October 5th 2015 at 12:48am Published by firstdownadmin

A vlog is the shortened, colloquial term for a video blog. In other words, vlogging is the act of producing and publishing frequent video content on an owned website or channel on a sharing platform. To put it simply, vlogging is posting videos online, and yet, it is much more than that. A vlog is an interactive video blog post about upcoming events or a vlogger’s daily life, as well as any other activity a vlogger thinks is worth mentioning through a video, instead of writing it on their blog.

Vlogging can be based on topic, making it an ideal medium for individuals and businesses alike. Just pick your niche and start recording. However, making interesting videos that attract an audience can be much more difficult… try not to let this put you off! There are many benefits to vlogging, and whatever your business or personal goals, vlogging can be an effective way to help you achieve them.

The majority of vlogging happens on YouTube. With over 1 billion active users each month, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It enables individuals to create their own YouTube channels, produce labeled playlists of uploaded videos, stream live videos, live chat with their audience, as well as offering many other features. This makes YouTube an ideal platform for vloggers.

You can simply have a video camera or a device with video capabilities like your phone, then select a topic or subject, make a video and upload it to youtube. 

If you don’t have a Youtube channel yet, go ahead and create one. It’s completely free and only takes a few minutes.

To start creating your YouTube vlogging channel head on over to: