service was perfect!

Mi F.

Easy and Fast

As a small company, we have never been able to get any kind of Line of Credit at a bank with the purpose of purchasing inventory. Although our company is now 4 years old and grossing close to 1/2 Million a year, credit is next to impossible to get unless it’s for a capital improvement.

We will use our line of credit for much larger inventory purchases (for which we’ll get a huge discount from the manufacturer) and not have to sweat getting an entire season’s worth of goods and having to pay in net 30 or 60. We expect both our volume and profit to increase substantially this coming year thanks to First Down Funding.

Beatris G.

Cash flow is everything!!

As a small business owner there are times when you need nontraditional loans without a ton of paperwork and long delays – I saw First Down Funding on Facebook and decided to try it, my approval was within a few minutes! Paperwork arrived, signed documents and funds available to me the way I need them it’s like a revolving line of credit allows me to flow when my cash is not!

Kelle W.

 have had the pleasure of doing …

I have had the pleasure of doing business with First Down Funding for a number of years. The lending I have received from them has helped my small business in more ways than I can mention. Paul Pitcher is account representative is both professional yet personable and understands my business needs. I would recommend First Down Funding without any reservation to any business looking for quick funding. There is no hassle and once approved the funds are available quickly.

Ariel B.
Chic Fil-A

a very great company to help you with your financial experience with cabbage was the best experience I’ve had in a long time dealing with a company

My experience with First Down Funding was great a feeling…there are very knowledgeable and help full.

Palma C.

Easiest ever

I couldn’t have asked for an easier process if I had come up with it myself. Thank you Paul Pitcher and First Down Funding!

Marna A.

My Sales and Profits are going Up and Up thanks to FIRST DOWN FUNDING!

I will never ask any bank for a Line Of Credit again for my business…

Marlena C.

Great Service – Out of date sign up experience

This is a quick, great way to enhance your cash flow! Once you trust the service, it will work wonders. You must read carefully, some instructions say click submit, when the button says enter. Much of the language is not intuitive through sign up and the redirects make you feel something didn’t work correctly, so this will turn many people away from trying it. If you do not feel comfortable with the web form, you should just call. The web form is out of date with today’s user experience, but the service they offer is great! Don’t be afraid to call them! They will update their site soon!

Olene W.

Took a while to verify my income, but worth it.

Most of our companies’ invoices are paid in cash. So, when First Down Funding’s online application could not approve us, solely based on our credit card sales, they needed to verify some invoices/transactions. It took almost two weeks to approve us, but worth the wait. Overall an easy process, 4 of 5 stars. Interest is moderately high, but I enjoy having the peace of mind and quick access to additional capital.

Julee J.

Very Fast!

I couldn’t believe how fast it was to get approved and funded! Thanks to First Down Funding for saving my business!

Illa C.

Fantastic customer service from Paul Pitcher …

Fantastic customer service from Paul Pitcher. His product knowledge is evident and he’s extremely professional and courteous

Daren F.
Bait, Fish & Apparel

Good people helping good people in need!

I just want to say that this team is awesome, they gave me the chance to grow but also took the time to talk to me during the process. First Down Funding is the place to go in getting your business started. They’re not like everyone else needing to see your life story. I would recommend them to anyone trying to start a business!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

Candance W.

Big help!

First Down Funding approved us for a loan without any issue when other wouldn’t!

Tomeka B.

life saver

I was drowning in debts and just needed a little help and First Down Funding saved me Thank You Thank you

Edmund D.

So far, so good.

I found the web site pretty easy to use, and a call to them on a question I had went very well.

Nora B.

Easy Process with Real Options

This process was so simple and easy! I’m impressed by the technology First Down Funding uses to complete my funding account…other banks better catch up to First Down Funding!

Gilda M.

quick and easy

Fast and professional experience from start to finish. Very simple and straightforward.

Del H.
Elite Heath & Homecare

Excellent customer service!

I wanted to recommend First Down Funding for your Business financial needs.

Regan S.


First Down Funding were excellent to deal with on our expansion funding. We would recommend them highly.

Catina S.
Delaware Landscaping and Building Services


I’ve seen the commercials and the ads and thought this would be a good option to help grown my business. The process was simple, straight forward and the representatives were wonderful. It was refreshing to speak with a company that understands online selling and wants your business. Thumbs up all the way…

Nia G.

Easy to Get Verified

If you have a legitimate business with revenue everything is straight forward.

Keila C.

Willing to listen and ready to help

Willing to listen and ready to help. True professionals

Warner Z.
Niagara Nursery

Excellent service, quick funding and easy payments

I am truly impressed with there no hassle loan and I had may funds in 2 days. Even though I was approved for over 9 months for a loan, they never hassled me and when I was ready to use the funds they were still there! Thank you for a seamless loan process First Down Funding.

Genesis D.

Excellent Company

Great experience and I will continue to work with them.

Sha K.

New First Down Funding Customer

I want all of you to know that if you give up hope and can’t find a loan, First Down Funding is the way to go! They came out of nowhere and approved me for the amount that I needed in less than 7 minutes! I am so happy that I decided to go with them. The staff that I spoke to was so generous and everyone was awesome! THANK YOU, FIRST DOWN FUNDING,!!!

Cher M.

Excellent !

This was our first business loan and it was a very easy process and fast funding I would totally recommend !

Isabell F.
IF Consulting Services

Great rates and terms! Allows us to grow together.

Great rates and terms! Allows us to grow together.

Doreatha B.

Trustworthy and very easy to work with

We have had continued great experiences with First Down Funding and will continue to do business with them in the future as well as refer them.

Phebe F.
The Italian Diner


The experience was very easy, customer support is friendly, and replies are quick. Its all good

Kaye T.

amazing service

Easy approval. Great option for small business.

Alona W.

Your Customer Service was great and there was no BS, all business throughout the whole process

While I am still waiting on the wire, and will assume it will sometime today, the whole process has gone quit well

Tamar M.

I am absolutely shocked at how fast I was approved and received my funds.

I am very pleased with First Down Funding. They approved me and I received my funds within two days. I was previously looking at other business loans with other companies and I could not believe how low the pay back amount was with First Down Funding. I saved over 1000.00 got an extra three months on my loan and 500.00 more than what the competitors offered me. Great company, I will be conducting business with them again.

Sadie C.

Small Business Funding I received from First Down Funding

This was the first time that I took out money from my loan. I was so surprised when I received my money so fast in my business bank account. As soon as I chose the amount of money I wanted and pushed the button it was deposited into my account that fast.

Clifford L.

Easy Process

I am very hesitant when it comes to daily pay capital companies. However, everyone was very professional and worked with me and all of my questions. Yes, it is expensive money, but sometimes needing capital for invoices or starting new projects is better than factoring or going to the bank. The process was fast and easy. I have started my second round of funding and couldn’t be happier.

Rossie E.
Center for Development

Great company and focused on customer satisfaction

Very happy with overran experience.

Awilda C.

Sub 10% Interest? – Awesome Sauce!

I was hesitant at first to apply for a First Down Funding Business Loan for my growing eBay Comic Book Business but after I applied and got approved instantly with only a 9% interest rate – All of my worries went away!

Sharyl F.


The loan really helped me improve my profit. God bless you First Down Funding. The support guys are wonderful

Doretha L.


Running and managing a business is challenging enough. Finding a financial partner who understands the necessity for speed and ability to help is nothing short of a God-send. Thank you, First Down Funding and Paul Pitcher,!

Evangeline D.

Great Company

I have never had any problems with First Down Funding they work with you and try to get the most funds.

Amos M.
City Life Limos

I was very surprised by the response and follow up.

The service was great and the follow up to come back two weeks later and offer a solution was unexpected.

Dung S.

Prompt and efficient

Very satisfied with the promptness and efficiency

Cristobal C.
Back Lake Hotel & Inn


I had a very happy loan process experience. It was a great process to work with First Down Funding! I am honestly very satisfied. Thank you First Down Funding!!

Abby W.
Taco's & Tequila Mexican Restaurant

Competent, truthful, trustworthy

2 loans with no difficulty- both went as expected. Payback program is simple and painless

Clayton L.
Perfect Golf

First Down Funding just gets it.

First Down Funding has brought commercial financing into our times. With their complete assessment of our business model which includes online and cash sales, they were able to calculate our value as a customer and business owner. We were able to get the money we needed to increase advertising, get new equipment and ultimately increase our revenue. Kudos, First Down Funding!

Obdulia G.

It works! 🙂

They did what they did, funding approvals were quick -less than week and the funds were available immediately. The process was explained with excellent customer support answering any additional questions I had.

I am very pleased with the company.

Mona M.

I believe First Down Funding is the best thing…

I believe First Down Funding is the best thing out there for small businesses like mine tyvm

Bebe W.
Bless Your Hear Gift Cards & Accessories

Worth a try

I am apprehensive towards applying online, but I went to Google and they had pretty good reviews. The process was very fast and even after approval I thought there were more things needed but it truly was that. I maybe would have preferred a bit more documentation as I feel like our business could have gotten either more money or a better rate if I could paint a more complete picture and explain some banking discrepancies and incidences.

Shad C.

Tired of dealing with pompous bankers? First Down Funding came through for me!

I’ve been in business for 30 years. I was so tired of constantly getting the runaround by bankers and constantly jumping through hoops just for them to turn you down because you actually need the money to prevent cash flow problems.

Lidia W.

Great service!

I really like the First Down Funding loan service. It has helped me take my business to the next level and start to expand quickly. It has great rates and uses my production as the monitor for eligibility not just my credit score which makes a lot of sense!

Karey P.

ITS Early in the Process, but so far, I am very happy! Things going well.

It took me awhile to feel comfortable with First Down Funding. I research all I could find, good & bad. The good outweighed the bad. Now that I have been approved and fully understand the process, I am looking forward to no surprises. I know how the payment process works and exactly what it is costing me to use the money. I look forward to doing more business with First Down Funding in the future!!

Ariana H.

The agent was great

They were very helpful and agent was great! Would recommend

Abraham W.
Smooth Waxin'

The best funding company I have ever…

The best funding company I have ever used, and I have been approved for funding for over 6 years.

Keely M.
Madison and Company

Easiest transaction ever

I would highly recommend First Down Funding. It affords small business capital to get through the valleys of running a company.

Ike M.

First Down Funding provided me with prompt short term financing when the banks were still evaluating my application.

Corrinne G.

New Customer

As a new customer the application process was very simple, and the funds were approved instantly. So far, I would definitely refer to a friend.

Clint M.

First Down Funding customer review

The First Down Funding Team were courteous, prompt and efficient. My situation was probably a little unusual as small businesses go, but they powered through my particular circumstances to make something work. Very satisfactory experience with this company!

Brigette H.

Wonderful for small businesses!

I run my own business from home and First Down Funding has made it possible to go even further with my success. Fast deposits and easy payments! I’d recommend to any small business!!

Patience S.

Super you guys are much easier than dealing with the bank is quick efficient and I get my money right away I love it

You guys are a lot easier than dealing with the bank it’s quick efficient and a lot less hassle

Elsy L.
Elsy's Mobile Auto Detailing



Sena V.
Paws 4 Life

First Down Funding gave us the opportunity that Wells Fargo and Chase did not!

 We are a start up Private Security company here in Maryland. All we needed was a loan to help us meet payroll as our business continues to grow. We went to the big banks and nothing. One day we received a flyer from First Down Funding in the mail. Reluctantly, in February 2014, I called and spoke to one of their Managing Partners. I gave them the run down. They asked for 3 months of bank statements and last years tax return. That was it. I received a call from Paul Pitcher and I had $14,500 deposit in my bank account within 48 hours! I was able to put a large down payment on a 2015 Ford Explorer, purchased $5,000 worth of surveillance cameras and $3,000 worth of Marketing material. I turned that $14,500 into $7,500 of new monthly revenue!! Again, on March 2nd, 2015 I submitted for another $18,000 and again I received the deposit 48 hour later. First Down Funding allowed me do create another $8,000 in new revenue which now totals over $255,000 of monthly revenue in 6 months. I would have never been able to see those kinds of numbers without the help and trust of First Down Funding. I am forever indebted to First Down Funding.


Huong C.


FAST AND EASY, THATS ALL I CAN SAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald S.
Garden of Eden


This was the quickest easiest loan ever with everything disclosed upfront and in terms I can understand.

Wilfred C.

First Down Funding helped me grow my business.

I receive a lot of mailers that ask me to sign up for their products, but then find out that the interest is too high or I am not approved based on the amount of money I am requesting.

With First Down Funding I was able to choose my financing and see what my payments were before I committed.

Thank you First Down Funding for helping my business grow.

Lorine C.

First Down Funding will continue to be my source for short-term financing in the future.

Janis S.

The easiest experience I’ve had.

First Down Funding makes it so easy and hassle free.

Olene H.
El Paso Healthcare

Nice customer service

It was very nice talking with the customer service. She was very friendly.

Fredia P.

Excellent , professional service

 I cannot say enough about the service and dedication they put into my funding. I have worked with other lenders and they do not compare. I will only make one call if I need funding in the future and that will be to First Down Funding and Paul Pitcher

Barbera H.
Liquor Mart & Deli

So far – so good!

I found that the functionality of the account verification process was easy – The terms were clear as I progressed through the application – I received the funds immediately in my business bank account. The speed of the approval was exceptional. Looking forward to a smooth repayment ride and another loan when this one is finished!

Garry D.

Speedy response

I knew within a minute that funding had been approved. How satisfying is that? The best fastest service

Alonzo C.

Fantastic experience

Easy and fast, not one issue at all.

Russell G.

Your staff has been great to work with…

Your staff has been great to work with and have exceeded expectations

Sam F.
FH Transport & Logistics

Great service, had what I needed

The loan officers were extremely helpful. They worked with me to get me exactly what I had stressed my business needed and in a timely manner.

Margarett B.
Gold Rush


A few years ago, we did business with First Down Funding. It was a good experience. Therefore, we chose to do business with First Down Funding again. First Down Funding is efficient and professional.

Amelia M.
Black Olive

All I can say is “WOW”…

Never knew this could be so easy, and un-complicated. I spent days with the Bank to no avail; I spent 20 minutes online w/First Down Funding and was approved and money on the way.

Adeline B.

Trusted, Fast and Simple

Gratefully First Down Funding is an essential service and sometimes the small business just needs a chance. With continued hard work and strong business principals a service like First Down Funding can be of great benefit. Thanks, and all the best!

Candra S.

Great seamless process. Thank you.

Great seamless process. Thank you.

Donnette M.

Very Fast & Easy.

It took only a few minutes to apply and get approved. Instant transfer of funds to my account. I would highly recommend First Down Funding to all my friends, family and business associates. Thank you, First Down Funding!

Lucien B.

Easy to deal with and simple terms

Happy to have an easy way to quick cash and useful line of credit. Easy to deal with and overall very happy.

Shelby H.

I wasn’t optimistic about First Down Funding, but figured I’d try it. Within a matter of hours, I got approval for $15k in working capital. I LOVE FIRST DOWN FUNDING. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had with lenders in my entire career. These guys are the real thing. Finally, a solution for small business owners.

Brinda B.

Excellent Personal Service

The staff at First Down Funding was easy to work with and I had a few little things to fix in order to get loan approval and they fixed it quickly and got my business approved!

Earlene L.

Excellent customer service

 Excellent customer service, Paul Pitcher is the absolute best funder I have ever worked with!

Ming W.

Excellent fast service and quick delivery

Every business knows that cash flow is a must for a successful enterprise. First Down Funding delivers results without hassle and red tape and has provided funding that helped me expand my business needs. I now have been able to expand my inventory which is already resulting in higher sales.

First Down Funding is very experienced in online businesses such as eBay and Amazon and is certainly one of the finest financial tools available to online merchants. 5 stars and thumbs up !

Colin S.

First Down Funding recognized ALL MY HARD WORK and made it a little easier to get to the next level, THANK YOU FIRST DOWN FUNDING!

I watched all the ads for the last year and they said you have to be in business ‘one year’ before you can apply. So, I worked…hard and it showed. At the end of the year I contacted them, and they did everything with the ease they promised. I couldn’t be happier;) I can now take the next step towards my successful business venture. Thank you. It’s nice to have someone else believe in me.

Earlean F.

smooth process

Will use again

Denese D.

First Down Funding helped me

First Down Funding helped me in an excellent professional way, very cooperative with reasonable rate. I recommend First Down Funding highly to any one seeking Loans.

Keira C.
Berry Cafe

easy to apply

Although I did not realize it would take so long to get the loan until after I completed the information (I signed up on Friday and received $ Tuesday) everything went smoothly, and it was an easy transaction.

Santos W.


My Rep Paul Pitcher was professional. The process was very streamlined and simple.

Lilla E.

Always come through and the process is…

Always come through and the process is easy.

Nichol H.
Cupcake Shop

I would highly recommend First Down Funding

I would highly recommend First Down Funding. The were very professional, fast, and I had my money in 48 hours.

Erminia P.
Sunday Morning Bed & Breakfast

Completely Satisfied So Far…

I took out my first loan only a few weeks ago. So far everything has been satisfactory.

Blaine H.

Simple and seamless

First Down Funding is awesome. As a growing online retailer, they understand the business model and they offer loans off performance and real-world metrics. While banks can be a good source of funding, they just don’t understand the needs of an online retailer as well as First Down Funding. They are fast and simple with their processing system and they give you a quick response. So glad I found them

Rene M.

Our experience with First Down Funding

Our experience with First Down Funding was excellent. application and information required was simple, fast and easy. We have had two loans, both provided quickly with workable payment plans and good terms.

Robt O.
Modern Day Eyecare

Easy set up process, Easy to get funded!

I ran across First Down Funding through a business relationship our franchisor has. It appeared that First Down Funding was too good to be true, and as I had found in the past, things that are too good to be true usually don’t work out. After putting it off for quite some time, I decided to set up an account. To my surprise, the setup of my account was easy. Also, I was delighted to see how much funding was available. I received my first loan this past week. The process was simple, and the money arrived in my account as specified. I can’t believe how easy the entire process is. I recommend First Down Funding for business funding to everyone. You too will be surprised how easy and quick the process is.

Meg W.

I was a little doubtful at first but now I am so pleased I tried First Down Funding.

Leif R.

Things went smoothly

You were there for us when we needed you & your rep Paul Pitcher is a champion. Thanks

Tatyana H.
Stop & Shop

Just what we needed.

We needed a credit line not another short-term loan against our credit cards. We needed something long term, something we could grow with. We found just what we needed at First Down Funding. Did I mention the GREAT customer service???

Kimberely V.

Anyone in need of a credit facility who doesn’t have the time or inclination to go back and forth with the banks should look no further! 🙂

Elinor H.

The service was great, fast and efficient.

First Down Funding was great, fast and efficient. Thank you, First Down Funding,!

Lucien P.


An excellent services, interest and deal

Jerome H.

Optimum Service & Care

I have a great experience ever had with any financial company. My entire loan process very well taken care of and went through faster & smooth. I thank to entire First Down Funding Team and have a special thanks to Paul Pitcher who I was working with all the way through and very helpful!!!!!

Terica B.

Stony run inn & grill thanks First Down Funding!

We thank First Down Funding for being a part of our business. We both mutually benefit from working with each other. Thanks again.!

Cindie B.

Easy setup, great terms, and quick.

Tiffany T.

for past 6 years First Down Funding has always been…

for past 6 years First Down Funding has always been there for me! thank you!!

Miss L.
Swiggs Restaurant & Saloon

Awesome people

Awesome people
They care for their clients

Myra H.
Craving for Catering

The best business loan we have ever had! great company!

