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First Down Funding offers Venture Capital to business owners who are in a phase of growth or advancement.

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    Venture Capital

    Discovering a startup opportunity is exciting: the desire to bring an innovative product or service to the masses can sweep you up and drive you to hit the ground running.

    But when you have short windows to lock down investments, Venture Capital can help you keep moving forward.

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    Who does Venture Capital benefit?

    Venture Capital benefits high-growth startups with proven business models. You may seek Venture Capital if:

    You need access to working capital while waiting on a long-term investor.

    You’re facing tight deadlines to seize opportunities.

    Unexpected costs occur.


    We Support Women Owned Businesses And Their Contribution To The Small Business Community.


    What’s the process?

    Our Experience

    First Down Funding offers Venture Capital to business owners who are in a phase of growth or advancement. We believe in clients who have strong ideas and show a dedication to seeking out opportunities to expand their business.

    We don’t just provide you with funds. We want to be your advocate and mentor. Many of our team members have firsthand experience with running startups and small businesses.

    When you have an inventive product or service and believe in its ability to improve the lives of your customers or industry, we’re here to back you up.

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    How Do I Qualify?

    Generally, you will qualify for small business funding if you have an established business that is already generating revenue, and a good credit history. Small business funding comes in many different shapes and sizes, so the specific funding amount, fixed fee, cost and length of the term will depend on your business financials and credit rating.

    You can apply for small business funding online, or via one of our dedicated business advisors, and all we need to see is a government-issued ID (like a drivers’ license), a voided check from your business checking account, and the last three statements from your business bank account.

    2 Trucks Funding – First Down Funding approved me when I needed it most

    I own 2 trucks and they kept breaking down, it was extremely difficult to make ends meet. Paul Pitcher & First Down Funding exceeded my expectations.

    They gave me the business funding, no problem. I am extremely happy with the process. It saved my company! I highly recommend to anyone!!

    Thank you Paul Pitcher!

    Hectory Samuels
    999 Trucking & Logistics

    Testimonial – Great Work by Paul Pitcher and First Down Funding

    I have been dealing with Paul Pitcher and his team for 2 years now and find them to be both professional and very quick.
    They make the process a seamless as possible and treat you like family friend.
    I refer them as often as possible.

    Thank you First Down Funding & Paul Pitcher

    HGS Bistro & Kitchen


    Love the professionalism and experience ! Great process in place, plus the back to back within minutes to give you a resolution is beyond expectations!

    Definitely a great company !

    Broom Inc.


    I couldn’t believe how easy and how helpful First Down Funding was when I needed a small business loan. I was looking for ways to fund some advertising for the upcoming summer months and wondered what options I had to make that happen. When I found First Down Funding online, I decided to go ahead and try it out and I was simply AMAZED at how easy and efficient it was. Everything was verified and I was able to receive my loan within no time…….if anyone can do it…….First Down Funding will fund…..

    Andre B.
    Window World Inc.

    First Down Funding offered support financial and emotional

    It’s no secret that this winter has taken a toll on many restaurants. Reduced income and increased bills. It was refreshing to be able to quickly qualify our operation and receive much needed funds that has provided the bridge to our continued future

    Ping L.

    First experience with First Down Funding

    My first experience with First Down Funding went very smooth, much better than what I anticipated

    Thank you for your help!

    Ardella M.
    Material Storage Systems

    A very smooth and easy transaction for a small business loan!

    I’ve been in business for over 20 years and because my business is seasonal, March through November, this was an easy way for my business to receive quick access to money to help our business begin the new year with inventory, marketing, and early payroll. I’ve done the traditional bank way before and its such a hassle despite having excellent credit and plenty of assets. I found First Down Funding to be extremely quick, excellent short-term payments with a fair interest on their investment. I will certainly be back again next year for my annual startup capital.

    Leslie H.

    Great software, professional service staff

    For a growing business, our biggest need is bridging cashflow while we onboard new employees to increase capacity. With First Down Funding’s software, we were able to steadily and quickly (with a couple clicks of a button as we added revenue accounts) accumulate a viable revolving line to support our trajectory. The follow-up support from First Down Funding customer service was pleasant, informative and helpful.

    The cost of cash here is comparable to a traditional bank. First Down Funding introduces some other value-adds, which, depending on your business priorities, may offset the possible 6- or 12-month terms I was approved for.

    Wes L.

    First Down Funding quick and easy.

    I was hesitant to ever use First Down Funding; it is just such a hassle to borrow money. This was much faster and easier than I expected. Money was in my business bank account within minutes. This will be paid back very quickly, unlike a credit card that would drag it out for years, if you let them.

    Alesha L.

    Very easy process

    First Down Funding is the easiest way to get the funding you need to grow your business!

    Whitney F.

    First Down Funding is the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Paul Pitcher

    I recently had to expand my business office. Being a new company, I was strapped for the cash necessary to accomplish the expansion. First Down Funding came to the rescue with the funds to help. The process was simple and took only minutes. I cannot thank them enough for their help and would recommend them to anyone in need.

    First Down Funding is number one in my book.

    Michaele H.

    Excellent service, quick funding and easy payments

    I am truly impressed with there no hassle loan and I had may funds in 2 days. Even though I was approved for over 9 months for a loan, they never hassled me and when I was ready to use the funds they were still there! Thank you for a seamless loan process First Down Funding.

    Genesis D.

    Very easy to work with – Paul Pitcher is the man!

    quick and very easy to work with

    Veda L.

    Great Service and Fast Business Funding!

    I applied and the business funding hit my business account within 2 days. I love

    Darell M.
    Xtreme Cartage & Warehousing

    Good idea and nice cash flow security for mu business.

    It’s nice to know that I have that credit line if I need it for my business.

    Solomon S.