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    More than one million business entities have their legal home in Delaware including more than half of all U.S. publicly-traded companies and 64% of the Fortune 500. Businesses choose Delaware because we provide of our modern and flexible corporate laws, our highly-respected Court of Chancery, our business-friendly State Government, and the customer service oriented staff of the Delaware Division of Corporations.

    Delaware has 68,495 small businesses, according to the most current federal data available. Of those 68,495 small businesses in Delaware, 24,006 have employees. The remaining 44,489 are Delaware small businesses that have no employees.

    Quick Approval Small Business Funding

    There is much to be said for the burgeoning business owner. You’ve chased your dream, organized a plan, executed it and now your business is up and running. Now what?

    Well, for many business owners, the goal is growth. But growth can be hard to come by without the proper tools. And yes – money is a tool.

    As a small business owner, you probably don’t have extra cash just lying around. Your money is either being invested back into your growing company or being used to maintain it.

    Business owners in smaller states like Delaware know what it’s like to deal with circumstances out of their control, and surely have a few ideas of what they would do with some extra capital should it happen to come their way.

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    Business Funding in Delaware

    Delaware ranked 27th in small business friendliness in all 50 states, thanks not only to the over 962,000 people who are living in Delaware, but to those state’s small business owners who employ 180,000 people as well. In the 20th century, the Diamond State has been closely connected with American dream at a time when small businesses are progressing rapidly. If you want to be considered as one of the best Delaware businesses, then you will require business funding to do it. If you have applied in traditional banks for business funding and have been rejected multiple times then you must check for different options. First Down Funding is one of those option that you must consider to get business financing with fast, instant and transparent process. If you are a business owner in Dover, Delaware, or any other city in America, find out First Down Funding fast & quick business financing options.

    If you are trying to get traditional traditional bank Financing then it’s going to give you a hard time. Banks won’t even respond to you before you fill out an application, provide required documents, tax return, bank statements. After submission the bank asks you to wait for weeks and months to confirm either you will be sanctioned the funding or if your request has be denied. Fortunately, if you get the approval you have to wait for weeks. First Down Funding offers you the business financing in just one day. Our company also gives you the flexibility of different business financing options that can be used to plan your future and save cash as well.

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    Top Cities in Delaware

    The local economy is quite diverse. The medical industry, financing, and agriculture all play a major role in Delaware. The area is also known for its extremely private business laws. In fact, most new businesses in the United States are registered in Delaware – they allow anonymous ownership of LLCs. While there aren’t many major cities in Delaware, there are some great choices when it comes to deciding where to open your new business. Below are the different major cities in Delaware and their top business funders!

    Wilmington, Delaware

    Wilmington is a scenic city in the state of Delaware that lies on the Delaware River. As Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware, it serves as the economic hub for the small state. Plenty of retail and services businesses operate in the area. If you’re thinking of opening a business in Wilmington, you should consider First Down Funding

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    Dover, Delaware

    While Dover is the second largest city in the state of Delaware, it only plays home to just over 30,000 people. Regardless, the local economy is still thriving. The area still plays home to large manufacturing and food processing plants and companies. If you’re thinking of starting a business in the area, First Down Funding can help you obtain the financing you need.

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    Newark, Delaware

    Newark, Delaware is a small city that also happens to be one of the tourism epicenters of Delaware. It’s located next to some of the most scenic areas of the state – you can find White Clay State Park just a few miles outside of the city. If you’re looking to move to the area to start a new small business, you should consider First Down Funding.

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    Milford, Delaware

    Milford is a very small city in the state of Delaware – it only has around 10,000 residents. Regardless, the local economy plays home to a number of successful small business owners. Many of whom work in distribution or retail. This might not be the best city to start a new small business in, but it still has a local small business funders in the area if you decide to open shop.

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    Determine your need for Small Business Funding in Delaware

    There are a few variables to consider when determining the right Small Business Funding for your company. Think about whether a long-term or short-term funding option is best for your needs. If you just need funding to fulfill a large order or take advantage of a one-time opportunity, funding with shorter terms are probably best. If you need to purchase a piece of machinery that will last 20+ years, a long term funding is more cost effective. 

    Here are 5 reasons why your business might need a funding for your Delaware business:


    Cash Flow


    To Improve Terms on a Larger funding.


    Probably the most obvious reason to consider Small Business Funding is to invest in an expansion opportunity for your business.

    Learn more about what your business qualifies for with First Down Funding.

