December 27th 2019 at 8:08pm Published by firstdownadmin

The one thing that stays the same in business is…nothing stays the same. New hardware, software, services and other technologies are coming at a breakneck pace and all of these changes will have a significant impact on commerce, the global economy and individual businesses within the next few years. 

The most significant trends and technologies that will be impacting businesses over the next few years, including:

For the most part Hitech is leading the pack when it comes to industries that will have the highest supply of opportunities, those industries as still in development, but If you are looking to get something started next year, then you can use the list of ideas below as a reference and inspiration.

Top Online Businesses To Start in 2020

1- Selling Information Products. Establish yourself as an authority in your niche, and strive to be the best in it. You should always choose a niche topic that you’ll never grow tired of learning more about.  With this particular business opportunity, people create their YouTube channels and websites, conduct webinars, or write eBooks to share their expertise with others who may be willing to subscribe, or even pay, for what they have to offer.

2- Affiliate Marketing. Getting some copywriting experience is one of the keys to making this work.You can feature either physical or digital products, and then set up your affiliate links. Next, produce quality content that will entice your readers to perform an action. In this case, you want them to click on your affiliate link and make a purchase.

3- Coaching, Courses, and Consultations. People buy courses and pay for professional advice all the time. There’s a high demand for coaches and consultants in specific fields… most of these being in health, fitness, and online marketing.

4- Membership Websites And Membership Programs. Membership sites are awesome businesses because once you make that sale, you can continue to earn income from it for months… or even years to come.As long as you continue to deliver fantastic value to your customers, your membership program will continue to work for you and earn you income on a monthly basis.

5- Selling Digital Marketing Services. Digital marketing services give local businesses the option to advertise to a vast number of people; a lot more people than they’d be able to reach without an online presence.

6- Freelancing And Virtual Assistant Work. Freelancing actually gives you an easier method for getting started than starting a full-fledged digital agency. You can freelance in areas like SEO, copywriting, etc. But you can also do things like transcription, video editing, making show notes from podcasts, editing audio, translating documents, translating books, etc.

7- SAAS – Software As A Service. People would gladly pay for, subscribe to, and use software that proves to be relevant to their needs.

8- Sell Handmade Goods. Crocheting, knitting, making jewelry… there are so many handmade goods out there, and unfortunately… people often overlook this one because it isn’t one of the ‘fancier’ online options. There is especially a market for these types of goods when they are marketed with your own personal story.

So if you are ready to start a new business venture or have help your finances with additional revenue, try one of the above business opportunities, 2020 is waiting for you.