Small Business Loan – Dewey Beach, Delaware

Small Business Loans in Dewey Beach, Delaware

The key to Dewey Beach's charm is in its name — it's a beach town, and so it delivers the kind of ocean views and seaside fun you'd expect from this sort of location. Or perhaps we should say one of the keys to the town's charm. While Dewey Beach's Atlantic-side setting has certainly played a big part in the formation of a strong civic identity, there is a whole lot more going on here.

We are proud to serve Dewey Beach with the small business loans and funding it needs to really thrive. This area of Delaware's Atlantic coasts represents a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to grow and develop. In turn, these entrepreneurs and business owners support a flourishing community, providing the kind of economic stability and cultural vibrancy that make this town so special.

Read on to learn more about how our fixed funding, spring funding and other small business financial products are working for companies in this area.

Business in Dewey Beach, Delaware

Dewey Beach, DE is a relatively small community, home to about 341 permanent residents. Of course, you will see that number swell considerably during the summer months, when holidaymakers, sightseers and those simply in need of a little R&R flock to the resort town. It may be small, but it's prosperous — the median income here is more than $20,000 above the Delaware state average, and more than $25,000 above the national average.

In fact, Dewey Beach is growing rapidly. The Cape area of Delaware is one of the state's major success stories in recent years. Rapid growth in terms of population and GDP has made the beach town a very exciting place to start or expand a business.

While there are year-round business opportunities here, the economy and business landscape of this part of Delaware is predominately seasonal. During the summer months, when people arrive to sample the sea views and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the oceanside, local companies do the majority of their annual business and bring in the majority of their annual revenue.

Hotels, property rental, real estate, restaurants, bars and entertainment, outdoor pursuits, tourism and leisure — it is these industries that truly support the local economy here in Dewey Beach. These industries are also, for the most part, seasonal, which brings their own advantages as well as challenges.

Here at First Down Funding, we understand these challenges. With this in mind, we aim to give Dewey Beach's small businesses the funding options and array of financing choices they need to get established and grow. Once this foundation is achieved, small businesses can really begin to experience the advantages offered by the region.

The Small Businesses Driving Dewey Beach Forward

As with many towns and cities in Delaware, and right up and down the east coast, it is small businesses who provide much of the driving force for the local economy. These small businesses deliver products and services to Dewey Beach's residents as well as to visitors of the area, and in doing so, offer a solid foundation for the culture and identity of the area.

This is why we seek to support small businesses with the funding products they need to do more for their customers. Here are just a few of the small businesses achieving significant success here in Dewey Beach.

  • The Starboard

The Starboard, located on Coastal Highway, is one of Dewey Beach's most famous eating and drinking establishments. It hosts a range of different events and is loved by visitors and residents alike for its great food and beverages.

  • The Starboard Raw

The team behind The Starboard also offer The Starboard Raw. The venue is renowned for great craft beers and a tapas-inspired menu including oysters and fresh seafood from the nearby area.

  • Rusty Rudder

South of Dewey Beach, on Dickinson Street, is Rusty Rudder. Patrons enjoy incredible waterfront views to accompany the seafood, drinks and live entertainment on offer here.

  • Bottle & Cork

Bottle & Cork welcomes many top music and entertainment acts from across the USA and beyond. This concert venue is among the most iconic businesses in Dewey Beach.

  • Northbeach

On Mckinley Avenue, you'll find Northbeach, a bar, restaurant and music venue that is one of Dewey Beach's best known and well-loved. While it lacks the Atlantic views of its competitors to the east of the city, it makes up for this in the quality of its food, drink and entertainment.

Small Business Loans in Dewey Beach, DE

Whether you are looking to move or expand your business to Dewey Beach, or you are a local resident seeking to support your hometown, you have certain needs that have to be fulfilled. Yes, these needs may be similar in some respects — you will need infrastructure and a budget for marketing, for example — but in many other aspects, they will be unique and tailored specifically to your business case and your industry.

This is why small businesses in Dewey Beach, DE need an alternative approach to business funding. They need to know that they are working with a funding provider who is ready and willing to listen to their requirements, to work with them to find a solution, and then to make this happen in the right way.

You might be looking for a business capital advance to give you a chance to get established, or you may be in need of working capital funding that can help you grow your business even during lulls — which are common in a seasonal economy such as Dewey Beach. You may require tools such as funding calculators to help you understand what you are working with, or you may need to consult with a small business financing expert who can support your business.

Reach out to our team today and let's discuss what you need. At First Down Funding, we can give you the best chance of finding the financing you require for your Dewey Beach business.