December 31st at 10:03pm

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, it is also expected to be a key year for High Tech as Artificial Intelligence companies are ready to launch new technologies.  With this, your business will have more global reach and other opportunities to grow and expand.  Is your business ready for 2020?  Looking for more working capital?  Looking for the right funding company? First Down Funding is committed to making financing and business growth accessible to the small businesses in America that are consistently let down by traditional financing methods. We give small businesses what they really need…

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Commercial Funding – Best Way to Grow Your Business

December 18th at 6:47pm

Whether you are planning to have a start-up or need finances to meet basic business operational needs such as purchasing equipment to use in the production process, commercial funding can be beneficial. These are short-term funding that are usually obtained by partnerships, corporations, and business enterprises. Moreover, commercial loans cannot be used for personal needs. You can fund a commercial funding through financial institutions and private funders. These short-term funding are easily accessible and straightforward, helping you to grow your business. If you are looking for its benefits and uses, here is everything you need to know about commercial funding.…

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Happy Thanksgiving from First Down Funding

November 27th at 5:11am

First Down Funding wishes all Small Business Owners from coast to coast, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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First Down Funding – When Do Short-Term Business Funding Make Sense for Your Business?

November 26th at 2:37pm

First Down Funding specializes in approving small businesses across the United States for Small Business Funding since 2012. Apply Today and Get Funded Tomorrow. There was a time not too many years ago when the local bank was the only place to get small business funding. For a number of reasons, that isn’t always the case today. In fact, funding purpose, credit profile, and other factors play an important role in determining where a small business owner should look for financing, the type of small business funding that makes the most sense, and what type of cost of working capital…

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Enlarging business with short term business fundings

November 12th at 9:46pm

Start-up demands finance for investing in real state, purchase of working capital and machines, hiring new staff and eventually the marketing of your product. However, finding an authentic financing funder for your newly born business is crucial. This financial support comes up with complicated documentation and rigid repayment terms and policies. Therefore, the First down Funding provides short term funding for the evolution, growth and development of your business. Our active and competent application processing and flexible payment conditions are the liability of your business establishment. These funding are specifically designed to meet all the basic requirements of your new…

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Fundamentals of unsecured funding

September 30th at 5:43pm

Unsecured financing – your ultimate choice An unsecured funding is basically, where there is a promissory note. It is also referred as a signature funding, where you just sign a contract which says that you will pay back the money, but the funder has no collateral. So, it is essential to know aspects associated with the unsecured, as it can be helpful to you. The only collateral in getting unsecured financing is your goodwill and name. A secured loan is the most general and transparent form of funding because it is secured by a business or personal property such as…

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September 10th at 6:53pm

Alternative funding organizations have a team of professionals who are devoted to establish and expand small scale businesses. Therefore, they provide several funding that are immediate cash for covering urgent business needs. However, there is a kind of investment that is not typically funding, for instance, merchant cash advance. It is the best solution for fixing your financing issue when you have no or less asset, restricted commercial history or poor credit score. Besides, this short term funding tool is a viable option for those local businesses that leverage credit card payments and gain significant revenues from them. This is…

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Embrace Small Funds For Powerful Empire

August 7th at 6:50pm

A substantial amount is significant for setting-up the inborn commercial and daily business operations as well. There are multiple loans provided by the alternative funding organizations, and each is designed with its particular application. They all are organized to not only cover your immediate need of cash but also to improve your credit score. However, they are distinct from each other due to repayment policies as some funding are short term loans while others are long term, asset-based, and unsecured funding. In a list of several credits, local business owners find short-term funding a viable option as they have plentiful…

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