For companies with a daily income this loan is the perfect choice. We have been able to build business credit in a reasonable way. The payments come out daily which we have found it is easier to come up with a daily amount then a huge monthly payment should we have a slow month and it has allowed us to keep inventory on hand and our bills caught up during our slow season. I have enjoyed working with both Fundera and First Down Funding to make our loan happen as they both listened well to our needs and worked with us to accommodate our needs. Thank you!

Moises H.
Apples & Oranges

My only complaint is the cost of borrowing money. Rates vary drastically from 7% to 36% depending on how fast you pay off a loan. However, it is nice knowing that when I am in need of quick capital to cover an expense, the money can be deposited in my PayPal account in merely minutes.

Giuseppina H.

Great way to procure funding for your small business!

Really liked the ease at which funding was provided based on my fledgling business to help me diversify from our current one product to two more.

Alexia C.

Couldn’t be better

They gave me a loan within minutes. No fuss involved.

Kellee L.

Very helpful and professional

Very helpful and professional

Derek C.
DTC Custom Auto Performance

You guys are life savers! Thank you!

I will refer you to a friend anytime. Fast, easy, and simple. Now I can get started and get my career back on tract.

Jerald W.

Thanks First Down Fundin

Thanks First Down Funding for helping my dreams come true faster than anticipated. Looking forward to working with you in the years to come!

Dottie B.

Fast & efficient service

Through the years of owning my own business I’ve attempted a few times for a small/quick business loan to help me through the slow season. Typically, I had to jump through a series of hoops, which I understand, for the most part. However, since I am a sole proprietor, I don’t have a lot of time going back and forth. So with First Down Funding it was a one-shot deal. I entered my information. I thought I was rejected – so ok – I’ll keep pushing through without. But then, I received an email the next day stating that I had been approved for $3,000. Which was such a blessing and took so much stress out of my life. In closing, thank you, First Down Funding for understanding the working with us small business owners when we need help!!

Lidia H.


It’s hard enough trying to get financing for your existing business and even harder to get financing when you are just a “start-up” company. First Down Funding was able to provide me with a loan to get my business started and investigated more than just my “business credit”. They are wonderful to deal with when trying to open an account, and unlike other companies, everything went smoothly! I would 100% recommend their services!

Nelida F.


I saw an ad on my Facebook page and was a bit skeptical, but after researching First Down Funding online and found more pros then cons, I applied for the loan and within a half hour I was approved for WAY more then I needed. I now have the money I need for my business and have a cushion if something unexpected should come up…and we all know that it will. THANK YOU, FIRST DOWN FUNDING,

Noel P.

Quick Cash

Getting approval from First Down Funding was quick and easy. 50K allowed us to purchase up a large amount of stock we could not have gotten otherwise

Lucile K.

Business Funding

Easy Approval Process and simple payment terms.

Gavin A.

Paul Pitcher was fantastic!! First Down Funding

Paul Pitcher was fantastic!!! Thx again

Tomi C.
Animal Helpers

My experience with First Down Funding has been…

My experience with First Down Funding has been great. Easy application and received funds in a timely manner.

Joleen M.
JM Consulting & Design

Quick, simple, great customer service

Very satisfied with the time, amount, simplicity, and consistent customer service assistance.

Liberty G.

First Down Funding is just plain AWESOME!

Best experience ever! Doubled my available cash after my business was funded.

Hunter R.

Great help from First Down Funding personnel

Paul Pitcher were very helpful and good to work with. Thank You

Zenaida A.
Professional Assistance and Healthcare Services


Great people

Josephine K.

Very easy process

First Down Funding is the easiest way to get the funding you need to grow your business!

Whitney F.

First Down Funding the co. you can rely on!

First Down Funding is a Excellent co. To help you bring your co. to next level.
Capital is everything and this a co. you can rely on without
the red tape that other company’s give you.

Jesusita H.
Paws Up Doggy Day Care & Training

Easy, Easy, Easy

What an incredibly easy service. Fast approval! Fast deposits and great rates and terms. Thank you your awesome!

Marietta J.


I would recommend any company to use First Down Funding. Excellent !!!!

Thao N.

Easy and Great Funding in a Flash

Great Funding Best Around to Help You grow your business

Clemmie G.

Fast personalized evaluation not seen in this business.

I am a struggling one-man physician practice. Liquidity is key to my daily survival. I have done this since 2005, but the last 8 years have been unusually difficult, with no end in sight. Even with a 70 hour work week all that results is more taxes. Deductibles for my patient keep on going, which discourages patients from coming in. reimbursements are shrinking, unemployment is increasing which prevents my clients from seeking care. The result growing uncollectible receivables. Thank you to First Down Funding that allows me in a crisis to breathe a little.

Bryce F.
Logical Medicine Institute & Studies

Fast setup – good customer support = fast payout

We liked the service of First Down Funding. The register & setup was easy and fast forward, within 24 hours we got our loan approved. Same day customer support contacted us to reach out if we need any help.

Clarita S.

Awesome! Are the only words. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Every step in the process was easy and smooth. Everything happened exactly as you promised it would. Thanks again!

Gino M.

Extremely impressed with how quick, painless and easy it was complete my loan, only 5 mins to complete/approved.

I was approved for over 80k line of credit in a matter of minutes. So far have been extremely impressed with how transparent their terms and rates are and how pain free they have made the process. I will be recommending them to all my friends with a small business.

Izola R.

Home Remodeling – Funded by Paul Pitcher of First Down Funding

Worked with Paul Pitcher of First Down Funding and it was an easy process. Lots of insight and smooth process. Thanks

Edgardo P.
Tampa Remodeling & Lifestyle

with First Down Funding for over 2 years

Have been working with First Down Funding for over 2 years now. Paul Pitcher has always been helpful providing great customer service. Thank you!

Rosendo H.
True Chocolate

Don’t Waste Your Time Going Anywhere Else

We have used First Down Funding for our last four infusion of funds. They are so fast and reliable it is amazing. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. We were funded in two days and everything was seamless. Great experience.

Jackqueline G.
JG Home Health Care



Tifany F.
Richmond's Best Training Center for Kids

Paul Pitcher is excellent!

Paul Pitcher is excellent!
A great example of helpfulness and efficiency
when and where it’s needed.
He made it all so easy.

Harriette S.
Mini Mart and Donuts

They offer monthly statements

They offer monthly statements. We’ve tried other firms before, and other firms just suck money out of your account but don’t give you a statement as to how much you have left to pay.

Tinisha C.
Texas Bed Builders

Very Satisfied

From my 1st introduction to their web site. Through research. Through application & acceptance. Through linking to our accounts; the process was straight forward, well disclosed both through documents and very helpful phone interaction. The entire process took less than 20 minutes. The result was a satisfactory credit line and a full understanding of exactly how to “borrow” $ and exactly the terms of our obligation to pay it back. We expect a long and rewarding relationship with First Down

Simonne F.

A Company Life Saver

Asking for money isn’t easy….this was!! I provided basic information and was actually offered well above the amount needed. I am very grateful for First Down Funding and appreciate how painless this process really was. I will definitely recommend First Down Funding to my business associates who may come into a money drought from time to time. Everyone says it won’t happen to me, but I have been in business for 19yrs, never needed a thing until slow payments made me look to other options while I wait for my past due payment! Thank goodness First Down Funding came through with a bank deposit within 3 days from my first initial call….  Thank you!

Jonathan G.
Johnny's Dance Studio

Hands down the easiest interaction I’ve ever experienced!

Every day, businesses strive to streamline the business interactions with their customers. Having participated in hundreds of personal and business credit processes over the years, I can honestly write that this was the easiest business credit process that I have ever experienced. It was like booking a ticket on an airline. Simple, efficient, and spelled out in easy to understand terms. The funding happened so fast, that I began to feel that it was too good to be true. I will be a customer and advocate for as life.

Marcelle V.

Great Treatment

Great Treatment, speed of delivery was outstanding. Everything was direct and to the point, with no hassles. Would recommend to everyone. No Doubt!

Loni S.
LBS Concrete Services

This is the second time I’ve used First Down Funding…

 This is the second time I’ve used First Down Funding and will continue to use them because they have the best payback I’ve found.

Courtney B.
California Theaters

Still in pleasant shock

I read other reviews and felt at ease trusting this company. The process was so incredibly quick and effortless. This is just what the company needed as we are ending our slow season and business kicks in full gear in January. Thanks so much First Down Funding. We had the money in minutes!

Rhett C.

Always a pleasure

Always a pleasure, do business with First Down Funding

Greg H.
H & Co. Moving and Storage

Very quick- easy to work with

Very quick- easy to work with

Elise W.
Fit and Trim

Customer service

Great customer service, great company

Anjanette G.

Great customer service.

Megan provided great service and guidance to get my account fully setup and walked me through each step. After dealing with a number of banks, I’ve been more than impressed with First Down Funding & will recommend it to my network of friends.

Flavia W.

Very Simple Process!

We had been researching options for our business line of credit and I came across an ad for First Down Funding. This was the simplest process to apply and complete from start to finish and very fast! Couldn’t be happier!

Alonzo C.

Great experience! Fast, easy and ideal for any small business.

First Down Funding is ideal for small businesses as they’re growing and feeling the pinch of cash flow. It’s easy to use and easy to understand. I’d recommend to any Entrepreneur I know!

Isis C.

Missing some vital information

I called to find out which banks supported the “instant” transfer of funds using a debit card. The representative was unable to answer the question directly and provided me with the names of interbank processors that “might” support it. I wish I would have received a better response.

Seymour D.

Trustworthy company!

Highly recommend First Down Funding. It has given me the opportunity to expand my business and the cost to borrow money is very fair. I also very much value the fact that there are no pre-payment penalties!

Mazie F.

Very straight forward and helpful…

Very straight forward and helpful people to work with. This is my 3rd time using them for business funding.

Telma E.
VIP Doggie Day Care

Great to work with Paul Pitcher and First Down Funding

Paul Pitcher was my rep, and he was great. They gave me the best financing package that I could get, by a long shot. Very patient as I was comparing other offers. Went with First Down Funding because of the offer and the service.

