Hassle free unbelievably fast straight to the point lending! Thank you!

September 21st 2019 at 7:33pm Published by firstdownadmin

My business is small opened for 2 years and we are doing well. With most business you need some working capital from time to time. Having an excellent payment history in both my personal and business credit you think you would be rewarded for being responsible? Not always the case! I was so tired of traditional banks turning me down for Debt and cash advance company’s racking me under the coals with high paybacks. Always having the excuse new business high risk!! Till I found First Down Funding. First Down Funding is straight to the point what you’re paying back with fair rates. I only take what I need and can afford to pay back for the different times of year when business calls for it! Finally, someone who rewards me for the hard work and excellent payment history that I bust my behind for. Will refer to anyone I can! Thank you, First Down Funding,!