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    Small Business Funding To Reactivate Your Business in Delaware

    Funding Provided To Small Businesses For Various Purposes By First Down Funding.


    Qualifying for Delaware Business funding Made Simple

    Qualifying for business funding has become increasingly difficult over the years, not just in Delaware, but throughout the United States. With the number of new business owners in Delaware rapidly increasing, there has been a falling out between banks and small business owners, leading them to look elsewhere for the Small Business Funding they need to grow.

    Alternative funders provide just that.

    Need help covering payroll?

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    To better understand the difference between these two types of funders, here is a quick comparison of what each funder looks for in an applicant:


    • Require a nearly immaculate credit score
    • Expect you to have been in business for at least two years
    • Often ask applicants to provide collateral in their contracts
    • Long-term agreements

    First Down Funding

    • Prefer a credit score of at least 600
    • An annual revenue of $150,000
    • Never ask you to pledge personal assets
    • Flexible terms to fit your business’ needs

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    How Does First Down Funding Business Funding in Delaware Work?

    For business owners, acquiring the right funding is always a struggle. For owners of small businesses, this struggle can be even more severe. This is because financial institutions are often unable or unwilling to provide the funding that they need.

    However, things are changing, and alternative funding providers such as First Down Funding are proud to be leading this shift. Companies looking for Small Business Funding now have the options they need, which is good news for these businesses and good news for our country’s economy as a whole.

    Apply for Small Business Funding if your business needs cash to:


    We know how frustrating it can be to be denied for business funding in Delaware, business funding in Virginia, or anywhere else – that’s why we’ve dedicated our time so you can stop wasting yours.

    Apply online today or call us at (866) 644 1353 to learn more about how our Delaware business funding can help your company reach its pinnacles faster.

    Need help covering payroll in Delaware?

    We Help Small Businesses With Working Capital Financing For Short & Long Term Projects


    How to Apply for a funding

    Small Business Funding application is different from personal funding. If your company is older and well-established, you should have no problem taking out a funding. You’ll need documentation of sales and expenditures associated with your company. This lets First Down Funding know if you’ll have the funds to pay back the funding.

    First Down Funding application process in Delaware:

    Step 1

    Apply online in just a few minutes

    Step 2

    Our system evaluates your business and typically provides a decision in minutes

    Step 3

    Sign your contract and receive money in as fast as 24 hours

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    We’ve designed our process to provide businesses with the funding they need safely, securely and easily:

    Fast & Simple Experience: Our online application and approval processes are straightforward and highly effective. With our easy application process and fast approval rates, we make it so that you can get the funding you need, when you need it.

    Focused on Working Capital: Working capital is the financing your business needs on-demand to proceed with day to day options. We make it so that you can attain these funds within 72 hours of your approval.

    Service & Support: Our business financing services are personalized so that your business’s unique needs are met. We work with you personally to ensure you are supported at every turn.

    Business funding in Dover

    Dover is a state government and farm trade centre with some light industries. It is the seat of Delaware State University(1891) and Wesley College (1873). Dover Air Force Base, established during World War II, is the principal air cargo terminal for the Air Mobility Command.

    The largest employer is state government, and other strong economic sectors are technology, healthcare and manufacturing. Dover Air Force Base resides within the city limits, and Dover International Speedway hosts two major NASCAR weekends each year. Students have several good education options that include Delaware State University and Wesley College.

    Small business owners usually struggle with expansion plans against meager cash flows. That’s why First Down Funding is a critical part of small business development in Dover. Get Pre-approved in minutes for a Small Business Funding in Dover. Apply online or contact us so we can expedite your request. We are your Dover Business funding source. Apply today for business fundingin Dover.

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    Delaware Business Resources

    Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) Programs

    The Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) works to attract investors and businesses to the State, promote the expansion of existing industry, assist small and minority-owned businesses, promote and develop tourism and create new and improved employment opportunities for all citizens of the State. This includes serving as a liaison to the business community and government agencies, and planning and funding economic development initiatives. DEDO’s support to business includes:

    • State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI)
    • Delaware Access Program

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    Local Municipality Programs

    City of Newark Facade Improvement Program:

    The City of Newark, using Federal Community Development Block Grant monies, provides a 0% interest funding program for fa?ade improvements. Newark property owners and businesses may qualify for funding up to $2,000 for each project. Eligible activities include painting, siding, signs, landscaping, doors, window treatments, awnings, canopies and lighting. Contact the Planning and Development Department at 302-366-7030 or visit their website for more information.

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