Jackie J.
Jackie's Bikes & Accessories

fast and easy!!!

as fast as Same Day Approval and Same Day Funding! Thank you First Down Funding.

Tatiana V.


Needed money for a deal and it was there in a few moments , very helpful ,would recommend too anybody

Libbie M.

Great service helping small business

They came through with the funding we needed for our small business to succeed

Beaulah R.

great deals.

My experience with First Down Funding was very good. I am happy with their rates and terms for our small business.

Kitty F.
Green Gardens & Vegetables

Web site was easy to navigate with fast response time. Fair and fast review of my financial situation.

The process was quick and easy, and I experienced no glitches in the website. The interest rate was good, and I believe First Down Funding will be a great asset in growing my business. Money transfers are very fast with practically no wait time.

Meridith K.

Could not believe how fast and easy the process was.

I own a home improvement business and our business drastically declines in the winter. So, every winter I get very protective of our cash flow and cross my fingers we don’t encounter an unexpected expense. I read an article about First Down Funding and liked the idea of having a line of credit I could tap into if needed. The process was quick and easy, the rates are fair, and I know have the peace of mind knowing the money is there if I need it.

Venessa L.

Easy, Fast and Fair

So far First Down Funding has been a good fit for my financing needs. For an unsecured loan, I feel the rates are fair and the repayment terms were right for my needs.

Gil D.

Immediate Service and Funding

This service is amazing! It is fast and seamless. I learned about this company late one night, researched it, and applied for funding. I was approved instantly, and the money was in my account within 1 day! I used this lending approach to ramp up for the summer by adding ice cream sales to my business locations. This helped a great deal. I will recommend this service and use them again in the future.

Kellie W.



Lindsy B.

Excellent Service!!!

Paul Pitcher is very professional and makes the process quick and easy, Paul Pitcher is excellent.

Cecila H.
Fast Fix Cell Phone and Accessories

Amazing Company for Small Business

They are the best. Got me a Great Loan when I needed it for the upcoming holidays Season. Gave me cash I needed to sell more and more items to make some money for my business during the busy Holiday Shopping Season. I will come back again and again, Highly Recommend them.

Alysia K.

Great Funder

Applied and got approved within minutes. Love how they allow you to take only what you need. Great dashboard that is user friendly. Overall satisfied

Annamae C.

Paul Pitcher did a great job

 Paul Pitcher did a great job. He followed up and kept his word on structuring the advance

Jamika D.
TLC Animal Daycare

Paul Pitcher is First Class in Funding!

The gentleman I dealt was a guy named Paul Pitcher
An absolute joy to work with 

Toya S.
S & P Grocery

Outstanding experience from application through funding

The request process was very simple online. A couple of questions and requests were promptly handled by human representatives. The phone calls were answered within minutes. The funding was transferred to my business bank account within hours. Great experience so far.

Lyndon S.

I Stand Corrected!

I was so impressed with the practicality of filling out the information and the confirmation that I received that I was eligible for funding. $31K, wow! I sent in all the information, followed the guidelines and even went further to call and ensure that all was there that was needed. In 7 minutes, I was approved, and this actually happened.

Sharron S.

Fast easy professional!

Fast easy professional!

Ming G.
Rule of Thumb

You are really are fast Paul Pitcher!

Thank you so much Paul Pitcher within First Down Funding for the great service you provided and was much needed. 5 Star Review!

Asia C.

Fast, Accurate, Honest with no hidden fees.

If you need cash flow for short term goals. It is a realistic formula with results

Mckenzie P.

When I need some capital they always there

Only one call and they are there to help you with any capital I need, I can say First Down Funding are the best.

Blondell C.
Wine 4 Women

Very impressed with customer service

Spoke with Hunter who held my hand and walked me through each step. Super knowledgeable and really easy to work with. Answered all my questions in terms I could understand as math is not my forte. Hunter followed up like he said he would and tolerated many, many more questions. Was approved for my loan on the spot. Can’t speak for the actual loan process yet as I am awaiting funds. So far so good!

Khalilah S.


I needed cash to buy some equipment. I was approved in minutes.

Payments are easy to make, and money is easy to take.

I highly recommend for commercial users who need capital cash for inventory. I would not recommend this for people who only need a small amount of money to buy trinkets. That’s what credit cards are for

Lashandra J.

Quick and easy

Fast and professional experience from start to finish. Very simple and straightforward.

Vinnie G.
Vinnie's Developers

The best and easiest way to obtain money for your business!!!

I never thought that it would be that easy to obtain money that I desperately needed quickly for my business. The application was extremely easy, the customer service was outstanding, and I couldn’t be happier with this company; I would highly recommend using First Down Funding for a loan.

Margeret V.

Very helpful when needed

Very helpful when needed. Very timely with the targeted time schedule. I’m very pleased in all areas of help. Awesome!

Qiana L.
Absolute Chiropractic and Fitness


We had a recent need arise to increase our cash flow and we are happy to say that First Down Funding was there to save the day!

Portia B.

Fast and easy

Great service fast and easy

Lona R.

Really reliable and easy!

I’m selling on eBay about 4 years. Now is the sale season, I was worried for stretched finances. Inadvertently I saw First Down Funding’s ad on eBay, I even suspected that if it is a network fraud. But I still filled up my information. It’s true! Two days later, the loan was approved down, the amount even exceeded my expectations. Thanks First Down Funding! It’s reliable, fast and easy!

Moira H.

First Down Funding – Paul Pitcher – review

Initially on the first go around the application, approval and funding time took about 2 days. The second time around went very smoothly and a lot faster than anticipated, receiving the funds within hours. Thank you Paul Pitcher and First Down Funding.

Chan J.
Angel Wings Healthcare



Darwin T.
Favorite Games

This was a great experience!

First Down Funding is a great tool for small business. Thanks!

Deandra G.

Gave Me A Chance

First Down Funding gave me a fair chance when all of the other “Small Business Loan” companies you see on the internet wouldn’t.

Cheers First Down Funding,

Ettie G.

Easy and quick

Wasn’t sure about using First Down Funding but I gave it a shot. It was easy and fast. Thanks.

Randy D.


Fast! Easy! Need I say more?

Jaunita B.

Very Pleased

This was not my first experience with lenders. There service was quick, reliable and they made it happen. looking forward to a long relationship with them. Would highly recommend them.

Shiloh L.
Automatic Green

First Down Funding was the best decision for…

First Down Funding was the best decision for my business loans needs

Debbi A.
Nick's Fine Greek Dining

I was pleasantly surprised.

Great service and will use them again

Gilbert D.

Got approved! with some tech issues…

Had to send in my statements in manually. Seems like I would keep losing the account from linking. would have to reenter my account information. Other than that, I’m happy with the service.

Cordie W.

Very good company

They were very kind, respectful, and professional. They make it very fast and easy to get money for your business. It is expensive, but when banks won’t loan you money, this is a great alternative.

Francisco D.
Pappy's Authentic and Classic Diner

What a wonderful experience

As a self-employed business consultant, First Down Funding helped me cover the interim period between the completion of a project and the receipt of funds from my clients.

Kathaleen W.

Wow! Thank GOD for a company like this!!

Honesty when I first signed up, I was a little nervous because trying to get funding can be a long process for them to tell you no at the end of it. But when I spoke to Paul Pitcher, my agent, he was so nice! He introduced himself and told me about the company. I was empowered to know that a woman started it because she needed funding and the big banks told her no. And here it is that she is able to help other small business that is in need. I love that they structured the deal for a long-term period opposed to six months. Paul Pitcher reviewed my paperwork and determined that I could qualify for more. I provided my documents and was funded within a few days!!! Wow! Thank GOD for a company like this!

Lacresha S.
MD Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

No Muss, No Fuss, Easy as Pie

After about a five-minute application process I linked several of our business services and had full approval within two hours. You can’t get that at a bank.

Silvia M.

Great to work with the same person

I have found First Down Funding easy to work with. I also appreciate working with the same person as I have worked with in the past.

Virgina B.
Natural Beauty Supplies

Great service, looking forward to a long relationship.

Very professional people. Great experience.

Shanika O.
Midwest Custom Builders

The best service I have experienced.

Dealing with First Down Funding was the best and easiest experience I have had in getting a loan. Their customer service was the best to work with. I would recommend any business needing a loan, to contact First Down Funding.

Tressa O.
T.O. Consulting

The easiest way to get a loan in minutes:)

First Down Funding offered me a chance to grow my eBay business with an instant loan, I was curious so pressed the apply for now button and within 5 minutes had been approved for an instant loan, the whole process took minutes and was as simple as can be!

Goldie S.

the best experience ever! I felt comfortable sharing my banking info

Everyone is friendly and helpful. Paul Pitcher is the best! I felt reassured also because of the report by Forbes Magazine. I will be talking to my neighboring businesses and referring them to First Down Funding. Heads up Paul Pitcher, they’re coming your way directly from me! Thank you, First Down Funding.

Catina R.

Quick Capital and Great Service

This is our second loan we have done with First Down Funding. Our second offer was so much better than our first it was impossible to say no. It only took 2 days from our initial contact with our rep until the money was in our account. We will have this loan paid off in 16months. It would take us a lifetime to pay this sum off on a credit card. It works for us.

Cassidy K.
CK Dental Group

Easy and fast, but a little pricey…

This is as easy as it gets to get a lump sum of working capital! It’s a little pricey on the interest fee, so you need to watch margins if you’re purchasing inventory.

Burton R.

Very responsive and helpful when we had…

Very responsive and helpful when we had issues with the broker!

Theodora B.
Theo's Pizza & Restaurant

Simple and Easy

Direct, Simple, Easy and Complete

Santana E.
Full Style Nail Salon

Excellent service!

Excellent service!

Refugio M.
California Auto Motorsports

Very easy to deal with

 Very easy to deal with. Provides capital when you need it. Highly recommended1

Nolan M.
A&M Auto Detailing

Good service, fee as usually slightly higher.

