Pros and Cons of a Small Business Funding from a Private Lender

September 10th 2012 at 3:52pm Published by firstdownadmin

Banks are no more the go-to option for businesses when it comes to getting your hands on small business funding for managing expenses and operational costs in the short run. Gone are the days when the bank would be the only option you would head to in the hour of need. Now, with the advent of numerous funding agencies, the horizons have broadened.

There are numerous funding agencies now present on the internet providing convenient funding for businesses looking for some extra cash. These funders have a different model from that of banks and are run in a diverse manner. Business owners are now shifting towards the convenient option of small business funding, which is why it is necessary that you know the pros and cons of acquiring small business funding from a private funder.


The positives to acquiring such funding include:

Higher Approval

The biggest point going against banks was that they would take a serious amount of time only to deny you the funding provision. Private funders do not operate in this manner, as they approve a high majority of the business funding processes handed over to them. They understand just what prompts a business to go for funding, which is why they have a higher approval rate. Even businesses that happen to have a poor credit history can benefit from the higher approval rate here.

Unlimited Access

Banks operate only for 8 hours during a day, and you can get in touch with their working staff during these office hours only. In the contrary, most private funders work around the clock, and can be accessed conveniently at the hour of the day you are willing to get in touch with them.

Quicker Processes

A private funding agency can work on your demands in a process that is quicker than what a bank would follow. Banks tend to be extremely slow with their funding approval process, which is why you might end up wasting a lot of time in that.

A good funding agency would take as little as over 3 to 4 working days for approving your funding process and delivering the funded amount to you.


There are certainly some cons including the ones below:

Higher Rates

Since online funding agencies offer funding to people or businesses with poor credit ratings as well, they try to compensate for that through higher rates. Since businesses with a poor credit rate might be facing difficulties in acquiring funding altogether, they might find no trouble in the rates.


Experts say that some of the phony or dubious web funders can put sensitive financial data into risk. Always try dealing with a private funding agency that is credible and has good ratings.

The pros significantly outnumber the cons in this assessment of small business funding from a private funder.