Small Business Funding in Hot Coffee, Mississippi

Hot Coffee is a locale in Covington County, Mississippi,  celebrated in local Mississippi lore. It is sometimes assigned the same zipcode as nearby Collins

Back in the horse-and-carriage days, the spot where the town of Hot Coffee, Mississippi, now sits marked the midpoint between Natchez, Mississippi, and Mobile, Alabama—two popular travel destinations. In the late 1800s an inn was erected and, recognizing a good business opportunity when he saw one, a man named L.N. Davis built a store to replenish the supplies of weary travelers and hung a coffee pot outside, which advertised "the best hot coffee around.” His secret? He used spring water to brew New Orleans beans, then sweetened the drink with molasses drippings. Though the store is no longer there, Davis’s java made enough of an impression to become the town’s namesake.

Hot Coffee's notoriety continues today.  National Geographic's website  features a short film on  Hot Coffee and Martha's Kitchen.  You'll also find the starting point of the  Hot Coffee Trail there, a self-guided tour beginning with a tractor pulled "hayride" tour of  Mitchell Farms .  At Mitchell Farms you can visit a working farm, pick your own peanuts and garden vegetables, vist the Old Homestead, or host the event of your dreams in their banquet facility.   In addition, you'll find Hot Coffee on Facebook.  Here, though, the site is  not owned by the community , it's an alternative country band from Washington, D. C. named . . . what else, Hot Coffee, Mississippi.

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