Ivey S.

helpful and user friendly

was an easy process to get approved and we had funding right away. needed some extra money for our business and cabbage came thru !!

Wava H.

Very easy

This is a great service. Much better than dealing with traditional banks

Grazyna M.

Easy to deal with

Easy to deal with. Quick response

Madelyn D.
Salon in Orlando FL

Highly Recommend

The process went smoothly, and their customer service is stellar.

Great Company to work with if you are a small to medium size growing business.

I will be referring other business associates to them.

Versie G.

Thank you for working so patiently with…

Thank you for working so patiently with my loan needs. This is my second time working with y’all for my business loan needs and my experience with both have been wonderful.
Again thank you

Elanor P.
Great Eastern Hospitality Management Group

Did what they said they would do

My experience was good they kept in contact with me until the funds came through

Gretchen G.
Total Clarity Photography

Very easy to Use

We signed up, updated our profile, and let First Down Funding to do the rest. They came back with a loan proposal that fit our needs without the hassle of us having to do further paperwork or go through more bureaucratic processes. Simple and easy to use – worth giving any business a try.

Deb C.

It was going smoothly

Everything was Okay; just the payment dates should come with the confirmation email.

Kenia T.

I will recommend First Down Funding to all of…

Excellent services. I will recommend Sharpshooter Funding to all of my friends.

Sharlene C.
Compass Light

good reputation

I have been with First Down Funding for a while. Good company that takes good care of their clients. The follow up with you and are available to talk too.

Sumiko T.
Tito's Mexican Restaurant

First Down Funding rocks

My business needed some financial help and First Down Funding was there it was quick and easy I would recommend them to everyone.

Gemma R.

Easy funds transfer and process

I used a portion of my available funds for the first time for purchasing additional product. The process was very easy and smooth. All in all, very pleased and will continue to use First Down Funding.

Vernita F.

Never easier to get working capital

As a small business I’ve had to go through hoops to get a small amount of working capital every time I’ve wanted to expand the business. This was the fastest and easiest process ever. I love the fact that the credit line is available whenever I need it and only when I need it. The first time I requested funds they were deposited to my account within a day. Thank you, First Down Funding. Now, I can concentrate on growing my business–not on paperwork.

Ha C.

Awesome loan company

Awesome lending company was provided with a loan after meeting requirements and allowed me to purchase inventory for my business. The transaction was smooth, and clauses were clear and very easy to understand

Alise C.

Good, easy process

This process was very easy to understand and a great way to access funds when needed….

Iluminada R.

This company is very professional and stands above the banks

I found this company on my morning radio station that I listen to every day. They talk about how easy it is to get a loan without going through all the paperwork at a bank. This was hard for me to believe being a business owner, so I went to the Internet and filled out the short paperwork and submitted. Within a short time, I received a call from the company, but was unable to answer. I called back and this very professional person answered the phone. They had received my app and needed just a couple more things from me, which I gave them, and she told me I could have the funds right now transferred to my bank account. I was very surprised how easy this was. I was told my funds would increase over time with the more business that I would do with the company and that I could pay off the loan anytime with no penalty. I will be doing more business with this company then my bank in the future. I am very happy that there are still company’s out there looking out for us small business company’s that the banks give us a hard time when you ask them for funding. I would recommend this company to every small business that have hard times with their banks trying to get funds when you need them the most.

Sumiko R.

They have been awesome so far, looking forward to doing more business.

My only view on First Down Funding is I wish the repayment term was longer. I believe when I first seen their advertisement, it said payment terms up to 5 years. But I’m grateful for the opportunity and look forward to doing more business with them. Also, the interest is not bad at all, customers just might need a little more time for repayment. Thanks! !

Geneva W.

Great Company to work with…..

Honest upfront and gets the job done every single time!

Tanya E.
To the Core

Great service but expensive

Easy to use, quick funding, but very expensive.

Pok S.

First Down Funding gave me an initial Credit Line of $20,000, then, after just 5 or 6 months, they increased my Available Cash to $100,000.00!

Stephnie L.



Sherryl S.

I Needed a little Operating Capital and First Down Funding was there to Harvest. First Down Funding is always in Season!

First Down Funding Cash was FAST and SIMPLE! No long form paperwork or Net Worth Figuring, No sitting down with your Banker and reviewing your Receivables, etc. Just a short & simple on-line application and I had cash deposited into my Checking Acct within a few days! Easy to understand Terms and several Cash retrieval options. Get First Down Funding and leave the Sauerkraut for the Banks and Credit Card Companies!

Savannah W.

Great Company, Instant Payment, reasonable Fees.

First Down Funding is very good, their rates are reasonable, and you can easily pay the loan early to avoid some of the fees. They offer personal assistance (I had someone call me shortly after being approved for a loan) to go over everything.

Moshe .T

Great service, quick and easy

Great service, quick and easy

Sharri H.

Ease of Application plus Really, Truly Instant Approval!

The site and terms were very easy to understand. Everything on the site just worked!

Basilia E.

The Best Financial Tool for Real Businesses Right Now

If you are a real business who needs working capital to expand your business, then look no further! Apply at First Down where you can get an answer in as little as 24 hours and the funds deposited in your business account within 72 hours. This is Awesome and Simple! There are no complicated forms to fill out and no paperwork to submit. Everything is handled online and if you call their Outstanding Customer Service Department, they can walk you thru the process which it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK! Thank a lot.

Clelia G.


Could not believe how easy it was to apply – and within a couple of days was offered funding help for my business. It’s a new business so the high street banks would not give me a second glance. Thank you, First Down Funding,!!!

Merrilee W.

Have nothing but good things to say so far

Great short-term loan options for immediate and planned business expense increases. Wouldn’t suggest using unless you’re very experienced with financial business planning and budgets because of the interest but if you’re careful with your budget management then it’s an excellent, relatively hassle-free option so far! Looking forward to the bigger possibilities with First Down Funding!

Leota K.

First Down Funding offered support financial and emotional

It’s no secret that this winter has taken a toll on many restaurants. Reduced income and increased bills. It was refreshing to be able to quickly qualify our operation and receive much needed funds that has provided the bridge to our continued future

Ping L.

working capital

I needed funding for working capital and marketing expenses quickly, and the application process, and fund transfer was quick. Customer service has also been quick and efficient.

Ileana B.
B&B Construction Services

awesome took 5 min

took less than 5 minutes all they did was request a couple simple documents for the funding approval and then almost minutes later 6k. They are awesome

Nancy K.

A 21st century solution to 21st century financing

This company is so cool and up to date. they are only interested in the things that matter. I as a small business owner am always pressed for time. I keep everything online or on my computer it was easy for them to access everything they needed to help with my expansion. They are the best

Kristian H.

Very happy with the outcome thus far.

Very happy with the outcome thus far.

Tiera L.
Jaguar Towing

A great way to boost your inventory!

A great way to build inventory and purchase parts for your inventory! Also, it’s a great way to pay with it being short term! It should work very well with my business!

Roxann C.

I have been with First Down Funding for over…

I have been with First Down Funding for over 4 years. Excellent service.

Marlon L.
A+ Cosmetics & Surgery

getting the money

we took out our loan for the first time 2 days ago. it went very smooth and fast. thank you.

Lu B.

fast and easy

I would highly recommend First Down Funding for a fast and easy way to get cash to grow your business. They are excellent and deserve more than five stars. Thank you for a great transaction.

Christene V.

User friendly and simple!

It’s a great service. The rates are not bad if you plan on paying your loan back in 30 days, it’s after the 30 that can become costly but over all a great alternative to the traditional bank route if you are a business owner, like most have sacrificed a good deal of your credit rating to help your business survive during tough times.

Catarina B.

Great service

When banks and other financial institutions seeking to lend you money when your credit is perfect, having a collateral with more value that the loan asked or having in your bank account more money than the loan you ask a simple thought coming in your mind. If I had all this what is the reason to ask for a loan? I was researching some working capital to grow my business or to feel secure I could go on slow days .The second year of a business that had 100% increase in sales. With fair personal credit in the range of 670 score. Only First Down Funding could look the real factors in my business. High cost of financing … Yes, it’s true… But sometimes we need to pay high when pay lower finance options are not available. I recommend anyone having a good idea of his finances and the cost to apply if cannot have the necessary working capital.

Rachal S.

This First Down Funding allows you to eat

I was pleasantly surprised that First Down Funding kept reviewing my account and then approved funding. I have recommended First Down Funding to other companies seeking finance.

Arnetta H.

easy to use

easy set up and approval in minutes. little documents needed to gain approval.

Belen S.


October 14 2014 I decided to reach out for a line of credit because my company is growing at a fast speed and I need to hire employees and inventory, and a larger space and This was meant to be, I reached out and selected First Down Funding on my first try and in less than five minutes and very little stress I was approved it was sooooo…… easy. I can’t thank the First Down Funding team for believing in my dream , I know have a Business partner and it feels GOOD. Thank you! Thank You so much !

Will recommend to other entrepreneurs definitely

Nannette F.

very fast and easy…convenient…

very fast and easy…convenient payments….i love how it just works

Tonya S.
Salsitas Mexican Restaurant

Fast and efficient…

Fast and efficient… Thank you First Down Funding!

Corinna B.
& Pizza


They were very helpful and allowed us to take care of last minute bills that had to be covered. Great Program

Madie M.

Very helpful and very quick to get funds

Your team was very helpful in understand the payback and fees. It was very helpful to get the funds in my account in just hours

Lizzie V.

Quick and easy money

Very easy and fast results

Danyell C.
DC Logistics

Outstanding customer service!

From the moment Paul Pitcher called me I felt a sense of honesty. I was nervous about working with someone based on past experiences, but Mr. Pitcher was upfront with me, informative, and he answered all my questions, and he answered them where I could understand. I would recommend Paul Pitcher. Definitely made me feel confident that I was working with a great company/ great business man who knows business.

