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Excellent customer service and very professional. I will recommend to another business. Thank you Paul Pitcher, Vince Wynn, Eddie Rollins, and First Down Funding.

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I will recommend First Down Funding to all of my clients. Excellent services and funding was completed by Paul Pitcher within 6 hours. Thank you First Down Funding!

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First Down Funding is the best. I have done business with them for years and couldn’t be more satisfied.

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What is Equipment Financing?

Equipment financing is the use of a funding or lease to purchase or borrow hard assets for your business. This type of financing might be used to purchase or borrow any physical asset, such as a restaurant oven or a company car.

Funding Amount

$10k - $5M

Funding Term

3 months - 10 years


Starting at 9%


1 - 3 Business days


  • Get access to funds quickly
  • Approval process is easy
  • Less than perfect credit accepted
  • Equipment is used as collateral


Speak to one of our qualified and seasoned Small Business Funding Managers to better understand what funding options and approvals we have for your small business.

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Compared to other funding types

Merchant Cash Advance $7.5k – $1m Starting at 1.09 1-2 business days
SBA Funding $50k-$10m Starting at 5% 3-5 weeks
Business Term Funding $10k to $5m Starting at 5% 1-3 business days
Business Line of Credit $10k to $250k Starting at 8% 1-3 business days
Receivables/Invoice Factoring $50k - $10m Starting at 5.8% 1-2 weeks
Equipment Financing Up to $5m per piece Starting at 5% 3-10 business days
Revenue Based Business Funding $10k - $5m Starting at 9% 1-3 business days

First Down Funding Can Secure Financing for Your Business Equipment

Need a fast, personalized, and simple financing source? Then let First Down Funding help. We would love to help you get the equipment you need for your business. Contact us today to get started with your free consultation. Also, please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. We look forward to working with you!


Who Qualifies for Equipment Financing Funding?

Term business funding don’t specify how business owners can use their funds. As long as you can make your payments and use your funds for legitimate business purposes, then you have some wiggle room. With equipment financing, however, you must use your funds for your business-related equipment.

Other than that, equipment financing with First Down Funding will look similar to most other small business funding. As always, qualifying with UCS will be much easier than qualifying with a bank. As long as you’ve been in business for a few months and can provide documentation of steady sales, then you’re on your way. Leasing companies and banks usually require lots of paperwork and non-negotiable terms. At UCS, however, we know that every type of business is different. Not only is our paperwork much easier to handle, but we can work with you to make your equipment funding work for your particular business.


How to Apply for Equipment Financing Funding

Applying with First Down Funding is as simple and straightforward as can be. If you take the steps below, you’ll make your application process that much easier.

Consider Your Needs

Ask yourself how much money you’ll need for your equipment. How many pieces of equipment are you funding? How will you use that equipment? How will it make your business life easier? Like we said above, we’ll work with you based on your individual business needs. When you know those needs before you start your equipment financing application, you can speed up your funding process.

Gather Your Documentation

Again, UCS doesn’t require nearly as much documentation as the banks and leasing companies require. You’ll just need the following documents:

  • Driver’s license
  • Voided business check
  • Bank statements
  • Invoice for Equipment
  • First Down Funding 1 Page Application

If you gather all of these documents in one place before you start your application, then you’ll breeze through the rest of process.

Apply With First Down Funding

The next step is the easiest one yet: just apply for your equipment financing funding with First Down Funding. You can either apply online or give us a call. Either way, you can get approved within 24 hours and then receive your funds within a few business days


How Does Equipment Financing Work?

As you can tell, our equipment financing funding process is more or less the same as the process for any of our other business funding programs. However, your funding terms will look different. With a business term funding, for example, you receive a single sum of money. With equipment financing, you’ll receive funding per equipment piece instead.


How Much Does Equipment Financing Cost?

Just like with any small business funding, your equipment financing cost will depend on a) how much you borrow, b) your cost of working capital, and c) how long it takes for you to pay back your business funding. Now, while most small business funding generally start at an 8% rate, an equipment financing funding can start at just 5%. To get your own estimate, you can use the quote tool at the top of this page. That will give you a good idea of how much you’ll ultimately spend on your equipment financing funding.

Most customers who were approved had

*** Based on past customers

Annual Revenue

Over $150k

Credit Score


Time in Business

Over 2 years

What Documents Will I Need To Apply For Equipment Financing?

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How To Apply For Equipment Financing With First Down Funding

Apply online in just a few minutes
Our system evaluates your business and typically provides a decision in minutes
Sign your contract and receive money in as fast as 24 hours


Contact First Down Funding for all funding options.