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    What is Small Business Funding?

    With First Down Funding, businesses apply for Small Business Funding and can have the funds in their business bank account within hours! Contact us to find out if you qualify today!

    Small Business Funding 101

    Efficiently and easily become educated on exactly what Small Business Funding are and how they can immediately help your business.

    Flexible Payments

    Repayment is based on a percentage of the daily card sales, instead of a set daily/monthly repayment amount

    Funder (not a bank)

    Small Business Funding provided within First Down Funding is NOT a bank loan, but rather an advance of funds based upon the future credit/debit sales of a business.

    Funding (not a lender)

    All funds provided by First Down Funding are defined by a Purchase of Future Receivables.

    Funds (not a loan)

    Funds provided by First Down Funding is an approval based on your previous and future daily receivables that will be allocated for a specific purpose to help grow and operate your current small business.


    Each day, an agreed upon percentage of the credit/debit card sales are collected in order to pay back the advance.

    Interest Free

    Small Business Funding allows businesses to obtain an interest-free advance on the regularly flowing funds of the merchant account.

    What can my business use the Funding for once fully approved and funded by First Down Funding?

    Your Small Business has absolutely zero restrictions as to where, how and when you make use of your advanced small business funding.

    Purchase Equipment & Vehicles
    Hire New Staff

    Make Payroll
    Open a New Location
    Or, Start a New and Long-Term Relationship with a Small Business Funder!
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