Mack N.

Simple lending process

I heard about First Down Funding on a local radio station and decided I would try it. Extremely easy application, and wonderful service.

Laurine M.

First Down Funding provided for an excellent…

First Down Funding provided for an excellent experience, quick, reasonable interest rates, very little paperwork required. Eddie, my representative, did a great job in communicating with me, resulting in funding from First Down Funding within a few days.

Amina S.
Heavens Above

Innovative funding program

I’m a real estate wholesaler and I already have a transactional funding source for my business. The only drawbacks with my current funding source are that it typically takes 7 – 10 business days to fund a deal which in many cases restricts my options while selecting properties to invest in because some deals need to fund in 3 days. With the ease, speed, and efficiency that First Down Funding offers in terms of quick and hassle-free funding, allows me to pursue more deals with the confidence of having a backup funding source. First Down Funding is heaven sent. I predict doubling my revenues this year.

Domonique M.

Paul Pitcher is a pro

I have been working with First Down Funding for a few years now and it is a seamless process. Paul Pitcher did a magnificent job, and we are grateful for it.

Lovella P.
LP Maryland Builders

First Down Funding just took our business to the next level!

The loan we received from First Down Funding has allowed us to move forward with our plans of expansion and we are already seeing the benefits! As a small business owner this is the way to do it, with no hassles with banks or other lenders, why wouldn’t you do it?? Great product and great service.

Adele M.

Great service! Immediate cash upfront!!!

If you cash money fast this is the place not as expensive as a car title loan and it takes 1 minute to get the cash 😀

Tessa W.

Easy and efficient

When I needed sudden cash to take advantage of a business opportunity\; it took less than an hour, and had my cash in less than two days. I’ve used First Down Funding several times to grow my retail business,

Steve N.
Roadhouse Rum

Simple and easy

Try this to help grow your business. Capital to help you grow

Stevie M.

Great company to grow with

First Down Funding’s system is excellent, most efficient and very quick. Never seen something like this before.

Derek D.

Great !

First Down Funding is awesome !! fees could be a little lower but a great company !!

Hubert L.

Easiest and quickest service

Very efficient and well-informed people work with you

The whole process is very simple

Low rates and very competitive

Highly recommend

Ernestina R.

Awesome Company!

If you’re looking for some cash to grow your company without the hassle of dealing with a bank, then this is the company for you!

Russell H.

Instant CASH whenever I need it!!! This is Amazing!

I have Great Credit, but, I have been turned down time and time again by my local bank for loans as small as $10,000.

Violeta B.

Super easy to get money and grow my biz. Love it!!!

Truly grateful for First Down Funding. This company makes growing your online biz a snap with fast biz loans. Love this service and how fast the funds are available to use. Thank you

Verdell D.

First Down Funding and Paul Pitcher are always extremely…

First Down Funding and Paul Pitcher are always extremely professional, easy to work with , and most often with the best rates. Obviously, the best choice for moderate sized and easy working capital loans.

Denver W.
Absolute Medical Solutions Group

First experience with First Down Funding

My first experience with First Down Funding went very smooth, much better than what I anticipated

Thank you for your help!

Ardella M.

Smooth transaction

The whole experience was positive and quick. Took only 3 days

Shelba A.
Morning Bread & Co.

First Down Funding seems to be uncertain about wanting my business.

I applied for a First Down Funding loan and was not approved initially. About a month later I received an email from them saying I had money available to withdraw. I had a desire to use the loan, but the interest was outrageous! I contacted them to see if they could drop the interest rate, but their response was no. I have used the loan but only for the minimum amount of $500 and I intend to pay it off immediately hoping it will improve my chances to get a lower rate.

Woodrow P.

Great experience.

Easy process.

Audrea A.
AA Funeral Services


I couldn’t believe how easy and how helpful First Down Funding was when I needed a small business loan. I was looking for ways to fund some advertising for the upcoming summer months and wondered what options I had to make that happen. When I found First Down Funding, I was a bit apprehensive because everything was done online. I decided to go ahead and try it out and I was simply AMAZED at how easy and efficient it was. Everything was verified and I was able to receive my loan within no time…….if anyone can do it…….First Down Funding will fun…..

Andre B.

This was my 5-6 deal with First Down Funding

Paul Pitcher is unbelievable with this company. 7 Days per week, I can always reach Paul and rely on him for funding on the spot. Thank you First Down Funding!

Spiro D.
Spiro D's Pool Cleaning and Custom Installations

They worked hard and put it together fast.

They looked at our company said they could help and went to work trying to find the best way to help us with our needs. Within one week we had the money in the bank using it to move forward.

Blair R.
Ready for Fitness


Thank you for trusting me with your money. I can depend on you when it comes to funding. Hoping you continue to help me with my future needs.

Migdalia B.
Hop Trot Fitness


This is the first lender site which is honest and fast. Great for any business seeking short term funding issues.

Roselee D.

Excellent, super easy and I was well-informed, before I activated the loan!

Communication with First Down Funding was phenomenal. The chat was thorough, easy and informative. The terms of the loan were super clear. The amount of the fee was clearly stated. How it was to be paid was super clear. I received nice easy, non-pushy notes every now and then before I activated to see if I had questions.

Vella P.

All went well

All went well. this was my third round of funding and Paul Pitcher within First Down Funding makes everything so streamlined, simple, easy and transparent. I recommend any business owner in Maryland to call First Down Funding for any Funding needs.

Marlen A.
Dental Care Plus

Wonderful Company

After being given a run around by banks this was a wonderfully pleasant experience.

Bonita H.

Easy access to cash to expand my business.

I didn’t have to jump through a lot of hoops to get access to cash to expand my business. I just signed up, connected my accounts, and in no time, I was able to borrow money to help grow my business. I was finally able to get some capital to start reseller accounts with a new vendor, giving me access to hot items.

Malia M.


I have never been through a more pleasant experience getting a business loan

Susy M.

helped my small business with funding

Amazing service, fast and fair

Arianne N.

It was a very smooth and pleasant loan experience.

I would recommend First Down Funding for a small business loan. It was a easy and very professional experience in getting a business loan.

Hope W.

The most efficient lending process I have ever experienced

The process from start to finish was very easy and efficient and the flexibility to access cash was also very refreshing. I would recommend this company to anyone who would ask about it.

Kennith H.


I’m very pleased with the experience with First Down Funding so far. Just awaiting distribution of my funds now.

Illa C.

IT is a good thing to have and use

I really like these people. They answer your questions with a live person and correct any mistakes I have made. They are fun to talk to and I will be using their services a lot.

Stephenie C.

Excellent Service

Thank you so much for the fast and efficient service that 100% met my business needs. Thank you,

Cherryl G.
Round of Applause Video

Very Satisfied

I was very happy with the service I received from First Down Funding everyone was very helpful and professional.

Charise J.
CMJ Heating and Cooling

Transparent, great rates, easy to understand funding

Easy process, no hidden language, great follow up.

Leann B.

Easy access to capital

This is a great way to get access to working capital without overextending yourself.

Margart D.


I qualified and funds were available quickly

Ellyn B.

I’ve taken my second loan with First Down Funding smooth transaction.

 My second loan was a great experience like the first one. No tricks or tactics just honest answers.

Jolynn P.
Fast Fox Pub and Catering Company

First Down Funding has been very supportive…

First Down Funding has been very supportive and here for my business. They have made the process of borrowing money easy and more easier to pay back.

Lloyd H.
Trusted Mechanics

Very courteous and prompt service

We were treated with courtesy. The application process was simple and fast.

Jinny C.
Champion Security Group

Great Service, easy fast and reliable.

In less than 2 min I was approved for a line of credit, no hassles, nothing to make me feel like begging for a loan.

Clemencia R.

Great service for our business

This service is perfect for our business as it gives us that cushion that we need if commissions come in late. The service is great, and the process was very easy. I have already recommended this to other business owners that are in my field!

Marlon G.

One of the best companies around

One of the best companies around. The customer service is great

Shawanda L.
360 Martial Arts

Thanks First Down Funding!

Thank You First Down Funding for giving my business Selections Entertainment the opportunity and expand. Your loan will help create more jobs and purchase supplies!

Emerson B.

Fast Transaction

Our company needed funds for upgrading servers and the approval process was quick and funds came into our account quickly. We plan to pay off the loan within a short amount of time so the interest that we need to pay won’t be so high. The other great thing is that if we ever need a similar line of credit for urgent purchases short term, we can also turn to First Down Funding again.

Hilton B.

They are a breath of fresh air!

I’m so grateful for First Down Funding. They are helping me tremendously with business cash flow when my clients don’t pay on-time. It was a seamless application process, and the web tool is so easy to use! They are very transparent on the numbers, I always know where I’m at, what I owe, and how much I can borrow. It’s fantastic!

Toi M.

Easy as 123

First Down Funding is easier and better than dealing with a bank for a line of credit.

Lura M.

Extraordinarily simple and friendly and professional

First Down Funding is great and much easier, friendly, and professional than a bank. Far less paperwork and they perform.

Delicia S.

Staff went above and beyond to resolve my legal questions prior to release of funds.

Customer service was very helpful in going from a question I had about their free webinar to getting me a loan helpful to managing my cash flow. This process took less than a week.

Milda D.

I I’ve used First Down Funding many times

I I’ve used First Down Funding many times, if you need cash it’s as easy as 1 2 3!

Ruthe A.
Good Times Diner

A great and easy way to get funding for your business.

First Down Funding makes it simple and easy to get funding quickly for your small business.

Shirley H.

First Down Funding : Cash Flow Solution Specialist : Quick and Convenient

Have used First Down Funding for YEARS now and I have always found them to be an incredibly convenient and quick solution in serving my cash-flow needs. There is a cost of course – but you can’t beat FIRST DOWN FUNDING for value received. I’m a happy First Down Funding customer and hope to continue to be for years to come. Thank you, First Down Funding!

Dusty W.

The most sensible and accessible means of instant financing available.

