Small Business Funding in Tightwad, Missouri

Tightwad is a village in Henry CountyMissouri, United States. Its population was 64 at the 2010 United States Census. Tightwad is located along Missouri Route 7

Most legends surrounding the town’s name tend to trace it to a postmaster who was upset with a cheapskate watermelon farmer who sold a promised melon out from under him for an extra 50-cent profit. But these days, the main draw to this tiny town in central Missouri is its bank—customers from all over the country open accounts here just to be able to send checks with the Tightwad logo on them.

Located in the small Missouri village of Tightwad, the Tightwad Bank was able to capitalize on its cheeky name, and is now responsible for over $20 million dollars worth of deposits. 

The bank was originally opened in the town opened in 1984 as an offshoot of a larger institution, realizing the draw its name could bring. However, after an initial period of success, a large deal fell through and the bank fell into decline, further suffering from multiple robberies in the 1990s. By 2006, the bank had shuttered its doors.

However, the opportunity was too good to let it disappear forever and in 2008 it was reopened as a private institution complete with FDIC insurance. 

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