Business Funding in Candy Kitchen, New Mexico

Candy Kitchen is an unincorporated community in Cibola County, New Mexico, United States, in the northwestern part of the state.

Sandwiched between Zuni and Navajo reservations in western New Mexico, Candy Kitchen Ranch purportedly got its name when a local moonshine distiller needed a front to hide his illicit operations during Prohibition. To secure the sugar necessary to concoct barrels of hooch, the moonshiner established a confectionery that produced pinion nut candy on the side. Candy Kitchen isn’t the only sweet-toothed locale in this neck of rural New Mexico, either: 85 miles down the dusty trail sits a place called Pie Town!

Candy Kitchen is currently the home of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary which provides shelter for wolves and wolf-dog crosses who have been raised by people who could no longer provide care for them.

There is also the Candy Kitchen Trading Post, which is in the center of the community, directly across from the "Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary". A new addition to the community (opened in the late spring of 2011), the trading post offers mostly everything needed to survive in the "kitchen"...from a deli, to hardware, to a laundromat, it gives its citizens the ability to stay as long as possible in the area without having to travel 120 miles round trip to a store for basic supplies.

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