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March 23rd 2015 at 9:43pm Published by firstdownadmin

Small business funding is an advanced version of providing funding with fixed financing for small businesses. It’s an innovative way to provide business funding with a faster and easier application process throughout the United States. It is intended to quickly give your funding as compared to typical business funding. Fixed financing for small businesses leverages an advanced funding process that goes beyond the business owner’s credit score. Your regular transactions, as well as your business cash flow, play an important role in approving your application. 

First Down Funding offers fixed financing small business funding on daily, weekly and monthly repayment options. Besides, we are capable of finance companies that normal business funding do not. So if you are searching for more financing over your current funding from a normal funder – we are capable of doing that as well.

Below we’ve mention five steps that how to get fixed financing for small businesses:

#1 Through our mobile app, you can easily apply for business funding funding.

#2 After applying, we will review your application and verify it if meets our company standards.

#3 You’ll get approval within three hours.

#4 Prevent physical form-filling and use an e-signature for that. 

#5 Within two business days, you can receive the business funding to get started.

American Small Business Funding

A small business funding throughout the United States to a financial contract among a borrower and funder, where the small business owner uses funds to hire a new company employee or to buy business inventories to enhance their business. The entire business funding funding has some particular terms as well as different cost of working capitals, and sometimes, components like your available security, credit history, and complete business plan will important roles of approving your business funding application.

Every financial company has their principles & standards, and first, down funding has its principle that does not rely on the credit score. So it doesn’t matter if you are rejected by any funder or bank, and it doesn’t mean that other companies won’t trust you and even not give you funding for your business. Don’t worry! Plenty of options are available for getting the funding you want to upkeep your small business. 

How does Fixed Financing for Small Businesses work?

Fixed financing for small businesses is intended to easily get the fund to the customer even without filling any paperwork or physical application. Within a few minutes, you can easily apply and they can reply to you within 3 hours.

With the help of our online application, you can easily fill the application by entering your business information and basic details.

We review your application and if it meets our standards we will verify it and provide you the amount after estimating.

All processes can include E-Sign form-filling! Funds cost is tailored to each owner of the business based on their requirements. Fixed funding enables you to plan and stay ahead.

Within two business days, you get the amount you applied for. After that, all funds cost are direct deposit to the bank account and you can use your funds instantaneously.

Allowing American small business owners

When you receive funding to enhance or to start a new business, there are a variety of advantages and few not so clear. To achieve the goals of your business you will be applying for the funds you need, but you will as well be organizing your expenditures, you’ll be making additional opportunities for your company employees and you’ll be assisting to save both you and your family future.

With small business funding, the interruptions that have been preventing or holding the development of your business will be finished, enabling you to provide growth to your business and rank it at high levels.

Some Reasons for Small Business Funding

A lot of people think that small business funding are only used for a new business startup, and starting or buying a new business is also a good reason to get it, but it is not the only one you can consider.

There are some reasons to get apply for small business funding, and you can see below if anyone suits you.

To cover expenditures or office inventory

Repairing or growing your existing business equipment

Stocking up on raw materials

Moving your current office to a new place

Renewing or remodeling your store

Hiring fresh employees for your business

Launching a new Digital Marketing or ad campaign to promote your business

Paying income tax payments

Paying payments to suppliers

Buying a new car for your company

Why Choose First Down Funding?

At First Down Funding, we’ve gathered our experience, expert employees and advance technology to update small business fund so that you receive the money you want, while you need it. If you want to grow your business and need some money to do, just fill up the application and get the procedure started today!