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Small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large-scale enterprises are all united by one thing — all are designed with growth in mind.

Small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large-scale enterprises are all united by one thing: a desire for growth. That said, business growth does not come easily — even for established businesses.

Developing infrastructure, branching into new markets, and hiring new staff are essential ways to facilitate business expansion — but they all require cash flow.

It takes money to make money, and your company must be prepared to spend money to achieve growth — which is where First Down Funding comes in. We are an alternative Small Business Funder in Maryland that offers business expansion funding to established businesses across America.

Our expansion program is designed to give growing businesses access to the capital they need to expand without risking cash flow.

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First Down Funding’s Guide to Business Expansion Funding:

What is a business expansion funding?

A business expansion funding allows you to invest in the growth of your company. Quite literally, this funding is designed to meet the needs of expanding businesses. For this reason, expansion funding entails a large sum of money to be paid back over a time period.

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What are business expansion funding used for?

A business expansion funding, by definition, can be used for anything that can help grow your small business. That said, there are some common ways that businesses use this funding:

  • Investing in real estate (i.e. a new retail location or office space)
  • Purchasing new machinery and equipment
  • Furnishing locations or office spaces
  • Purchasing inventory, materials and supplies in bulk to elevate production processes
  • Maintaining consistent working capital
  • Purchasing commercial vehicles for transportation (importing, exporting etc.)
  • Expanding your market (domestically or abroad)
  • Purchasing technology (i.e. equipment, computers)
  • Implementing large scale marketing campaigns
  • Protecting intellectual property by applying for licences, copyright, trademark or a patent
  • Hiring teams of employees & training new hires

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What businesses use business expansion funding?

Business expansion funding are ideal for established, expanding businesses that have been in operation for a few years. These businesses are typically looking to make significant investments to facilitate their growth.

Signs that your business is ready for an expansion funding are:

  • You are understaffed for the production your business requires
  • You are turning away customers due to lack of product or manpower
  • You are running out of space for materials, employees, etc.
  • Your business is generating consistent profit
  • You have access to major business opportunities but are waiting for required working capital to pursue them

Business opportunities can be fleeting. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to obtain a certain amount of working capital to pursue opportunities to grow your business. By the time you attain this capital, it may be too late. With an expansion funding, you can have access to these funds almost immediately.

If your business isn’t ready for a business expansion funding, you still have other financing options. We provide a range of other small business funding, many of which may be better suited to your needs. It all comes down to identifying what you need.

First Down Conversions for Funding

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Speak to one of our qualified and seasoned Small Business Funding Managers to better understand what funding options and approvals we have for your small business.


How do you apply for a business expansion funding?

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Small businesses continue to jump through hoops to attain financing through traditional channels. As an alternative Small Business Funder, we offer a streamlined process that is catered to the unique needs of small businesses.

We make obtaining small business funding in Maryland, Texas and cities across America easy. Applying for business expansion funding from First Down Funding only requires a few easy steps:

Apply Online: To apply for your funding online, all you have to do is fill out our application form with some essential information about your business. The form shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete.

Awaiting Approval: We approve applications within the same day that we receive and assess them. We approve far more applications than a traditional institution, as we base our assessments on overall business health rather than credit score and collateral.

Receive Funds: After we approve your application, you can expect your funds in your account within 24 to 72 hours. As a professional Business Funder in Maryland, we are committed to making funding accessible to small businesses across America.

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Other business funding options

For short term needs, consider a First Down Funding Short Term Funding Account

American Small Business Owners who experience seasonality or fluctuating revenues may be better suited for First Down Funding Bridge Funding  or a Merchant Cash Advance.

The cost of capital can be less competitive than our Bank Only ACH Funding

Business Expansion Funding Requirements & Documentation

First Down Funding helps American businesses facilitate large scale growth with high-value business expansion funding.

That said, our criteria for this large scale funding is more stringent than that of our short-term funding programs.

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To qualify for a business expansion funding, you must be able to demonstcost of working capital the following:

  • A credit score of over 620
  • Three years of trading history for your business
  • Over $20,000 worth of bank deposits each month on average
  • More than $3,600 daily balances on average

You will also be required to provide the following documentation:

  • Business funding agreements which have been hand-signed in a legally compliant manner
  • Either a business lease agreement or a business mortgage statement, as applicable
  • Copies of government identification for all listed business owners
  • Copies of business bank account statements going back twelve months
  • Extra documentation may be required if you are applying for a higher value financing package

We understand that small businesses need to strike while the iron is hot to pursue opportunities. First Down Funding will help you gain access to the business expansion funding you need without delay.

Applying For Business Funding with Bad Credit

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Due to the large scale funds involved in a business expansion funding, the financing is provided based on credit. That said, this program is not ideal for businesses with a less than stellar credit score. If your business has bad credit, however, there are alternative funding options accessible to you.

If you are trying to attain business funding for your small business with bad credit, consider taking a different approach:

1: Sign a Personal Guarantee

Consider signing a personal guarantee if you have good personal credit, but poor business credit. By doing this, you’ll shift the focus to your personal ability to pay back the funding rather than your business’.

2: Pay a Cash Down Payment

Sometimes businesses have poor credit, but consistent cash flow. In this case, a business with bad credit can pay a cash down payment to cover a percentage of the costs related to a funding. This can help you secure the financing your business needs.

3: Provide Assets or Collateral

Another way you can secure a term funding or small business funding with bad credit is by leveraging your assets. Assets like unpaid customer invoices or future debit or credit card transactions can help you weigh your qualifications on your future revenue instead of your credit score.

4: Apply for a Smaller Funding Amount

When faced with bad credit, you are far more likely to get accepted for short term funding than long term funding like a commercial funding. If your business is flexible with the funding it can accept, try applying for a smaller amount first.

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First Down Funding VS Traditional funders

Historically, traditional funders like banks have made it challenging for small businesses to attain financing solutions.

Unrealistic expectations of credit, lengthy approval wait times and piles of paperwork make traditional funding processes draining. More often than not, these processes leave small businesses right where they started —without the funds they need.

First Down Funding is proud to be an alternative Small Business Funder in Maryland that makes financial funding accessible for small businesses across America. We provide the option for business owners to apply online, offer support through the process, and see to it that your application is assessed based on realistic factors.

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Consider our streamlined process and qualifications in comparison to that of traditional institutions:


$1,000 – $300,000

Credit Based

Credit Dependent
Long Application Credit Inspection Business Plan Industry Specific

Prequalify Online Soft Credit Pulls Same Day Approval All Industries Accepted

Prequalify Online Hard/Pulls 3-10 Day Approval

Long Application Credit Inspection Business Plan Needed Industry Specific
20-30 Days+
Same Day
5-21 Business Days

30-90 Days+
30-60 Days+

24-72 Hours


60-90 Days+
Credit Score & Collateral

Overall Business Health

Credit Score

Credit Score & Collateral
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About First Down Funding: Funding Solutions to Expand Your Small Business

First Down Funding is proud to be an alternative Small Business Funder. We offer Small Business Funding to small and medium-sized businesses in cities across the United States not limited to Houston, Texas and Baltimore, Maryland. Unlike traditional funders, we cater our processes and small business funding to the unique needs of businesses by being fast, flexible and transparent.

By leveraging strategic partnerships, data science, consultations, cutting edge technology and innovative thinking, we provide small business financing that is effective.

Our funding services are compassionate and personalized to your unique needs. From small business expansion funding to short term funding, we have a wide variety of financial funding for you to choose from.

We work with you to identify the best business program for your business, and base repayment schedules on your projected transactions and profit. Apply for your funding online today. We are here to support you every step of the way!