First Down Funding picks up where banks leave off. Simple, immediate and competent processing. My application and approval took all of five minutes. Right up there with American Express as an example of how a major company should operate.

Denis C.

Great and Easy Process

I’m proud to have worked with First Down Funding for my small business funding needs.

Thomasena G.

All it took was about 7 minutes and First Down Funding helped me out of my cash flow problem

I manage a Dance company and sometimes cash flow can get tight, thanks to First Down Funding I don’t have that problem anymore.

Alta T.

very fast and smooth transaction 5 stars

I feel First Down Funding’s loan application and business integration is seamless and rate is reasonable.

Fidel G.

Very easy to work with – Paul Pitcher is the man!

quick and very easy to work with

Veda L.

First Down Funding is the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Paul Pitcher

I recently had to expand my business office. Being a new company, I was strapped for the cash necessary to accomplish the expansion. First Down Funding came to the rescue with the funds to help. The process was simple and took only minutes. I cannot thank them enough for their help and would recommend them to anyone in need.

First Down Funding is number one in my book.

Michaele H.

Great Experience

First Down Funding was easy to work with and took a chance on my business when no one else would. Thank you First Down Funding. I would highly recommend them to other small businesses seeking working capital.

Sherill M.
Sherill's Birth of Beauty


The best rate the best terms less invasion and less risk

Damian C.

A very smooth and easy transaction for a small business loan!

I’ve been in business for over 20 years and because my business is seasonal, March through November, this was an easy way for my business to receive quick access to money to help our business begin the new year with inventory, marketing, and early payroll. I’ve done the traditional bank way before and its such a hassle despite having excellent credit and plenty of assets. I found First Down Funding to be extremely quick, excellent short-term payments with a fair interest on their investment. I will certainly be back again next year for my annual startup capital.

Leslie H.

Very quick I will use them again

I’m really pleased with the service it’s great when you need cash fast. Very short process.

Arline B.

My only (slight) criticism was that we couldn’t link our Amazon store or Sage Pay, but I was told that this will change in future when the UK service becomes more developed.

Thuy S.

Quick, easy application process

If you are looking for a Business line of credit that is fast with minimal paperwork try these guys.

Isaiah R.

So easy, so smooth. Almost beyond belief.

After jumping through multiple, flaming hoops with banks, credit card advance companies and just down-right loan sharks…working with First Down Funding was incredibly refreshing. Trust them with your information. they simply deliver.

Magen C.

Great Customer service and very prompt results

We have used First Down Funding for several years now. The experience has always been very pleasant and speedy.

Mckinley P.
Mississippi Best Home & Remodeling

Go First Down Funding

Hit First Down Funding :).

Maxwell C.

Fast and Friendly

Quick analysis and a response that led to an instant funding is more than I could have expected!

Jule B.

Amazing. Excellent. I would recommend to any new business

Thank you for helping us AGAIN. Finally, after several different loans, you were competitive with other lenders. Literally had funds in 48 hours in the bank for working capital and better programs to serve every business need.

Phylicia S.
Light Speed Pack and Ship

I have worked with First Down Funding over the…

I have worked with First Down Funding over the past several years. I have found them to be responsive and trustworthy.

Gwen M.
The Farms of Willow Meadow

Very fast access of funds.

First two months Interest rate is high and rest four months is reasonable.

Selene C.

Got my Green on with First Down Funding!

I am the owner of a small business.

First Down Funding gives me access to solutions for my immediate, short term, cash flow constraints.

Julie P.

They came through when no one else did

This company contacted me and offered me a deal unlike no other. I was very skeptical because I have had other promises that have not come through. They went above and beyond and got me the deal promised with very little effort on my part. I can’t wait to renew with them. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with First Down Funding. I’m so thankful

Earlean L.
Hilton Head Wines

Excellent service

Quick service, no hassles and would recommend it to my Friends. It took me 5 minutes to get an approval. I am very happy with service

Kecia G.

Fast and easy funding!

I will continue to use them to help my company continue to expand. Great customer service also!

Patty M.
Patty & Pam's Flowers, Boutiques & Arrangements

This is my second funding with First Down Funding…

This is my second funding with First Down Funding. Everyone has been very helpful. I would recommend them.

Sherry Y.
Elite Medical Supplies

Overall, great with one exception

I am looking for a long-term relationship with a company to provide short term funding. I think First Down Funding is the solution. I like how they offer almost instant approval based on analyzing data immediately. Instead of offering a traditional data review over several weeks or months.

Heath B.

Great to work with

 Paul Pitcher was my rep, and he was great. They gave me the best financing package that I could get, by a long shot. Very patient as I was comparing other offers. Went with First Down Funding because of the offer and the service.

Lavona D.
Lavona Auto Detailing

First Down Funding is the best

First Down Funding is the best. I have done business with them for years and couldn’t be more satisfied.

Lorriane W.
404 Beauty and Style Services

So thankful!

Such an easy process and a wonderful program to receive much needed capital!

Emilia G.

Fast and Easy Small Business Services!

I am glad I found First Down Funding! It’s a very well organized, fast and easy solution for small business services! Love the simply organized dashboard so I can see all of my information at a glance! I don’t have time to weed through all the screens of most websites, and this one puts everything I want to see at my fingertips. Anything I want to do is super-fast and I have had no problems. I will continue to use First Down Funding and grow my business!

Emory R.

First Down Funding is fast and easy!

First Down Funding helped LBE through our growing pains! Easy to work with and very quick, would use them again!

Danica B.

Great company!!

First Down Funding makes the process so easy. Everyone I spoke to was so professional and understanding of my needs. They all worked so hard to make sure I got the funding I needed for my business. Paul Pitcher was especially helpful.

Marylouise H.
Winning Things

Best Service Ever

I applied had a delay just for identification purposes and was quickly approved and walked through the process of how to retrieve the funds.

Isabella W.

Amazing company

It was very quick and easy to get a loan from them. Their web site is very easy to use. Bravo. I wish all loan companies were like this.

Renae S.


The process was very easy, even though I did not qualify at first. But after several days later as funds where coming into my business account, I receive an email that said I had cash available. When you borrow you know right up from how much it is going to cost you!

Dahlia W.

Good financial partner.

As a client for 3 years I been very satisfied.

Mercy L.
Triple Threat Skills & Youth Camps

Very accommodating to my funding needs

Paul Pitcher was great to work with; he was very professional and very helpful and nice to work with. He made the whole process easy and as I changed my mind numerous times about how much to fund, he was very nice and patient with me. He is a true asset to your company.

Tijuana L.
Steak and Sons


First Down Funding was there for my company when I needed them most. The working capital they provided helps us run business smoothly without having to worry about finances. Now we can focus on more important . Things like marketing and patient care. Thank you First Down Funding!!

Inell C.
Big Smiles Dental

There when you need them

First Down Funding was the only lender that cared enough to help our company with capital when we needed it most. Their no-nonsense application process was so easy and so fast, money was in the bank in seconds.

Wilhelmina C.


I compared the rates to other financial institutions and found First Down Funding to be very competitive.


Aida I.

Great company to do business with

Very satisfied with the process

Clemmie G.
Maui Fruit

Amazing Company!

This is an amazing company that has created a solution for new, small businesses to be funded to grow and expand!  The turnaround was fast! The people supporting you from the loan end are efficient and help to keep you on track with what the next step is I highly recommend First Down Funding.

Garret R.
High Rise American Grill

Highly satisfied.

First Down Funding has the best funding services in the market for the business, particularly. I would not hesitate to refer family members, friends, business associates and colleagues to First Down Funding, Incorporated.

Heidi A.

Thank you

Very easy to get a loan through online.

Tristan N.

Glad I found you.

This was the easiest loan to get. I now have access to extra cash that I can expand my business with. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Bradley L.

Great program compared to others, I would highly recommend

Great program compared to others, I would highly recommend

Jonah M.

First Down Funding really helped us for our Utah State Fair expenses

WE have been a sponsor of the Utah State Fair for years. In past years we have really had to pinch pennies to be able to meet our responsibilities to the fair. With First Down Funding we were able to take a loan and pay our sponsorship much easier.

Bonnie B.

BRILLIANT!! Fastest Loan you will ever receive!!

Absolutely love the service that First Down Funding provide. It couldn’t be easier to get a loan approved – unbelievably quick!! So, refreshing to see a company like this as an alternative to the banks who take forever and a day to look through paperwork and learn your life story. The First Down Funding software is incredibly slick and clever. The interest rates are better than you might expect too…

Jeanette M.

Unparallel flexibility and customer service

First Down Funding goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service – they are helpful, accurate and accommodating. I was very impressed at how easy and efficient the process was from start to finish. I would highly recommend this service.

Jene S.

Efficient fast and professional service.

I was impressed by how every staff that I dealt with acted very professional and helpful.

Gemma K.
Gorgeous Grounds

Awesome. Great help

I really appreciate the support, it helps with my business

Alvera A.


It seems as if no one wants to extend loans to small Daycares; high risk businesses. I have been in business for ten years and have received small grants for six of those years. I always used that grant to update equipment for my school. That grant was discontinued but First Down Funding helped me obtain the additional computers and educational equipment I needed. My Daycare is now more advanced and better prepared for the upcoming school year. Thanks First Down Funding for saying YES!

Florance R.

Easy Process

This was a simple and easy process to get approved. First Down Funding is a great source to fund and jump start your business

Branden C.


First Down Funding is the easiest to work with.

Carly K.

Great experience so far

Upon coming across First Down Funding I was in a position growth with my business. Starting my own brand, the end of last year which has been extremely successful since. More recently I was able to team up with several retailers selling the brand and had my sights on expanding the product line. Well let me tell you, expanding involves Capitol and First Down Funding was able to help fast. They were able to help propel my product lines several months sooner than with my existing Capitol and revenue by approving me for 50k.

Ranee B.


Awesome company, very nice customer service

Marin M.

