November 19th at 9:47pm

As the 2019 Holiday Season approaches, great gifts are available for all age groups… below are some of the most notable and unique products that you must consider: The latest Apple Watch:   When the Apple Watch Series 5 was announced in September, we already knew it was going to be a popular gift in 2019. We already love the Series 4, but the Series 5 has been upgraded with a larger screen, always-on retina display, and emergency services calling, making it even better. Last Black Friday, we saw certain sizes and band colors of the Series 4 sell out, so we…

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May 9th at 4:21pm

Time is essential in our lives and plays a significant role. It is very important for us to respect the time because the time gone is never going to return. Punctuality is essential in life; if you want to live a successful life. A successful person always respects the importance of time in life. If you are not punctual; you may have to face the repercussions of it. Therefore one must comprehend the estimation of time and should be punctual in life. Time is considerably more valuable than money because we can gain money in any phase of our life…

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September 29th at 2:20pm

Getting solid financial footing requires you to focus on the most important elements of your money: saving and investing. Retirees need to know how to generate enough income to maintain their lifestyles without exposing their assets to too much risk. Social Security is obviously a key source of steady cash, and some retirees also have traditional defined-benefit pensions, an increasingly rare type of plan that pays out like clockwork. Its important to know how to calculate the amount you need to retire.  Most financial advisors will say that you need to multiply your cost of living by 25.  This means that…

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August 6th at 7:54pm

To live well in retirement, you no longer can rely solely on a company pension plan or Social Security. Instead, you will have to depend on how skillfully you plan and invest, and whether you make good use of tax-advantaged savings plans such as 401(k)s and IRAs. Approache retirement planning using an eight-step process: Set your retirement goals.Assess your current financial position.Identify retirement income sources.Evaluate retirement risks.Understand health care issues.Invest your retirement assets.Manage your retirement income. Best retirement plans to consider: Defined contribution plans.IRA plans.Solo 401(k) plan.Pensions.Guaranteed income annuities.The Federal government plan.Cash-balance plans.Cash-value life insurance plan. First Down Funding is funding America, apply…

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October 25th at 7:59pm

Whether you naturally wake up feeling alert and productive or wake up with the brainpower of a zombie, these tips will help you transform your morning routine and set a positive tone that lasts the entire day. 1. Start with exercise. Getting your body moving for as little as 10 minutes releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that makes your brain feel soothed and keeps you in control of your impulses.  2. But drink some lemon water first. Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up spikes your energy levels physically and mentally. Lemon water gives you steady, natural energy that lasts the…

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July 5th at 11:48pm

Nobody thinks filing for bankruptcy is a great idea. Even quality bankruptcy attorneys will tell you it is a last resort. The fear, the shame, the guilt—it turns your world upside down. Although someone might do everything possible to avoid bankruptcy, sometimes good people still have to go through it. But it’s definitely not an easy out. How to Avoid Bankruptcy and Spare Your Credit Selling Some of Your Assets. Pay Your Way Out of Debt.Ask Creditors to Help You Avoid Bankruptcy. Seek Consumer Credit Counseling. Get Help From Family and Friends. Settle With Creditors and Debt Collectors. Use Everything in This List. 2020 Consumer…

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March 22nd at 11:44pm

Living with bad credit in America today is possible, but it’s tough. Bad credit makes many things difficult, impossible, or more expensive.  Credit repair is critical to saving money on insurance, funding, and credit cards, but that’s not the only reason to repair your credit. A better credit score opens up new employment opportunities, even promotions and raises with your current employer. If you dream of starting your own business or just want the security of knowing you can borrow money when you want to, you should repair your credit sooner rather than later. Here’s a simple process you can follow: Review your credit reports. …Dispute…

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