April 20th 2015 at 5:25pm Published by firstdownadmin

If you’ve ever managed or been managed, you’ll understand the critical role that managers play in engaging, motivating and retaining star employees. But, while good intentions do count, managers can only make a real impact in the workplace when they have the knowledge and skills to back them up.

So, let’s take a look at how to train managers

  1. Educate managers on the importance of their role. Offer managers courses, seminars, and books that will educate them on the importance of their role. Help them understand the business case for management training, and how it could help them become better leaders and coaches.
  2. Offer leadership training programs for managers.  You can transform your managers by enrolling them on leadership training for managers. These programs should be designed to cover both knowledge and practical leadership skills and abilities.
  3. Teach managers how to coach their reports. Coaching is all about facilitating the development of others and guiding them towards the achievement of their personal goals.
  4. Encourage managers to practice, reflect, learn and repeat.  Encourage them to adopt a cycle of practicing, reflecting, learning and repeating. Give them the time, freedom and confidence to put their new leadership and coaching skills to use in real-time situations.
  5. Train managers to leverage technology. The soft skills that managers need to become great leaders and coaches are important, of course. But today, managers also have the advantage of technology. Heaps of tools and apps that help them connect and inspire others with ease, even when teams are remote.