November 19th 2019 at 9:47pm Published by firstdownadmin

As the 2019 Holiday Season approaches, great gifts are available for all age groups… below are some of the most notable and unique products that you must consider:

The latest Apple Watch:  

When the Apple Watch Series 5 was announced in September, we already knew it was going to be a popular gift in 2019. We already love the Series 4, but the Series 5 has been upgraded with a larger screen, always-on retina display, and emergency services calling, making it even better. Last Black Friday, we saw certain sizes and band colors of the Series 4 sell out, so we can expect the same with the Series 5.  Buy from Amazon:

Coolest Egg Cooker:  

Oached, soft boiled, scrambled, hard boiled—eggs can be a challenge to get just right. That’s why people are obsessed with this egg cooker from Dash. It cooks your eggs any style and gets them right every time (as long as you follow the directions).  Buy from Amazon

New AirPods:  

If someone doesn’t own Apple AirPods already, they’re probably asking for a pair this holiday season. These iconic white ‘buds have earned a cult following and their popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Not only are they trendy, but they actually perform well.  Buy from Amazon

Fitbit Inspire HR :

Track workouts, heart rate, distance, calories burned, sleep pattern monitoring and water resistance are amongst many features.  Buy from Amazon

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers:  

Year, golf ball transparent cubes, freeze them and add them to your favorite drink… without diluting it with ice.  Buy from Amazon


Smart phone bath sanitizer.  UV light kills germs on your mobile device. Buy from Amazon

For your Pet:  

Backpack carrier with lookout window. Because of course you need to go places with your cat or small doggie. Capsule retro style. Buy from Amazon

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