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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes and disruptions to daily life all across the country, and some of those impacted the most are our very own small and local businesses in Maryland. Many companies are coming up with innovative ways to increase or pivot production and provide support to those in need while keeping up with the coronavirus. 

Keeping Maryland clean

The demand for quality disinfectants and sanitizers has never been more relevant. Sterilex, a Hunt Valley-based company, has been at the forefront of sanitizer and disinfectant production in Maryland. The company is currently working at full capacity to keep up with increased demands for products, with a special focus on keeping essential workers and food establishments safe.  

The “masked crusaders” of Annapolis  

Some businesses and organizations are completely pivoting their daily operations to keep up and are providing much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to Marylanders. The Annapolis Opera started doing just that, when one of the organization’s volunteer seamstresses began creating and sewing masks in March. Soon enough, other volunteers joined her, forming the group “Positively Precious Extraordinaires (PPEs) Making PPE’s.” The group now consists of 22 people total who are making masks in Annapolis, Bowie, and Crofton.  

The group has made more than 2,000 masks over the course of five weeks, supplying them to healthcare workers at Anne Arundel Medical Center, University of Maryland Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore Washington Medical Center Foundation, and various assisted living facilities and dental offices.

Shooting for the stars in Baltimore 

In small neighborhoods across the state, many businesses are struggling with long-term closures, putting bar, restaurant and retail employees out of work for extended periods. Luckily, some innovative new programs are reaching for the stars and putting out-of-work residents in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood back on the job. 

The Hubble Image Similarity Project, a project of Baltimore’s Space Telescope Science Institute, are the brains and operations behind the famous Hubble Space Telescope. The project needed extra eyes to search and categorize the mass database of images and photos taken by the telescope. Recognizing this need, astronomer Joshua Peek turned to the neighborhood of Hampden to recruit volunteers who could help sort and categorize the images.  

Lending a helping hand 

Many local businesses are also lending a helping hand to community and charitable organizations. During these tough times, food insecurity is still a very real part of many people’s lives. Basys, a local technology company, has graciously raised more than $14,000 in donations for the Maryland Food Bank. The Maryland Food Bank’s main focus is to help end hunger in Maryland, a goal that has become increasingly more difficult during the pandemic.

The fundraising campaign was an internal effort to give back and started with a modest goal that quickly grew as more and more employees and board members participated. In total, the company raised $14,114 to help put food on the table for Marylanders in need.  

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Maryland Department of Health

Updates on the COVID-19 response in Maryland, as well as a documentation of cases in the state.


Maryland Department of Education

Information for COVID-19, including state-funded childcare for essential personnel.

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Maryland Manufacturing Network

TEDCO applauds the efforts of MD manufacturers to make their resources available to help address the urgent COVID-19 crisis, but does not endorse any of the goods or services they may supply.  

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Find resources and loans available to businesses enacted through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).

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Getting Funding with Bad Credit

Long term business funding are geared towards established businesses with good credit history. That said, if your business has poor credit, you still have business funding options. In fact, our financing company provides bad credit funding to help small businesses get back on the right track.

If you are a small business with less than stellar credit and are in need of financing, consider the following:

Signing a Personal Agreement: In the case that your personal credit is better than your business’s credit, consider signing a personal guarantee. This way, your funding application will be assessed based on your personal ability to pay off a funding, rather than your business’s ability.

Pledging a Cash Down Payment: If your business has adequate cash flow, you can use that cash to cover a percentage of your funding costs. This cash can help you secure the funding that you need.

Applying for a Smaller Amount: Long term funding can be challenging for less established businesses to attain. That said, even with poor credit, your business can still get accepted for a smaller funding amount. After successfully repaying a short term funding, you will be better equipped to take on more substantial funding.

Providing Assets or Collateral: Leverage assets like unpaid invoices, future transactions, or collateral like equipment to allow your revenue to demonstrate your capability to pay back a funding.

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