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Bret Hart has a lot in common with President Donald Trump’s current administration. Not only is Hart a fellow WWE Hall of Famer, similar to President Trump, but Hart’s former boss Linda McMahon was recently confirmed as head of the Small Business Administration.

Hart is currently enjoying his role as Commissioner of Sharpshooter Funding, alongside managing partner Paul Pitcher, who also heads up First Down Funding in the United States, and has plans for expansion to the United Kingdom for the company. Should Sharpshooter Funding ever have plans to expand to the United States, Linda McMahon would certainly make for a valuable resource to the former five-time WWE champion.

House Money Studios: Linda McMahon has joined Donald Trump’s cabinet as Head of Small Business – You’ve known Linda a long time. From your personal experience, how good of a fit is she for this position?

Bret Hart: “I can say I know Linda McMahon quite well, yet they’ve only been brief encounters going all the way back to 1985 when I first worked for WWF/WWE. I started in 1984, but I don’t recall meeting her until 1985. I can say this much, Linda McMahon has never changed. I think of few women in my lifetime that I respect more than her. She has always been very smart, a good sense of humor, and always polite and engaging.

“I also believe she is the pillar of Titan Towers. Despite the genius of Vince, from a business perspective, there are many of us that felt that she was always the brains behind the WWE’s incredible organization and, more than anyone else, built the framework for WWE as a corporate powerhouse. Linda McMahon may, in fact, be the best Trump cabinet selection. She is fully equipped to do an awesome job as the Head of Small Business. Linda is a focused, reach all your objectives kind of person. I predict she’ll show America what she’s truly all about: hard work and success.”

Hart’s comments about Linda McMahon being the backbone of WWE’s business empire are very similar that of incoming Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, who offered up similar praise to the SBA Chief in an interview House Money Studios conducted last month. Hart recalls meeting the President who nominated McMahon to her position. Though Trump’s political practices have been polarizing to say the least, Hart has fond memories of meeting Donald Trump the person.

HMS: You were on the card for WrestleMania 4 & 5 at Trump-owned properties in Atlantic City. Any personal stories about Trump?

BH: “I do remember meeting ‘The Donald.’ He seemed to really enjoy the WrestleMania 4 battle royal. He watched me take a very hard front turnbuckle bump and it seemed to stun him that I wasn’t seriously hurt. Backstage, Trump gave me a big smile and a handshake. A few minutes later, I asked him if he could pose with my dad, myself and the Anvil for a photo. He was very nice about it, even allowing us to take several shots. I liked him.

“The next year, when I met him again backstage, he asked how the photo from the year before had turned out. He offered to do another and so, yet again, we took a nice photo together. He was always nice and had a long memory. I held him in high regard.”