After some confusion on the amount I was confirmed, and all went through well. When I have had questions or concerns everyone is quick to respond or to follow up on a question. Thank you, First Down Funding team, for looking through current processes and suggestions to correct or to work for a better IT experience. They took suggestions and looked into opportunities to improve processes.

Shanell P.

Great model

It’s great to know there is a company out there that caters to small businesses such as mine. Hassle free and they give me the funds l need for my business to continue operating. It only takes a few minutes and l the funds are available to pay my suppliers. l can’t thank you enough and will be recommending this to my friends also involved in business.

Evelyne S.

Smooth transaction

Highly recommend for small business. A++++++

In E.

Good and fast process

I used them before, and they have always been very good fast and simple with the process

Dinorah E.
D.E. Roofing & Gutters

Easy to work with

 Easy to work with

Verlene H.
Family First Medical

All I can say is WOW!!!!!

I am using this extra, and immediate, Cash to bring in all types of new merchandise in my warehouse.

Deshawn D.

My First Down Funding experience

I have been pleasantly surprised at the ease of both applying for their financial products and the seamless access once approved. I would recommend First Down Funding without reservation to any small business looking to take advantage of seasonal pricing or cash flow needs. Love the name!

Kay H.

Every Business Should First Down Funding!

Very easy process. I wish I knew about them sooner; I would have done this long ago.

Lisha B.

Paul Pitcher is awesome the transaction…

Paul Pitcher is awesome the transaction was smooth we have done several advancements with them we give them 5 STARS thank you

Fredda M.
Priority Homemakers & Architect

Fast, easy, simple to use

The application process is streamlined and very fast. We were approved in less than 24 hours. We have used First Down Funding several times since to secure some great buys on needed equipment and supplies.

Antony D.

a good way to come up with needed “capital”

with some brief effort, I was able to come up with a much-needed infusion of cash to bridge through some tight-money times

Mickey R.


Super easy to use and you get the money quick. Thanks

Ara W.

Good stuff!

Simple and streamlined process. I recommend.

September S.

Easiest and quickest way to obtain a…

 Easiest and quickest way to obtain a business loan. Everyone is polite, professional, and very prompt to work with.

Jayme P.
Papa's East Coast Plumbing and Heating

Super Easy and Fast!

We have searched here and there for small biz loans over the years when we need to purchase more product quickly. We love the fact that this is fast and quick and not long term. It was so easy to do!


Mai D.

The online application process was simple and straightforward

The online application process was simple and straightforward, and I quickly learned what my maximum loan was; should I ever need it. Several months later, I logged in, requested the money I needed and “hey presto” it was transferred into my PayPal account in seconds. Great company to deal with and I’ll definitely be using them again.

Millard L.

Cannot recommend highly enough 5***** A++++

Surely the days of conventional banks asking for chapter and verse for a small overdraft are over, this is the future of banking and thank god for First Down Funding, I now have the ability to grow my business without the fuss and hassle of dealing with stuck up banks that invariably refuse your application anyway.

Maricruz J.

Really Enjoyed my Experience! Very upfront and Easy to Use

It is very nice to have access to plenty of funding when needed especially as a small business because the hurdles of banks can be overwhelming. The first three months we let the payment draft out of our account, but we started paying down the balance by the fourth month with our PayPal funds which was super easy. This allowed us to pay the balance off early. I had a great experience with First Down Funding, and I am sure we will certainly use them again.

Evia L.

Great for startup’s

Thank you, First Down Funding, for helping boost my new business which will result in tremendous returns and growth.

Willa F.

Very favorably impressed.

This experience couldn’t have been better. You have a very nice, friendly, and knowledgeable contact person, and I feel like we became friends. I would without hesitation recommend you to anyone where I have the opportunity to do so. Thank you very much.

Katherine B.
KBB Top of the Line Fitness


I would recommend this company to anyone.

Joey B.

A Great place to grow your business !

First Down Funding is a great place to get the funds that you need to grow your business. It has given us the opportunity to expand our inventory and hire a person and buy a more equipment. !! Thank you, First Down Funding, for the help !!

Lili P.

Went Above and Beyond to Make Sure I Was A Real Business

This was the best part of the process. I appreciate the fact that they went out of their way to make sure I was a legitimate business. This made me feel really comfortable. I have referred First Down Funding to several of my clients now.

Kiara J.

My experience with First Down Funding

First Down Funding help me out when the banks would not. The people there when you call if you have questions and even are renewing me for additional funding. They are very professional.

Jeniffer G.
JG Consulting

Hassle free unbelievably fast straight to the point lending! Thank you!

My business is small opened for 2 years and we are doing well. With most business you need some working capital from time to time. Having an excellent payment history in both my personal and business credit you think you would be rewarded for being responsible? Not always the case! I was so tired of traditional banks turning me down for Debt and cash advance company’s racking me under the coals with high paybacks. Always having the excuse new business high risk!! Till I found First Down Funding. First Down Funding is straight to the point what you’re paying back with fair rates. I only take what I need and can afford to pay back for the different times of year when business calls for it! Finally, someone who rewards me for the hard work and excellent payment history that I bust my behind for. Will refer to anyone I can! Thank you, First Down Funding,!

Alisa F.

Excellent customer service and very…

Excellent customer service and very professional, I will recommend to another business. Thank you Paul Pitcher, Vince Wynn, Eddie Rollins and First Down Funding.

Agripina M.
Bright Light Credit Solutions

Very good

I think the 5 stars says at all.

Meryl P.
Meryl P. Enterprises

Unconventional, no banks can compete! Great interest, better than others in the market.

Before I took the loan, I read lot of reviews on First Down Funding being unreasonable. Personally, I find First Down Funding outstanding! Rates are better than others, and how First Down Funding determines your loan amount is totally out of this system, no bank can compete, at least not right now! I would recommend every small business to try First Down Funding, however, I will advise if you are taking a loan, be responsible for yourself, as well as First Down Funding’s money, do not forget the money isn’t yours until you paid back to First Down Funding. and stop complaining, because First Down Funding is not your government, they are just another business institution that is just larger than you. Good luck. Thank you, First Down Funding, you’ve got my business!

Juliann R.

Easy to work with

easy to work with, smooth and fast

Cristobal B.
CB Medical Solutions

Honest, Easy to Understand, No Hidden Costs or Catches

As a small business owner – I hate debt and like to stay as liquid as possible at all times and self-finance my growth. Honestly there is nothing that compares to First Down Funding. This is designed for businesses with great profitability that are looking to grow and occasionally have limited funds to fund future growth or that can’t miss inventory purchase. You really feel in control of your advances – great for budgeting – you never feel like you are swimming in finance charges and minimum payments. First Down Funding is nothing like the typical Credit Card processor loan offers or small business advance offers. They really are different; they have a new way of calculating eligibility and they are truly helping the small business owners. I’ve been a consistent customer for going on two years now – I Love First Down Funding

Javier S.

Great Service and Fast!

I applied and money hit account within 2 days. I love First Down

Darell M.

Pleasurable & easy to Business with.

Quick easy way to get capital when you need if. You don’t even need to leave the shop to get it done….less than 1/2 online & you’re on your way.

Jess P.

Small Business Funding – First Down Funding is the best!

Quick application and approval process. Very pleased with the system.

Vernie T.

Streamlined process – excellent rates

Being a repeat customer, we get a very favorable rate compared to other companies who tell us they have the best deal we can find but are in reality usually more than double our First Down Funding rate. The paperwork is easier to submit – is a quick process and are willing to loan a larger amount based on experience than other vendors.

Vivienne H.
Dental Supplies South Dakota


I have been working with First Down Funding for my business for years. Their staff is always friendly and informative. The website is VERY user friendly and they all make the whole process so easy and comfortable. I will continue to work with them for years to come to help my practice grow, through physical expansion and marketing. Thank you First Down Funding for helping me fulfill my dreams and being able to sleep well at night.

Tera C.
TC Landscaping Inc.

First Down Funding all the way!

Money to grow when you need it

Very nice people to deal with, fast response time. Gave me the opportunity to expand my business and take on 40 plus new accounts in a weeks’ time.

Kiyoko L.

Outstanding Service

Great Customer service!

Kimberlee B.
First Class Therapeutic Massage & Services

Fresh and crisp

My experience was extremely quick and easy. Have not borrowed from another commercial lender with such ease, speed, and professionalism!

Kari K.

What a brilliant idea, excellent service for growing businesses.

Was offered a pre-approved amount, after accepting, the funds where credited to my account in seconds. Valuable, reliable financial help for businesses when needed.

Jacklyn K.

Necessary for a growing business

Very helpful

Nettie O.

Tired of being turned down?

when your turned down by all the rest put First Down Funding to the test they go above and beyond to get you approved fast!!

Clarinda F.
Atlanta Automotive

Super Simple

Very simple process, no hassles, quick turnaround.

Maximina N.

Great people within First Down Funding

Great people within First Down Funding. They worked fast on my funding request and they approved me within 4 hours. Thank you First Down Funding.

Loni S.
One Stop Auto Shop

Excellent and attentive service

My rep Angie kept in constant contact with me throughout the process. Very helpful and look forward to a long-term relationship with First Down Funding.

Quinton C.

Very easy to apply and even easier to draw down the loan when needed

As an online trader I felt it a good idea to have a line of credit ready and waiting, should I need to call upon it in future. I discovered First Down Funding through eBay and thought I’d give them a go.

Dianne R.

Really quick funding

Being a new business makes it hard to get lending. Not only did I get funding, but it was a very quick process. Thanks.

Laurinda W.

Great service and quick funding!

Such a great concept for funding. Quick and easy process not to mention funding in 1-3 days of application. This is a great tool for any small business needing help to get ahead on inventory

Benedict M.

Never thought this process could be so easy!!!

This is the first time that I get a line of credit. Banks would never give me a chance

Ruthie P.

Fast Easy Way to Help My Business Grow

I was able to apply online with First Down Funding and was approved for a loan right away. Just enough to help me grow.

Maragret H.


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