April 28th 2014 at 1:43pm Published by firstdownadmin

Most people who want to start an online business are hesitant to sell physical products online because they have a false impression that you have to store and ship all of your own products.

But did you know that you can run a successful ecommerce business without carrying any inventory at all? In fact, it’s pretty straightforward to run a full blown online store without worrying about storing or shipping anything physical at all.

There are several ways to start and run a business online and have the inventory and shipping details handled by someone else.

By opening a dropshipping business, you ensure one headache, that of warehousing and sending product, is not yours to deal with. A third party agent does the warehousing and ships to the specified address at your bidding. 

For those with creative designs they wish to incorporate into their product line, the dropshipping style of business is still viable.

Outsource the creation of your designs, or work with a designer to create a unique line.

Key Takeaways:

  • e-commerce businesses are a lot of work, but if you start with one that allows you to outsource the inventory details, that’s one less significant headache.
  • With a dropshipping business a third party seller warehouses product for you and ship it to buyers at your bidding.
  • You can use different suppliers to create a niche store for targeted customers.

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